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    On June 14th at Hunting Field, many people came out to support Karina Moreira in her fight against cancer at the “Karinaval.” Moreira is a fourteen year old girl who lives in Boston, MA, but was born in Brazil. She had bone cancer, which was removed, but a while later she learned that she had cancer on her lungs, and the back of her leg. While the tumors on her lungs shrunk from chemotherapy, her leg was going to be amputated. Unfortunately, her cancer has spread, and all the money raised at the “Karinaval” will be donated in her name to the Dana Farber foundation.

    The “Karinaval” was sponsored by the Malden Against Cancer Club, along with other clubs at Malden High School in her honor. Als,o several staff members of the Malden Public Schools sponsored many of the events. These events included a duck ponding fishing game, a real-life version of angry birds, walking around in giant hamster balls, outdoor laser tag, a video game truck, and many more. There were also many raffles, donated by multiple organizations for the event. A few were summer related raffles, and one was even a raffle for two tickets to a Boston Red Sox’s game and a dinner at the stadium.

    Moreira was there herself at one point, playing the games and hanging around with her friends from MHS. Many MHS students, and former students, volunteered to run the activities or sell food at the concession stands. Principal Dana Brown said that “Karina is such a great girl, full of life and joy.” He is glad so many people came out to the event and supported Moreira and her family.

    Even though the situation she is in is a hard one, Moreira continues to be a bright and upbeat person through it all. She believes strongly in her Christian faith, and it helps her through the rough times. Moreira also has a blog, Chic by Karina, and a youtube channel by the same name, where she shows girls different types of makeup looks or outfits to help empower young women, and show them you can be beautiful no matter what.

    The foundation Moreria wants to donate the money raised from the “Karinaval” is the Dana Farber Institute. Recently, it was named Boston’s #1 Pediatric Cancer program and they are “honored to be recognized for the unique strengths of [their] joint program, which marries a world-class cancer institution with a world-class pediatric hospital,” which was said by David Williams, MD, chairman of hematology/oncology at Boston Children’s and associate chair of pediatric oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

    The “Karinaval” was a great event that gave many people an opportunity to show Moreria their support and have fun while doing it. Through the hard work and donations of many, it ended up being a great day for a great cause.


    Click here to visit Karina Moreria’s blog, Chic by Karina!

    “On June 14th at Hunting Field, many people came out to support Karina Moreira in her fight against cancer at the “Karinaval.””

    From Karinaval, posted by The Blue & Gold on 6/16/2014 (13 items)

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  • 06/15/14--20:27: Boys Track Dominates States


    When students think of Malden High School sports football and basketball come to mind. Yet the underdogs of MHS sports is the track teams. Being led by head coach David Londino, who was named this years Division 1 “Coach of the Year”, so there is no surprise behind their success. Londino is “proud of their efforts and the way they represent themselves both on and off the track.”

    Some of the MHS boys outdoor track team was able to extend their season until Mid-June which is Londino’s definition of a “successful season”. The seniors on the team have led the team on the track, classrooms and the community, becoming great examples for the underclassmen to look up to. These seniors including Richard Mulo, David Kibazo, Janah Chapman and Claude Bonnet who are some of the team that advanced to the State tournament. Others include Juniors Mark Ortiz, Kingdolphe Julien, Nahom Ghile and Jodens Didie alongside sophomore Gutemberg Santos and freshmen Isaac Mukala and Marvens Fedna.

    Those boys listed put on a display at the Division 1 State Meet and placed in various rankings. Such as Chapman running a 11.15 in the 100 meter placing fourth which made him advance to the All State Meet. And Julien ran a 49.2 in the 400 meter placing second also advancing to the All State Meet.

    The All State Meet was yet another success for the MHS outdoor boys track as they put on a stellar performance. The 4×400 meter team of Mukala, Kibazo, Santos and Julien ran a 3:26.28, beating MHS longstanding record of 3:28.5 set way back in 1956. That time placed them in 13th at the meet. Also running at this meet was the 4×100 meter team that consisted of Fedna, junior Chris Voltaire, Didie and Chapman who ran a 44.21 and placed 14th in that event. Two runners that not only stood out at this meet, but all season were Julien and Chapman whose times at this meet qualified them to participate at the New England Championship.

    The New England Championship took place on June 14, and the two represented MHS and did their job. Julien ran the 400 meter and placed second in his event. Whereas Chapman placed 9th overall in the 100 meter.

    Londino feels that the teams success comes from the runners “working real hard but having fun while doing it.” Which seems to work due to the success behind the MHS track teams. Didie thinks that the season went well other than a few slips but the success came from a majority of underclassmen which makes him “excited to see what next track season brings” from the underdogs.

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    The education system is in place for students to learn and grow as individuals.

    It seems as though it is a simple concept, but the reality is far more complicated than one statement. Bureaucracies, legal issues and economic hardships make the true aspirations of a school system obscure. Where can one go to fix the ongoing issues that plague the system?

    Well, for one – the students.

    What we need as a high school community is more support for the activities that help students not only attend school each and every day, but to strive for success in our everyday lives as students and members of society. Athletics, extracurricular organizations, music classes, play production, even Blue and Gold–these are the courses and programs that have become vital to Malden High School and its students.

    Not only do we need these essential aspects of the school in order to function as something other than a large group of serial test-takers, we need to be allowed and encouraged to think and express ourselves creatively for the more obvious reasons: increased attendance, improved health benefits, higher grades-and for another reason, as well: creativity, gone ignored and unnurtured, demands to be seen and heard. We shouldn’t be discussing the possibility of losing these programs every year during budget discussions; we should be advocating the expansion of them, as well as offering additional programs.

    In this paper alone there are dozens of profiles on seniors who “made it” in the high school court. In an overwhelming majority of these profiles, the students found solace in a sport, club, or activity that motivated them not only to do well in school, but to become better people.

    It is, admittedly, a tough task. In this day and age, budget cuts and uneven funding across schools make it more than a challenge to implement much-needed changes. As students, we feel that our community is doing everything it can to “make do,” and we genuinely appreciate every time that administrators, politicians and fellow students step up at times of need.

    One of the ethical qualities stressed the most at our school is responsibility. Well, we believe now is a time for responsibility. We, the people, are responsible for an educational system that is leaving our students crammed in classes bigger than they should be, not giving enough attention to the individual student and cutting crucial programs that bring students to school. It is the fault of no one, but we are still responsible, and it is our duty as a student body, school, government and community to fix it. We should be fighting for these experiences.

    As we watch the Class of 2014 walk the dusty path into adulthood, they will bring their everlasting memories with them – from the ninth-grade class they “survived” to the very last day of school. So, let us take their example and make the next school year one of change. With tight collaboration between students, parents, administrators and political representatives, we can make change. The real changes can’t happen just at home; they must happen on a scale that is beyond the aspirations of one student, one parent or a teacher. Real changes happen when the people unite, and the cause of promoting and increasing the numerous elective classes in this school is the perfect opportunity to show the city of Malden just how powerful the simple act of creative expression in the face of adversity is.

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  • 06/13/14--14:30: Class of 2014 Graduation

    The Graduation started off on a sunny day with an opening speech from Mayor Gary Christenson, along with the superintendent and so on.

    The first speaker was President Monica Joseph who began the speeches by introducing the class of 2014. Joseph used three groups to characterize the graduates, one was the group that stressed about their future through their four years, others that wish to have challenged themselves more, and finally those that felt senior year had come too soon.

    She explains each group and characterizes herself in the group of those who stressed and did not enjoy the great moments.Then Joseph ended her speech on a positive by singing the first lines of “Life is a Highway”.

    The next speaker was Orator Nidal Hishmeh who gave his speech in a comedic way that caught the audience. Similar to other speakers, Hishmeh gave a piece of his own experience and used wrestling as one of the things he strived to do better and be better in. He referenced his favorite rapper, Kanye West, in order to show that if you work hard, you get the best reward: a diploma. As a fellow graduate he emphasizes the blind eye of looking at someone and not realizing who they are on the inside; he explains that everyone has the opportunity to be great.

    Then began Salutatorian Raymond Chen who used his experiences of high school to grab the emotions of the graduates, family and friends. Chen focused on his time as a runner for four years and the influence that has had on his life and his character; he explained that “although [he] wasn’t the best, [he] worked hard doing it.” and he owes this to Coach David Londino. He also thanked other teachers for all the help they have given. Chen finishes his speech with the words “Thank You” to his fellow graduates that he calls family and to the many others that have helped him grow.

    Valedictorian Vicki Ngan then gave a speech focusing on the future and the force holding all the graduates together. Ngan talked about her experiences in high school and the “tucked away 40’s” she kept under her bed; just like all the others Ngan is a graduate and has a future of her own to follow. She encourages the graduates to make their own choices and treasure the memories they made at Malden High School.

    Finally Principal Dana Brown spoke about his advice that the graduates might use and the guidance for the future that the graduates are moving into. He explained that the “strain of holding on to the pain and struggles” that many have faced and he encourages the graduates to “let it go”. He calls all the pain and any of the grudges that were held the “It” and hopes that the graduates let go of “it” and move on with their lives. Then assistant principal Diane Klibansky gave out diplomas.

    Watch the graduation montage video created by Jonathan DeCicco here.


    From Graduation 2014, posted by The Blue & Gold on 6/12/2014 (23 items)

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    Congratulations to the Class of 2014 for their hard work and endless achievements!

    Read a full article, watch full speeches, and experience the Class of 2014 Graduation here.

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    Chemistry teacher Ameilia Cianci posing for her teacher profile picture.

    Chemistry teacher Ameilia Cianci posing for her teacher profile picture.


    Former student teacher Amy Cianci is continuing her teaching experience here at Malden High School. Cianci returned this year to teach chemistry courses, which include two honors classes and three college-preparation classes. Her interest in science developed at a young age, developed through her grandfather, an engineer, who educated her about science, prompting her teaching career.

    While attending high school in Topsfield, Massachusetts, Cianci enjoyed playing soccer, swimming, and tennis and still plays them in her free time. She continued her interest in the sciences and after her graduation, Cianci ventured off to College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. There, she majored in chemistry. After her time at Holy Cross, Cianci was offered a job in a BioTech Lab named Stemgent where she worked with regenerative medicine, which is medicine that deals with the process of replacing or engineering human cells, tissue or organs. Cianci also worked at Boston’s Children’s Hospital in the department and volunteered to spend time with patients at the hospital in the evenings.

    When Cianci realized that she was unfulfilled with lab work, she decided to pursue teaching. At Boston University, Cianci received her masters of arts and teaching. She found her time at Boston University enriching because it was a big change that offered many opportunities. From there she began her teaching career in Malden High School as a student teacher for Phuong Ho.

    Cianci mentioned that her student teaching experience was the reason why she loves MHS. She described that “everyone, students and teachers, was proud of being a part of the MHS community”. This sense of community reminded her of her own high school in Topsfield. She had a great time as a student teacher, and is excited for the upcoming school year.

    Principal Dana Brown commented that he believes  Cianci to be  “caring, very smart, and likes young people.” He added, “She did an excellent job filling in last year and we felt she deserved a chance as a full time teacher.” In addition,  sophomore Alinny DeAndrade stated that she “enjoys [her] class,” and is, “looking forward to chemistry class this year.”

    As an MHS teacher, Cianci finds it important that students understand how chemistry is relevant to life and  to have a solid scientific education. Her interests however, do not only range in chemistry. She also enjoys baking because it involves chemistry, running, and spending time with her friends and family. This year, she is also advising the Asian Culture Club with Katherine Haskell, which she is very excited about. These diverse interests show Cianci to be a great addition to the MHS community.

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    New history teacher Rebecca Corcoran teaching one of her classes.

    New history teacher Rebecca Corcoran teaching one of her classes.


    Rebecca Corcoran grew up in the town of Norfolk, Massachusetts. She graduated in 2006 from King Philip Regional High School then enrolled into Boston University where she spent four years studying and majoring in International Relations, primarily International Order.

    From a young age, Corcoran had a passion for learning about different countries and cultures. This caused her fascination for learning about the interactions of countries in college. She was especially interested in topics regarding serious global issues due to the differences between the solutions and methods proposed and executed.

    Corcoran’s path towards becoming a teacher began in her senior year of college where she interned for a model United Nations organization in Boston. After graduating high school, the model UN coordinator from her internship offered her a job. She got to visit several schools, receiving the opportunity to work in different history classes and engage with the students in them. “That was my favorite part,” she mentioned, adding that this was her inspiration to go back to school to earn her Masters Degree in education.

    This is Corcoran’s first year at Malden High School as a social studies teacher. However, Corcoran has worked at MHS for about four years as the model UN coordinator with junior classes through her old job. Michael Lightbody, another social studies teacher, had the chance to work with her for a few years during the time she was a Model UN director. He stated that Corcoran was a “great help and resource” to both students and teachers alike.

    Her personal goals as a teacher involve getting to know her students, and helping them grow and develop throughout the year. “Overall,” she adds, “my major goal is to make my students excited about history.” She acknowledges that is not the most thrilling subject for most kids, but would like to change that.

    Corcoran faces challenges as a teacher such as teaching a lot material in a condensed amount of time. Even more so, she also must deal with the students’ preconceptions about history and what it is. She comments that it can be difficult working against its stereotypes because  the subject is often received as “boring” and “irrelevant.”

    Corcoran’s interests include international travel and foreign languages. Aside from traveling in the United States, she also visited places such as Canada and Bermuda. Her love for traveling was influenced from her visit to China right after college. In the near future, she plans to fly to Europe with friends.

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    History teacher Ellsworth Fersch working on his computer.

    History teacher Ellsworth Fersch working on his computer.

    History teacher, Ellsworth Fersch, is joining the Malden High School faculty officially this year after having been a student teacher here, working with both Michael Lightbody and former MHS teacher Jamie Green.

    However, that was not his first experience in front of a class, having taught English abroad in Korea for six years, a job that left him with the ability to hold a conversation in Korean. A native Bay Stater, Fersch got his undergraduate degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst and his masters from Northeastern University.

    He is currently teaching United States History I and Modern World History, commenting that he would like to teach all levels and types of history classes at MHS, from College Preparation classes to Advanced Placement, along with other elective classes.

    To the Fersch family, teaching is nothing new: both of Fersch’s brothers are teaching middle school ELA and his father is teaching college psychology and law classes, respectively. However, Fersch ascribes his interest in history not to his family but to his belief that “history created the world as it is now” and that it appeals to his inner traveler and adventurer. Speaking of his love of travel, Fersch said that he would like to visit India, revisit Korea and go to Africa.

    During high school, Fersch was an active member of the school band, playing the trombone, and a participant in various other jazz and concert groups. He was also a member of the Spanish Club and a volunteer tutor for other students at his school. Today, Fersch no longer plays the trombone, a loss which he doesn’t regret, but instead enjoys hiking, biking, and riding his motorcycle.

    When asked about his decision to come to Malden, Fersch said that he heard it is “a great place to get experience” from his Northeastern connections and that the school has a good reputation. Fersch also stated that “[he likes] working with kids” and that he is “impressed every day with how respectful [and]  hardworking” the student body is in Malden and that he is excited to start his first year working with them.

    Fersch also made clear his appreciation for the help that fellow teachers Green, Lightbody, and Gregory Hurley, and history head gave during both his student teaching and his preparation for his first year teaching in getting him acclimated to the environment and in showing him the ropes.


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  • 09/19/14--07:00: Nedlam’s Corner: Week 1
  • Nedlam's Corner


    This is the first installment in the weekly series “Nedlam’s Corner,” an advice column for students at MHS written by Karina Matos. As this is the first week, model questions were written by our staff. In the future, students and staff at MHS may submit questions through twitter, Facebook, a comment on this post, or through an email(all names will be removed at submitter’s request). Please contact a Blue&Gold staff member with any questions. 



    Dear Nedlam,

    Even though it’s the beginning of the school year I’m super busy. How do I make time for everything, with classes, sports and clubs? I also want to hang out with friends and obviously spend some time with my own family. There isn’t enough time in the day!!!

    -Busy and Tired


    Dear Busy and Tired,

    I know how you feel! Sometimes life can get too busy, and it’s hard when you want to give your all at everything you do. Luckily there are a lot of things you can do to make this less of an issue. First of all, be organized! A few quick things you can do to stay organized and make your day easier is laying out your school clothes the night before, putting things in the right section of your binder when you get them, or  maybe, if you really have a lot you need to do or remember, creating a checklist. Another way to maximize time is to map out a general schedule of your day. Doing this will help you to see when you have some time for yourself, or to spend with your family and friends. If  a sport or any other extracurricular is too much for you to handle and gets in the way of your homework, it could be a good decision to stop doing that activity.

    Another important aspect to staying on top of your schedule and having energy is living a healthy lifestyle.  That means eating a healthy breakfast, drinking lots of water, and exercising. If anything in particular is taking a toll on your life, you should also consider seeing a guidance counselor to talk about ways to find and create free time in your life. Try to give yourself a break! Don’t stress yourself out about needing to be a part of tons of extracurriculars to look good on a college applications, and if you get one bad grade on a test, just study harder next time and make up the bad grade. Remember that the past is the past! Do whatever is best for you, not what you feel obligated or pressured to do. Lastly, if it’s just one particular day, or week, you feel especially busy and tired, have a “me” day over the weekend to recharge yourself for the coming week and as a reward for pushing through! Good Luck!


    Dear Nedlam,

    I really like this guy, like a lot, but from what I can tell he just doesn’t see me that way. I’ve only spoken to him a little and I feel like I’m going crazy! So how do I make this boy like me?

    -in love <3


    Dear in love,

    I’m required to write that if this guy doesn’t notice you, he’s not good enough for you, and that someday a guy will come along that’s just right for you. Now here’s what I actually think: all that, “someday my prince will come,” stuff is sweet and everything, but not practical. However, there are some things you can do to help yourself out in this area. But before I can explain what I mean I also am obligated to point out, and this one I actually agree with, that no matter what forces of love draw you to someone we are still in high school (unless you are an adult reading this, in which case skip this part),  which means that you shouldn’t feel like you need to be dating somebody, and specific person in mind or not, use my advice with some degree of caution.

    Now, onto the advice! First of all, you can’t wait for someone to come to you. You are not a damsel in distress, and, most people are not potential models or celebrities. If you want a guy, or girl, to notice you, you need to make yourself known to them. That doesn’t mean walk right up to them and blurt out how much you love their eyes, or tell them how you want to spend the rest of your life with them. I mean you could, but I don’t recommend it. What I mean is, for example, if you haven’t formally met either have a mutual friend to introduce you to them or if they are talking about something and it wouldn’t be weird for you to include yourself in the conversation, share your thoughts on the subject. Another important thing is the way you appear to him, and others. Not just dressing nice, or wearing makeup, which can also help a good bit, but the way you act. Do you laugh a lot with people, and have funny inside jokes? From that a guy can see you have a good sense of humor. Do you smile a lot and try to help people? That displays your kindness.

    If you have become friends by now, or are already friends on some level, then the first thing I suggest is to think about what you could lose. Dating him might seem important now, but if his friendship matters to you, things might not be the same if your relationship ends. However, if you feel like you really want to have a romantic relationship, despite it being threatening to your friendship, then the next thing to do is give him signs. Even if you weren’t friends you could do this. However, I recommend being friends first so you are already comfortable with them and they aren’t pretending to be someone they are not while you’re dating them.  If you want things to progress to a romantic relationship you need to give hints and clues that let the other person know how you feel. From there on, that’s when things need to progress naturally.

    Like I said in the beginning, you can’t force love, and if you’ve done all you can to “say it” without actually saying it, all you can do is see what happens. If nothing happens, and you’re brave enough and ready to deal with a possible negative response, you can just up and tell him how you feel. I commend anyone brave enough to do that, but hopefully my advice was helpful in someway if you’re not so forward.  Good Luck!


    Dear Nedlam,

    I don’t have many friends, and I’m kind of awkward when it comes to this sort of thing. Can you tell me how to make friends? I’m kind of lonely.



    Dear Sad and Alone,

    First of all my heart goes out to you because I’ve felt that way before sometimes. Even if they may not admit it, I think everyone feels lonely sometimes, and I think a lot of people have trouble making friends. Now some people are just extremely bubbly, or outgoing and are able to strike up a conversation with anyone and three seconds later are the best of friends.  But a good amount of people are not like that, and feel shy or a little intimidated to strike up a friendship with somebody, or anybody.

    My first piece of advice would be to join something. Whether it’s a sport, or club, or whatever, if you are around people who love doing the same things that you love, you are more likely to become friends because you have things in common. Another thing is to find the group of people you fit in most with. While here at MHS we don’t necessarily have cliques, we do, however, have groups of people who tend to hang out with each other more often than with other people, and they all seem to be on the same wavelength. A nice thing about high school is that you are pretty much guaranteed to find somebody like you, or similar to you no matter how alone you feel.

    If you feel awkward talking to people out of the blue, even in a place where people share your interests, then maybe try to do things in smaller steps. Come up with small things you want to accomplish in social situations to work your way up to bigger things. For example, say today you are going to start a conversation with three people, or you are going to do one spontaneous thing today. One of the reasons why it’s hard for people to make friends is because they over-think the situation and psyche themselves out of talking to someone, or convince themselves that it will go horribly wrong. Try to get out of your own head, and act before you think. I know for most people it’s think before you act, and in some cases I wholeheartedly agree, but for people who have to think about what they are going to say, then end up not speaking at all or interacting with anyone, just go for it! However, that does not mean participating in activities or habits other people are doing just to make friends. If you really want to make friends, you should want to make proper friends that care about your opinions, health, and morals.

    Another good way to make friends is if someone offers for you to go some place with them, or grab a bite to eat, or something of that nature, say yes. Friendships are made stronger by bonding outside of school and doing activities that create memories for you to talk about. A person who is not used to having many friends should also know that friendship takes work and if you truly want a friend, you have to be prepared to do things with them often, not just once, and message them a lot, and be a comfort to them when they need one.

    For some people, however, the idea of talking to somebody or being afraid of being in a situation with a lot of new people can be a cause for true fear. This is social anxiety, and if you experience true fear of social situations you should go to a counselor. That is also why, I’d like to emphasize to students that there are some kids out there who want to make friends and be friends with somebody. You don’t have to make them your best friend, but if others could take the time to at least be kind to everyone, or go out of their way to talk to someone, it might make a person feel more accepted.

    Another thing about making friends is that even if you don’t end up clicking with anybody, even if you have trouble initiating a first conversation with someone, high school isn’t the end of the road. Although this expression is overused, high school is a time to “find yourself,” and is a time for growth. As time goes on you may become more confident or end up in a situation in college or your professional life that you are more comfortable in and are able to make friends. Even now, there are plenty of opportunities outside of school to meet people and make friends. No matter what, there are always chances and opportunities to make friends, so keep trying! Good Luck!

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    Italian teacher Adrienne D’Agostino posing for a teacher profile picture.

    Italian teacher Adrienne D’Agostino posing for a teacher profile picture.


    This year, Malden High School is welcoming  Adrienne D’Agostino, the newest addition to the Italian department. It is her first year teaching at a high school, but she is adjusting to the new atmosphere. Before D’agostino came to MHS, she taught at Wilmington Middle School, a nursery school, and was a student teacher at an elementary school in Revere. In total, D’Agostino has been teaching for two years.

    D’agostino graduated from Winthrop High School, and later graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst where she double majored in Italian and History. She wanted to become a high school teacher because she believes that “it [is] the best age to teach foreign languages.”

    In her classroom, D’agostino has students working in groups because she believes that it is a more effective way of learning. Sophomore Josh Simon commented that “[D’Agostino’s] class has been fun. She really knows what she is talking about.” Simon added that she “makes things interesting.”

    Learning about the history of Italy is a big component in D’Agostino’s class. Her students are excited and look forward to learning Italian. D’Agostino gained an immense amount of knowledge of the Italian culture from her many visits to Italy. She had spent a semester of college there and went numerous other times with friends and family.

    Outside of Malden High School, D’Agostino participates in zumba classes, and enjoys to ski and camp.

    D’Agostino advises students to  “pay attention, take good notes, and ask lots of questions.” Though D’agostino is still getting lost around the hallways of MHS, she looks forward to teaching and sharing her knowledge with others.

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    Jennae Cohen working at her desk.

    Jennae Cohen working at her desk.


    Jennae Cohen is temporarily joining the staff of Malden High School to fill in for the absence of Jessica Bisson. Cohen, a New York native, graduated Siena College with a degree in English. Shortly after graduating Siena College, Cohen worked in the publishing industry.

    Cohen explained that  “she woke up one day” and realized how “unfulfilled” she felt whilst in the publishing industry. Back in college, she had worked with students, and she decided to try it once more, and started working at the Salemwood School in Malden. After her time at the Salemwood School, which she noted was “an amazing experience,” she realized teaching was her true calling.

    When asked what made her qualified to fill in such a unique role such as the one Bisson served, as she was a math teacher as well as part of the Special Education department, both MHS principal, Dana Brown, and Boyle house principal, Christopher Mastrangelo, agreed it to be because of her experience.

    Cohen will not simply be a conventional educator, but also work with the special education students based on her unique dual math and special education role. It will not be all fun and games for this new teacher, however, as she only has a limited time to, as Mastrangelo put it, “set the tone [and] get the ball rolling for Bisson,” as Bisson will return to her home at MHS come October.

    Even with this tough position, Cohen finds each new day “exciting” as she “learns something new from [her students] everyday.” So, while her time may be short here at MHS, Cohen will always love MHS and all that it is, from its “diversity” to “the liveliness of the student body.”

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    A photo of the international space station.

    A photo of the international space station.


    As the first and only nation to send people to the moon, the United States is a veritable juggernaut of all things extraterrestrial, however in recent years they have fallen into line with other modern superpowers. No longer is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sending people to the moon, with the end of their Apollo program, the only manned Beyond Low Earth Orbit program it had, coming in 1972. No longer is it even sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) with its own transports, now using Russian Soyuz Rockets as the sole means of accessing the multinational Low Earth Orbit research satellite.

    Not only must NASA now rely upon the Russian Soyuz rockets for transport to the ISS, they must also pay the Russian government 70 Million dollars per seat on one of them and are subject to the schedule that the Russian launches follow. This greatly restricts the ability of NASA to send Astronauts to the ISS and to play a larger role in the artificial satellite which they helped to build.

    But compared to the costs associated with NASA maintaining and launching rockets itself, it is paltry pay. A single launch of one of its shuttles was estimated by NASA to be approximately 1.5 Billion dollars, let alone the cost of storing, servicing, and upgrading the shuttles, and hefting a lifetime cost of nearly 200 Billion dollars. With this in mind, it seems reasonable for the US to end the shuttle program and to rely on Russia for transportation, and the symbiotic relationship that NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency (RKA) share only adds to the reasons for this approach.

    However, in light of the recent events in Ukraine and other satellites of the former USSR and the sanctions that the US has placed on Russia as a result, the relationship between the two countries has soured, and so too has the relationship between NASA and the RKA. This has led Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to say that “[Russia plans] to use the ISS exactly up to 2020,” the agreed upon end date for involvement in the ISS before the recent proposal from the US to extend use until 2024, meaning that the US would be left unable to access the ISS on Soyuz rockets. With the tenuity of the Russia/USA relationship and more specifically the NASA/RKA relationship, NASA is looking for alternative methods of transportation, and they are looking to the private sector to step up.

    While many companies have technology and services to offer NASA, the two that stick out are a step up from the rest, the first being Boeing, a multinational behemoth of aeronautics. Boeing has been forging relationships with the US government for decades as a contractor, and is among the largest in aircraft manufacturing as well as being a prominent provider of satellites and rockets. The other, SpaceX, is a relative newcomer to the field, having been established in 2002 by Elon Musk, a co-founder of other renowned companies such as Tesla Motors and PayPal for reducing space transportation costs and colonizing Mars. While any normal startup, especially one in such an exacting field, would have nearly no chance of competing with the established businesses, SpaceX has the advantage of being funded by a Billionaire. With money comes not only highly skilled people, but also the ability to work on grand projects and the wiggle room to innovate..

    While both companies are very different, they show similar quality and reliability, and the contract from NASA, which grants Boeing 4.2 Billion dollars and SpaceX 2.6 Billion dollars to provide “space taxis” for NASA astronauts, will surely help to bolster their standings in the world. As industrials analyst Christian Mayes said, “the win in space is important symbolically” for Boeing, but it “is not going to move the needle,” in terms of stock or profit, as space network businesses of the company constitute merely 10 percent of their total revenue. Being a well funded company already, SpaceX is also affected the same way, with Musk noting that “SpaceX is deeply honored by the trust NASA has placed in [it]” and that “it is a vital step in a journey that will ultimately take us to the stars and make humanity a multi-planet species.”
    For NASA and for the future of the US in space, this means that they will have the wherewithal to travel to the ISS in the foreseeable future. It also means that the private sector will be stimulated to advance space travel and technology further, and with the resources and freedom that it inherently has, hopefully faster.

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  • 09/25/14--09:44: Fall Outfits of the Week
  • Outfit7Outfit #1: Preppy

    “Channeling Prep School.”


    Skirt: Forever 21

    Cardigan: Charlotte Russe

    T-shirt: Bobs

    Shoes: Sears

    Necklace: Icing







    Outfit #2: Edgy Casual

     “Comfy yet edgy.”


    Shirt/sweater: Forever 21

    Leggings: Target

    Boots: Old Navy

    Necklace: It was a gift

    Polaroid: Michaels Craft Store





    “Good for crisp fall days.”



     Outfit #3: Boho 

    Perfect for a fall music festival!”

    Dress: Forever 21

    Jean Jacket: Old Navy

    Socks: Payless

    Shoes: American Eagle












    Outfits # 4: American Flag  OutfitOnline2

     “Girly Skater chic.”


    Plaid shirt: Forever 21

    White Undershirt: Kohls

    Boots: Bob’s

    Socks: Payless

    Hat: Forever 21

    Skirt: Forever 21









    “#1 in my heart.”

    Outfit # 5: Varsity

    “Represent your sporty side while still looking girly!”

     Jacket: Forever 21

    Jeans: Premium Jeans

    Shirt: It was a gift

    Necklace: Icing

    Shoes: Forever 21









     “Lets be real, this is everyday.”

    Outfit # 6: Lazy Saturday

    “Perfect for those lazy days when you still want to look cute!”



    Sweater: Target

    Sweat Pants: Bob’s

    Socks: Target

    Movies: Tangled, Despicable Me, and Harry Potter (Best Buy)

    Books: Divergent and Harry Potter (Barnes and Noble)

    Bookmark: Barnes and Noble







    OutfitOnline3Outfit # 7: Classy 

    “Sweet but classic.”


    Jeans: Sears

    Glasses: Amazon

    Bracelet: It was a gift

    Earrings: Macy’s

    Bow: Claires

    Heels: Target

    Sweater: PacSun

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    A Scottish citizen speaking to the general public about their opportunity for independence. Two flags of the United Kingdom to represent the long standing union,

    On September 17, 2014, Scottish citizens had the opportunity to vote for their independence, and break the 307 years of union between Scotland and Great Britain. In the end Scotland decided to stay with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, meaning the four will continue to be known as the United Kingdom.

    Had Scotland decided to become independent, the Scottish government would have become more responsive and interactive with its citizens, more so than the British Parliament. It also would have created a prosperous economy and a better future for the Scots. If they had decided to become independent, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, would have been forced to resign for breaking up a 300 year-old union, or he would have needed to form a negotiating side and the Scottish government would have had to begin the process to produce a constitution, and most importantly, negotiate memberships with the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

     Now that they have voted no, not much is really expected to change. Great Britain and Northern Ireland will continue to work together, however it is likely that there will not be another vote on Scotland’s independence for several years, if not decades.

    Concerning the rest of the world, some worry that the break-up of the United Kingdom would have affected its financial standing. If Scotland had become its own country, the Scottish government would remove all nuclear weapons as soon as possible. According to the Scottish government, “It is [their] firm position that an independent Scotland should not host nuclear weapons and would only join NATO on that basis.” The EU made it very clear that Scotland would have had to apply to join like any other independent nation.

     People around the world might wonder why Scotland turned down this “once in a lifetime opportunity.” In reality the Scottish people were just more persuaded by the Better Together’s arguments.

    Shortly after the vote to stay together, Alex Salmond, the Scottish first minister and leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party announced that he would be resigning from both positions in November.

    In response to the voting results, Cameron said “[the United Kingdom hears you]”, to all who voted for Scottish independence. He claims to be taking this as a chance to change the way people are governed in the United Kingdom.

    President Barack Obama praised Scotland’s people for their attempt at democratic process, and also stated that “[the United States has] no closer ally than the United Kingdom, and [the United States looks] forward to continuing the strong and special relationship with all the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as [they] address the challenges facing the world today.”

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  • 10/02/14--10:06: The Dolphin Hunt
  • The killing of dolphins has begun again in the small Japanese village of Taiji. The controversial hunting season starts in September and ends in March. This event is constantly causing trouble between Western environmentalists, and the locals that say it is a “traditional hunting practice.”

    Local fisherman are permitted by the Wakayama Government to hunt nearly 2,000 dolphins of varying species. Dolphins are either killed for their meat, even though the Japanese government has warned consumers that they are at risk of mercury poisoning due to high levels of toxins in the meat, or sold to live in captivity.

    The Taiji dolphin hunt has become a hot topic for activists and environmentalists who in recent years have gone to Taiji to protest the slaughter of the dolphins. Also attracted to the coast is conservationist group Sea Shepherd, that has also created a social media campaign about the hunt.

    Sea Shepherd has attracted a lot of celebrity attention, like actress Shannen Doherty who recalls her chilling encounter witnessing the hunt. Doherty says, “You wonder how they (the hunters) are able to go to bed at night… I think being here rocks even the most hardened human being, because it is just atrocious.” Sea Shepherd’s coordinator Melissa Sehgal says that the hunting season has started with the killing of four Risso dolphin pods.

    On the opposing side, locals are defending the killing of dolphins each hunting season, once again stating that it is their local tradition, and that it is also a major component to the town’s economy. “The dolphin fishery is still an indispensable industry for the local residents to make their living,” states the Wakayama Government.

    The hunting process begins when the fisherman chase the dolphins towards the Taiji Harbor, forcing them into shallow waters near the coastline of the cove. Once at the cove, dolphins are netted to the shallow area. Dolphins are trapped side by side then segregated into two groups, those who will be sent to live in captivity and those who will be killed. In recent years hunters have changed their methods of killing the dolphins, resulting in less dolphin blood washing ashore.

    Many organizations like Sea Shepherd have campaigned to help end the slaughtering of these innocent dolphins. Programs like Ric O’Barry’s The Dolphin Project helps to raise awareness against the live dolphin trade. Both Sea Shepherd and The Dolphin Project are mentioned in 2009 Oscar award winning film, The Cove, which documented the dolphin hunting season in Taiji, and raised awareness for the the industry on an international scale.

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  • 10/06/14--09:53: Horoscopes Week 3
  • Horoscope


    Birthday: March 21-April 19

    General Traits: Independent, Generous, Courageous

    Weekly Overview: You will be able to focus and get things done this upcoming week which might be a change for the last one. A pop quiz is definitely in the next few days.



    Birthday: April 20-May 20

    General Traits: Dependable, Loyal, Patient

    Weekly Overview: Stay calm this week, don’t let yourself stress over small things. You may find yourself overreacting over little things; don’t. Yes, they may be frustrating, but one bad grade or one missed assignment won’t kill you, so relax a little!



    Birthday: May 21-June 21

    General Traits: Clever, Witty, Imaginative

    Weekly Overview: Don’t stay quiet; if you don’t understand something, speak up and ask about it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because there will always be someone out there who will help.



    Birthday: June 22-July 22

    General Traits: Adaptable, Sensitive, Responsive

    Weekly Overview: Let yourself be more flexible this week. If something doesn’t go the way it usually does, then try it in a different way. Trying something out in a new way will give you a new perspective in life.



    Birthday: July 21-August 22

    General Traits: Confident, Ambitious, Encouraging

    Weekly Overview: Be careful over the things you may say, you may mean one thing but it may end up meaning something else. Do take caution in your word choice this week.



    Birthday: August 23-September 22

    General Traits: Analytical,Precise,Helpful

    Weekly Overview: Someone may try to take you down this week, but don’t let it bother you. Stay confident and happy and this week will fly by.



    Birthday: September 23- October 23

    General Traits: Graceful, Peaceful, Kind

    Weekly Overview: The beginning of the week may feel agonizingly slow, but hang in there! It may be hard, but avoid being too snappy to people and try your best to stay calm.



    Birthday: October 24- November 21

    General Traits: Loyal, Passionate, Observant

    Weekly Overview: Stress may come in full blast this week, so do keep in mind different ways to reduce stress as you study or work. Stay calm and find ways to stay happy.



    Birthday: November 22-December 21

    General Traits: Independent, Philosophical, Knowledgeable

    Weekly Overview: Conflicts with friends or family may occur this week. Remember that the world does not always revolve around you and bow out of one these conflicts to keep them from growing into something bigger.



    Birthday: December 22-January 19

    General Traits: Responsible, Ambitious, Patient

    Weekly Overview: Arguments may pop up in your life that will affect your mood. Tip: don’t let it affect you too much! Keep your cool, especially in public. You don’t need that extra stress in your life.



    Birthday: January 19-February 19

    General Traits: Witty, Innovative, Clever

    Weekly Overview: Be careful this week, you may be a little bit more clumsy than usual, especially in the halls, so don’t be too reckless. On the brighter side of things, you may be feeling more generous than usual, so do something nice for someone this week!



    Birthday: February 20-March 20

    General Traits: Devoted, Imaginative, Accepting

    Weekly Overview: Don’t get too tempted by the vending machines; try saving your money this week to buy something better!

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  • 09/19/14--10:18: Boys Soccer Season Update

    The Malden High School boys soccer team has started off the season on a high note and do not seem to be slowing down, standing at 5-0-1. Being led by senior captains Blue and Gold member Julio Da Silva and Vinicius Silva, this team has chemistry like no other. With 11 seniors, including goalie Mark Ortiz who already has five shutouts under his belt this season. The team has strong underclassmen as well as a plethora of talent coming off the bench. The team looks forward to returning to the State Tournament for the third time in four years being led by head coach Jeremiah Smith.

    MHS has been triumphant against Methuen, Lawrence, East Boston, Everett, and Melrose bringing them only three wins away from qualifying for states. Da Silva has five goals followed by senior Felipe Calad and sophomore Joshua Crespo both having two goals. Alongside senior Anthony Caceda, junior Bruno Da Silva, and senior Matteus Silva all having one goal each. On Sept. 18, the team faced off against Brookline in a well fought battle and ended the game in a tie. Their next game is against Somerville on Sept. 24, who beat MHS in the state tournament last fall ending their season.

    “Malden High School boys varsity soccer team played Lawrence High School on September 3, 2014″

    From Boys Soccer vs Lawrence, posted by The Blue & Gold on 9/18/2014 (12 items)

    Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2

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  • 09/23/14--11:33: Tackling Off the Competition


    Malden players go head – to – head against Revere



    Passion and diligent pre-season training are surely showing on the field for Malden High School’s football team. Under the guidance of their coaches and captains, the boys are starting off their season with three wins and zero losses. With talent stretching among both the offensive and defensive sides of the team, the boys are more than likely to have a successful season. Senior captain Jarad Accardi expressed that “for [the team] to keep winning games [they] need to keep working harder and harder everyday in practice and just keep playing [their] hearts out every game.”

    In addition to Accardi, this year, the team is being led by senior captains Isaac Bethea, Anthony Boulay, and Joshua Bessey and the head coach of Joe Pappagallo. The team has defeated Methuen with a final score of 14-10, the Oliver Ames Tigers, who were ranked 18th, with a final score of 27-15, and Revere with a final score of 14-7. Senior Rakeem “Skip” Langston and has also been displaying great talent and efforts on the field. Next up, on September 26, 2014, the MHS football team will face off against Malden Catholic High School.


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    The class of 2017 has many ideas not only for their sophomore year of high school, but their following years of high school to come. Vice president Rachel Tran informed that “ [she] would like to create a solid foundation of funds for the future events.” Tran also expressed the importance for the class to come together. “Ultimately [the class of 2017] share[s] the same goals and will achieve them… together. Tran’s goal is to, “unite [the] class and create four great years.”

    In addition, the class of 2017’s council’s main focus is to raise money for class events. President Alanksky Ulysee’s explained that “there is no easy part in being president.” The class of 2017 looks to raise money in a way that will be enjoyable. Though scarce in funds, the officers are looking forward to creating a memorable year for the class of 2017.



    Sam Forestier: President of Class of 2016

    Sam Forestier: President of Class of 2016


    The Class of 2016 is looking forward to an important year filled with important upcoming fundraisers. Class president Samantha Forestier mentioned that one of her goals this year is to “have a successful Junior Varieties Show.” Forestier not only wants to raise more funds for her class, but also bring her fellow classmates together while fundraising.

    The officers are expecting most of their funds to come from Junior Varieties due to its previous success for past junior classes. The event generally brings in a helpful sum of money to cover class expenses, including prom and graduation gear. Forestier stated that the show “is the most exciting thing [she is] looking forward to this year.”

    Blue and Gold member and vice president Cassandra Reyes, who has held her position since freshmen year, expressed her enjoyment in “being apart of the leadership of [her class] and seeing how … everyone [comes] together.” Even though JV’s is a big event that they are looking forward to, Reyes stated her main goal is to “have more people involved in [the class’s] fundraisers.








    Vice President of the Class of 2016

    Vice President of the Class of 2016




    President of Class of 2015

    President of Class of 2015

    Entering their last year at Malden High School, the senior class is preparing themselves for prom, the senior barbeque, graduation and more. The class of 2015 has welcomed previous vice president and current Blue and Gold member Julie Lam as president. Vice President Josh Cronin believes that Lam will, “help guide [their class] in the right direction.”

    Similar to the junior class, the seniors also find it difficult in recruiting volunteers. Lam explained that the hardest part of fundraising is “finding people to commit to help.”

    Council Leader Kaitlyn Weng is most excited about the Mr. MHS event, similar to a pageant including MHS’s senior boys in different competitions. She feels that “this one will be fun too.”

    The seniors are working towards making their last year one to remember. Cronin mentioned that he enjoys helping in planning their prom because they are, “shaping one of the most memorable nights of high school.” Lam hopes to be able to reduce the prices on not only prom tickets but also the senior barbecue as well as the fee for caps and gowns for graduation. Overall, Lam wishes to have “everyone enjoy themselves before going off to college.”







    Vice President of Class of 2015

    Vice President of Class of 2015

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  • 10/03/14--06:18: Summer Search


    “Quesada Nylen ventured to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs in upstate New York.”


    Summer Search is a program for low-income teenagers with the mission to help “transform what [the students] believe is possible for themselves and develop the skills they need to become college-educated leaders who give back to their families and communities,” informed guidance counselor and referral partner Erin Craven.

    The Summer Search program is a two-year leadership and mentor program. It looks for students with resilience, altruism, and determination. Each student involved in the program is assigned a mentor that they are required to meet with weekly.

    The program sends the students off on three-week long trips that generally are in the wilderness. Students may travel within the states or have the opportunity to travel internationally. Other students visit college campuses and attend classes there. College trips are about double the time of a normal three-week trip.

    This past summer students traveled all over the United States. Junior Patricia Luong is one of many summer search students at Malden High School. Over the summer, Luong went on a three week canoeing trip in Maine in North Woods Canoe, with the Chewonki camp. Over the time she spent outdoors, Luong discovered untouched leadership skills. The trip helped her undergo “a lot of personal growth,” stated Luong. She spent three weeks with “a group of strangers from all over the world and from various backgrounds.” Together, they all learned how to overcome adversity.

    Luong’s experience holds “many unforgettable memories and lessons.” She described her experience as a “once in a life time opportunity” in which Luong “met some of the greatest people” that became her “closest friends.” The program provided Luong with an opportunity to “reflect on [herself] and to grow as a person.” Luong recommends that “anyone who is interested in travel” to apply his sophomore year.

    Senior Nico Quesada Nylen also took part in the summer search program over the summer. Quesada Nylen ventured to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs in upstate New York. He stayed there for five weeks where he studied Anthropology and College Writing.

    The trip exposed Quesada Nylen to a whole new life style, an “independent environment,” as he described it. Quesada Nylen had to make “choices [he] usually would not have.”

    Quesada Nylen quickly noticed that the college assignments he received were “very different” compared to his usual high school work. Quesada Nylen found that “the way you dress, or the way you speak, or the way you look” along with financial differences, affect “how people interact with you.”

    The program allowed Quesada Nylen to form “irreplaceable bonds with people [he] will never forget.” Summer search trips bring students from different places together where unforgettable memories are made and a greater sense of self is discovered.


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