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  • 03/29/17--11:10: Maldenism Movie Night
  • On March 31st, 2017, the Maldenism Club at Malden High will be hosting a Movie Night. The movie screened will be Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first instalment of the newest Star Wars trilogy.

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens logo. Photo from Wikimedia.

    The club meets weekly to discuss feminism, its place in society, student life, and the media and choosing a film posed the challenge of balancing one that would be on message but also appeal to a larger audience. As a member of the club, striking that balance was difficult, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens appealed to us as the best option. Kerry Veritas, the club advisor, sums it up in saying that ¨although it is not overtly a feminist movie, it represents so much of what feminism has tried to accomplish.”

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens tells the story of Finn and Rey who are faced with a reincarnation of the Old Empire which exploded with the Death Star thirty years prior. They face new villains like Ky-Lo Ren with help from the protagonists from previous trilogies like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia.

    Star Wars is not an explicitly feminist movie series and has never been but through its portrayal of heroism as a quality attributable to female characters, it brings much needed normalcy to the feminist movement.

    Veritas explains that, Rey, the main character, not only defies traditional roles in action movies but “the whole time, the fact that she’s a woman is not relevant to the story. Ultimately, the goal of feminism is not to need to fight for equality, but for it to be something we can assume as the norm.”

    Daisy Ridley, who portrays Rey in the film is also outspoken about women’s issues. While she’s gotten slack for being too thin, Ridley uses social media to encourage embracing all women saying “‘Real women’ are all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, and all levels of brave.”

    Beyond the feminist aspect, Star Wars is of course a well known franchise that appeals to students in various grade levels. Independent of whether you identify with the feminist movement, are looking to slowly immerse yourself, or are simply a Star Wars fan, Maldenism Movie Night will begin at 3 on Friday, March 31st, and we hope to see you there. After all, according to Veritas, “it’s Star Wars, so it’s just awesome.”

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    Tryouts for boys lacrosse started on March 20th, and will formally end this week, with their roster finalized. There are about forty to forty-five students between the the varsity and JV teams, due to the sport becoming increasingly more popular each year, but there are still a few other students getting their paperwork together so the team may continue to grow in numbers. The team is moving rapidly, already planning their first official game on Thursday, March 30 at Pinebanks against Pope John’s lacrosse team at 4:00 pm. Since the spring season seems to go by a lot faster than the winter season, Coach Smith believes that by having the JV and varsity teams play a couple of games, that by just “kind of throw[ing] them out there,” the new JV team will learn more “by playing.” It helps that in the beginning of the season some of the team members from the varsity team played with the new members to show them the ropes to lacrosse, so as not to overwhelm them.

    Team photo. Photo taken by Leila Greige.

    Led by longtime coach Brenden Maney, the team is making sure each member grows each day and that the team grows as a whole. According to Coach Maney, he expects the team to “grow as players and as young men.” He adds, “when the last whistle blows and their time is over they will be citizens in this community and others. That is the ultimate goal.” Coach Smith explains that this year, he expects the jv team to “learn the sport, learn the game, and to improve everyday,” and that if each one does his part in lacrosse, then they should do pretty well for the season and that they’ll be, “…going in the right direction.” For the new members on the team, he expects them to give full effort and be coachable, saying new members should, “take great joy in learning the creator’s game.” Maney states that he’s “always excited about the prospect of being able to give back what was freely given to [him]. [He takes] ownership of teaching new players about this amazing game seriously.”

    The advantages for this season is that the team is larger than a usual senior class. “They will offer leadership and maturity,” Maney says. The disadvantages to the Boys LAX team is that each year the Boys LAX team, “plays catch up with the other teams,” who have youth programs that, “feed the public high school directly.” Malden is different from the other schools, because most of the youth players attend the charter school, so often access to the youth program prohibits the public school youth players. A way they have an advantage over last year is that the team has more athletes than any year before playing from top to bottom. “It will be my challenge to put them in the best place to contribute,” Coach Maney says. It will take a lot of dedication and patience on both the coaches’ and the lacrosse players’ parts to make this year a success.

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  • 03/29/17--11:12: A History of Tennis
  • Tennis is a loved sport by several student athletes here at Malden High. It’s available as a sport during the spring. There’s boys and girls tennis available. The history of tennis is pretty interesting, and it’s always nice to know about the origins of a sport before you play it.

    Tennis balls. Photo from Wikimedia.

    The first origins of the game are credited by most historians to the 11 to 12th century French monks, they played a hand ball against the walls or over a strung rope. The game got called “Jeu de Paume” translating to game of the hand. But there is controversy about the actual origins of the game, going from the Egyptians, to Greeks, to Romans, to of course, the French.

    The game got popular quick. The gain in popularity got outdoor courtyard areas converted into indoor facility courts, but the ball still got played off of walls.

    Tennis racket and ball. Photo from Wikimedia.

    At this point, players were still using their bare hands to hit the ball back and forth, which resulted in discomfort in many people. This caused people to begin wearing a glove. There were different types of gloves: a glove with webbing in between the fingers to catch the ball, or a glove with a solid paddle attached to it, which then led up to webbing attached to a handle, which is basically a racquet. Rubber balls weren’t a thing back then, so they usually used a ball of hair or wool or cork wrapped within something. Years later, these “balls” would be hand stitched, like how a baseball or football these days are stitched.

    The popularity of the game grew rapidly back then, especially in France. It grew so much that the pope and Louis IV tried to ban it because of how it was such a distraction, but failed. It spread quickly to England, where the the King and Prince Henry’s loved the game and wanted more courts built

    A wooden frame of a racquet and a ball with cork in the center of it were in common use by the 1500’s. Back then, tennis courts were indoor and narrow, where there were holes in the walls and queerly angled surfaces that the players were supposed to aim for for strategic purposes. The net was higher on the sides and shorter in the middle for a purposeful droop in the net.

    People got tired of the game in the 1700’s, but when rubber was invented in the 1800’s, former players started to experiment with the bouncy ball, and started to use it on grass outdoors, which brought entirely different rules since it was no longer indoors.

    In 1874 the first tennis courts were made in the United States. In 1875 equipment sets were being sold around the world. Around this time, croquet courses could also be used for the game of tennis.

    Tennis is a nice sport that’s fun to play, with unique rules, and an interesting history. Check out the boys and girls tennis teams at Malden High!

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    Freshman Olivia Simmons-Normil who plays the position of shortstop, centerfield, and also sometimes pitches, is very ecstatic for the season to start. She has been playing softball for two years and was encouraged by her mother who also grew up playing softball as well. She also plays softball in remembrance of her mother.

    Freshman Olivia Simmons-Normil. Photo by Jemisha Syliant.

    As a way to start off the season, Normil has high expectations for the season. She says that her expectations for this season is to make a good start to her high school career in playing on the Malden team. She also states, “[she expects] that [her] teammates will be nice, motivating, and all around wanting the same thing, to win the game and be the best team out there.” She also mentions that her goal for this season is, “to at least get one out of the park homerun and make a few diving catches in the outfield.” Normil also wants to have a good reputation as a softball player.

    Normil also adds that she is very honored to be playing on the Malden varsity team as a freshman. She says, “to [her] it means that all [her] hard work and effort that [she puts] into softball has finally pulled off and honestly, [she’s] ecstatic to be playing with upper classmen.”

    Normil also adds that she has a really big passion for softball. She states, “the reason [she has] so much passion for softball is because [she’s] competitive and softball gives [her] that rush of adrenaline.” She explains how throwing her first pitch gets her in a certain mode that no one can change until the end of the game. Normil also adds that softball is not just a passion for her but it is also a big part of her life. “It’s almost like a second half of [herself]”, she expresses.

    She also gives advice by saying she would tell younger girls who want to play softball to just go for it. Normil says, “if you want to play softball then play softball, do not let other people interfere with what you want to do.”

    The post Softball Profile: Olivia Simmons-Normil appeared first on The Blue and Gold.

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    On Saturday, March 18, 2017, a group of Malden High students went to Salem High School with world history teacher Dana Marie Brown to be a part of the Pharnal Longus High School Workshop on Race, Culture and Ethnicity.

    In this workshop, we discussed racism, ethnicity, how society views the two, and our individual cultures and traditions. The workshop was created by the late Salem State professor, Pharnal Longus, and is now carried on by his wife, Luz Longus and his son Omar along with a number of trained volunteers.

    Students who participated in the workshop along with history teacher Dana Marie Brown. Photo submitted by Alysha McDevitt

    In the workshop, along with us girls from Malden, there were students from Salem High, Manchester Essex, and Lawrence, which brought together a diverse group in which to discuss and debate. To start out, we all introduced ourselves, giving our name, grade, school we came from, and why we decided to come to the workshop. We were then divided off into small groups of 10 or so people in which we began some group activities. We were given the challenge of defining words such as race, discrimination, prejudice, racism, and a number of other words, to which we had to then agree on one definition to present to all the other groups.

    After we agreed on our group definition, we were given a new challenge. We were presented with a list of people with varying ages, genders, work experience, and backgrounds; there was an epidemic around the world and only 7 of the people on the list of immune could travel to a new planet to carry on human life.

    We had to debate and give reasoning behind who we chose and had to make compromises and sacrifices. This also was presented to all the other groups. After all the groups had presented, the trainers gave us their definition of all of these terms. Everyone agreed the race is a social construct, and discussed the differences between race, ethnicity, and all of the other words we defined.

    One of the last things we did was that we all sat down in a huge circle and discussed all the varying cultures of everyone there. The director, Luz Longus, a Colombian native, showed us a number of instruments that are a large piece of Colombian culture, and told us about her holiday traditions. People discussed their names and what they mean, the various holidays celebrated around the world, their flags, family traditions, family struggles and an endless amount of conversation that would otherwise be unimaginable.

    After the conference, I began talking to a student from Manchester-Essex, Lorenzo Venegas-Villa about our expectations and how we felt about the day as a whole. Venegas-Villa stated that he either expected it to be run like a college lecture, with one person talking the whole time, or for it to be a huge group discussion between the students and trainers. “[He] was interested by the sense of community that was so quickly established without our small groups and the large group overall [and] really enjoyed the interactive element presented by Luz and her children.” The trainers ended the day by encouraging us all to continue our friendships with the people we had met, whether we went to the same school, or we simply added each other on social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. Of the Malden High students that went, many of us stated that we would return to the next session in the fall this year.

    The post MHS Students Participate in Race, Culture and Ethnicity Workshop appeared first on The Blue and Gold.

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    This season for girls lacrosse has already started with tryouts that was hosted on March 20 to 25, in all hopes that this year would be different than last year. Last year’s season, the girls lacrosse team was prepared for the season but had unfortunate injuries they had struggled at little to win. “[They] had a strong roster, and both individual players and the team had grown over the years, but [they] had injuries and other setbacks that [she] believe robbed [them] of [their] full potential.” explained coach Jessica Leggett.

    Although they have lost many good players from last year, they have gained many. With the big amount of newbies on the team this year, this will be an exciting year for them. There are about 30 to 40 members on the team.

    Senior captain Victoria Moore. Photo taken by Anna Powers.

    The girls lacrosse team has set a goal for themselves to stay motivated and focused for the rest of the season so they can improve to the best they can. Leggett o also stated that “there [were] many little changes and tweaks, and some bigger changes that [the] team will have this year.  In the off season both [herself] and [her] players have been doing work to contribute more of [themselves] to the team’s success, and [she’s] really excited to see what comes out of that”. They have made many improvements to the team off and current in season.

    Their first game would be on Monday April 3, 2017 against Medford from 4:00 to 5:30. As many players and the coaches have said, lacrosse is a really fun sport and if you have interest it’s never too late. The newest captains on the team are Victoria Moore and René Spadafora.

    With new goals and new players, the coach is more than certain the team has many wins coming in Theo way for the rest of the season.

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    Anyone who follows up on film will surely be familiar with Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight adapted from the screenplay written by Tarell Alvin McCraney.

    The film, which was released late last year, tells an unprecedented story of adolescence and sexuality in a predominantly black community that has struck a chord with critics and moviegoers alike and continues to resonate with viewers months following its release. It carries various accolades and awards to its name, such as the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture affirming that the film never felt short regarding the heavy topics that were explored in the film.

    An example of Moonlight-themed desserts served at the screening. Photo by Toby Pitan.

    The Malden Public Library, aware of the sweeping enthusiastic reception, held a free screening of the film on Wednesday, March 29 from 6:00-8:00 pm. The screening was open to the public and was wheelchair accessible. Overall, the turnout met expectations considering the popularity and cultural significance of the film. A queue had formed outside the Maccario Room, the room where the screening was held, from even before the doors were open to the public.

    Adults were eager and interested to experience Moonlight, whether it was for the first time or to help themselves to another viewing of it. At the showing, the library had provided the public with a generous amount of refreshments for its viewers to enjoy while they watched the movie. Many of the refreshments provided were Moonlight themed and included desserts such as half moon cookies, Moon Pies and Starburst. Attendees could also help themselves to individually wrapped classic popcorn, which was a favorite amongst many viewers. A variety of drinks were provided as well. Even the decor, from the napkins to the cups, matched the color scheme of the film and excited the viewers for the movie to come.

    Flyer advertising movie night at the Malden Public Library. Photo by Toby Pitan.

    One viewer, Cameron Layne, had heard about MPL’s screening of the film from the newspaper and the publicity employed by the library. Layne found the film “very enlightening” and described how he thought that the storylines depicted were “very real…the love and humanity [was] understandable”. Layne also added that he found that the MPL’s Movie Night series is “community-oriented” and the he found that it was “nice to take part in the community and contribute to the library”.

    When asked about the cultural significance of the film especially given our current political climate, Layne responded by saying that “[he] [didn’t] think Donald Trump had seen the movie” and that it would be “good [for] [him] to be open to it as other politicians and presidents would be”. Furthermore, Layne elaborated on how the film was “based upon black people [that] may not have been easily accepted”. According to Layne, considering Malden’s “growing community” and the fact that it is “bubbling with people” of various ages and interests, it is important to “take part in civic and political interactions [and] [be] able to interact politically and socially”, something Layne has been active in.

    Notwithstanding the great turnout of the film, the library still encourages people to attend more screenings. The library is constantly planning to air various films, many of which are decided regarding its popularity at the time. Even so, the library still wishes to reach larger audience particularly high school students or teens in general. The library often airs films that will attract teen audiences such as Sci-Fi related films and a plethora of book-to-movie adaptations throughout the school extending through summer vacation. Frequent library visitors can be on the lookout for posters around the library advertising these various Movie Nights, take a flyer from the checkout desk or even follow up online to catch the next showing if interested.


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  • 03/30/17--11:13: Movie Review: Get Out
  • The newly popular movie Get Out, starring main actor Daniel Kaluuya and actress Allison Williams, launched in theaters on February 24th 2017 all over the U.S.

    This movie has also reached a rating of 8.3 on popular entertainment review sites IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Jordan Peele’s mystery thriller movie Get Out is among the year’s biggest breakout hits. According to the review found on The Washington Post, Get Out has now earned more than $100 million at the box office, making Peele the first African-American writer/director to pass that threshold with his debut feature film. Peele reached the $100 million milestone in just 16 days, which also makes Get Out the fastest film from a production company to hit that mark. Get Out achieved all this on just a $4.5 million budget and a lead cast devoid of big names. The film stars actors Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, Lakeith Stanfield and Catherine Keener, and follows an interracial couple who visits the home of the girlfriend’s parents.

    Get Out movie poster. Photo from Wikimedia.

    In the opening scene, a young black man Lakeith Stanfield, who plays as the actor Dre, is walking along at night on an empty street. He then notices that he is being followed by a sports car. As he notices that he is being followed, he changes directions. Dre then gets attacked by a white man who carries his body to the car. The scene of the movie then changes and shows Chris and his girlfriend Rose, getting ready for their trip to her parent’s lake house. While getting ready to go on their trip, Chris is worried that Rose’s parents do not know that she is dating a black man. As the movie progresses, it starts to take a different turn.

    In a review on the movie from Variety Magazine, Peele stated that he “originally intended for the film to end with Chris being arrested by police for the murder of Rose and her family, and intended the scene as a reflection of the realities of racism”. However, by the time production had begun, several high-profile police shootings of black people had, in his words, made the situation surrounding racism “more woke, and [he] decided the film needed a happy ending for its lead.”

    Peele said once he began writing and then shooting the film a few years ago that “it was a much more woke time,” mentioning the public discussions around the murders of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. “It was very clear that the ending needed to transform into something that gives us a hero, that gives us an escape, gives us a positive feeling when we leave this movie,” he explained. “There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the audience go crazy when Rod shows up,” Peele said.

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    Almost twenty two years ago, the British media focused on a wave of alternative music that started to attract the public’s attention, called “Britpop” by the British press.

    Although there were many more Britpop bands that were successful both critically and commercially, such as Elastica, Pulp, and Suede, the two bands that were on the top of the Britpop media frenzy were Blur, which consisted of frontman Damon Albarn, guitarist Graham Coxon, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree, and Oasis, consisted of frontman Liam Gallagher, lead guitarist Noel Gallagher, guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs, bassist Paul McGuigan, and drummer Alan White.

    In August 1995, both bands released a single; Blur with “Country House” and Oasis with “Roll with It”, which sent the British media to pit the two bands into a competition to the number one spot on the British music charts.

    “Country House” by Blur was their first single from their fourth studio album, entitled The Great Escape. The group’s previously released albums were Leisure, Modern Life is Rubbish, and Parklife. “Country House” was released on August 14, 1995, and their album was released on September 11, 1995.

    “Roll with It” by Oasis was their second single from their second studio album, entitled (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? The group’s previous album was Definitely Maybe. “Roll with It” was also released on August 14, 1995, and their album was released on October 2, 1995.

    Modern Life is Boring by Blur. Photo from Flickr.

    A commercial competition, dubbed “The Battle of Britpop” by the magazine NME, the two bands unwillingly participated in a media whirlwind that was anxiously waiting to see which band would sell more copies than the other. The so-called battle gained headlines and was the highlight of pop culture news at that time, with the news showing clips of fans buying copies of which single they wanted to buy.

    The commercial hysteria came to an end, when it was official that Blur, with their single “Country House”, was the winner of this media-created battle, selling around 274,000 copies while Oasis’s “Roll with It” sold an estimated 216,000. However, the album that sold more in the long run was (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, mainly because of their fourth single “Wonderwall”, which helped bring the United States into the mix.

    Both bands still continued to experience critical and commercial success, even though the media started to focus less on “Britpop” artists. After The Great Escape, members of Blur were influenced by guitarist Graham Coxon’s taste for lo-fi and indie rock, and released their fifth and sixth album, Blur, in 1997, and 13, in 1999, both shying away from their previous sound. Both bands continued to push out albums in the new millennium. Blur released Think Tank in 2003, and after a long hiatus, they released universally acclaimed album The Magic Whip, in 2015.  After Morning Glory, Oasis released their highly anticipated third album, Be Here Now in 1997. In the 2000s, Oasis released Standing on the Shoulder of Giants in 2000, Heathen Chemistry in 2002, Don’t Believe the Truth in 2005, and their final album Dig Out Your Soul in 2008, since Oasis disbanded in 2009.

    Both Blur and Oasis have been important landmarks in music history and pop culture. Although the “battle” has resulted in tensions between the two bands, nevertheless, both Blur and Oasis have released brilliant music, and have shown themselves to be outstandly talented, which leads me to ask, why does the media feel the need to pit two successful and incredible artists together? Was it to give bored people a sense of bloated entertainment? Or a more morbid purpose, which was trying to see who would cave in and fail?

    If trying to see who would fail was the media’s purpose, then they have definitely failed themselves.

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  • 03/30/17--11:15: Terrorist Attack in London
  • On March 22, 2017, a terrorist attack occurred in London at Westminster Bridge, Parliament Square and grounds of the Palace of Westminster. According to CNN, 4 people were killed and many were injured when an attacker drove a car through civilians, stabbed a policeman before being shot dead by police on the streets of Parliament.. It was the first major terrorist attack in Britain since 2005, when bomb attacks on the London transportation system killed 52 people, including four attackers.

    Seven months prior to the attack, Prime Minister David Cameron held a press conference in order to warn the citizens of Britain that they face the “greatest and deepest” terror threat in the nation’s history and pledged emergency measures to tackle extremists.  The threat of terrorism in the U.K was raised to “severe” in light of the growing fear of ISIL returning from Iraq and Syria. At the press conference, Cameron disclosed that ISIL had made specific threats against the U.K and did not rule out military action in order to deal with this issue. The warning came due to the revelation that a laptop seized from ISIL in Syria contained research on how to create a biological bomb and how to use religious justifications as an excuse to target particular civilians

    The attacker was 52 year old Adrian Ajao, who went by his Muslim name Khalid Masood. He checked into the Preston Park Hotel in Brighton on Tuesday morning. The hotel’s manager, Sabeur Toumi, said that Masood “was laughing and joking, telling us stories about where he lived”. He chatted to the staff about his hotel about his family, expressing worry for his father’s cancer. Despite his seemingly polite demeanor, Masood had a history of criminal convictions and had been jailed twice under the name Adrian Ajao.

    The Westminster Bridge in London. Photo from Wikimedia.

    According to BBC News, the four people who were killed were identified Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran, Leslie Rhodes and PC Keith Palmer. Frade was a British teacher and a mother of two, who is believed to have been walking along the Westminster Bridge to pick up her children from school. Cochran was a tourist from the U.S, who was visiting London from Utah to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife Melissa, who was also injured. Rhodes, aged 75, was thought to have been visiting a nearby hospital when he was hit by a car. Lastly, Palmer was a police officer who was stabbed to death outside of the Houses of Parliament.

    Many people have offered their condolences to Britain for the attacks. Members of the U.K public have brought flowers to lay outside New Scotland Yard in tribute to Palmer, while others have left flowers near the scene of the attack in Westminster. People also gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square on Thursday, March 23 to pay their respects to those who were injured and killed in the attack. This was followed by a candlelit vigil that consisted of speeches, including one by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who described London as “full of amazing people from all backgrounds, and when Londoners face adversity we always pull together”.

    Many world leaders across the globe have shown solidarity as a result of the attacks. In Paris, the lights of the Eiffel Tower went out from midnight on Thursday in tribute to the victims. French President Hollande stated that “terrorism concerns us all and France knows how the British people are suffering today”. German Chancellor Angela Markel, whose country saw an attack in Berlin by IS this past December, said that “I want to say for Germany and its citizens: We stand firmly and resolutely by Great Britain’s side in the fight against all forms of terrorism,”. In a statement issued by The White House, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that “On behalf of the United States, I express my condolences to the victims and their families, The American people send their thoughts and prayers to the people of the United Kingdom. We condemn these horrific acts of violence.”

    In the wake of the attack, British government officials will meet with representatives of American technology companies in the upcoming week to discuss widening global push against encryption technology that blocks access to the private messages of criminals and innocent people alike. Britain’s home secretary, Amber Rudd, believes that the nation’s intelligence agencies should have access to encrypted messages sent through WhatsApp.

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    As we are a part of a society that helps us grow and shapes us to be the person that we are today, it is only natural and fair that we give something back to our community. Many organizations strive to provide the youth the opportunity to do just so and the “Relay for Life” Club is not an exception. “It lets [the students] work for a purpose,” Said Berenice Diaz, the Advisor of the club “We are looking to help the community…and to help funding the American Cancer Society”. The club welcomes anyone who is interested in joining and fighting for a good cause. The members come together and meet every Tuesday and major events are held every holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so on.

    For many in the club, being there has been a great experience and senior Tenzin Ngawang considers it as her “small second family”. “We are pretty close to each other, everybody knows everybody else.” Explained Ngawang. From sophomore Chon Huynh’s perspective, the club is enjoyable because “it can be really fun sometimes to work for people”. On the other hand, the Vice President of Relay for Life club, senior Stella Aratoma, likes the club because of the effort they put in to help others. “[Our work] shows how much we care for the club” Said Aratoma who first joined Malden Against Cancer but changed her mind and decided to join Relay For Life as it appears to be more “appealing” in her opinion. As the advisor of the club, Ms. Diaz commented that the group of kids is “funny…and relaxed” and come from different backgrounds. She explains that Malden has a wide range of people coming from many places within its population and that leads to the club having diversity within the group. For Diaz, her experience with the club has been “good, and positive”.

    Life is not without the struggles it provides us along the way. Relay for Life club faced some obstacles due to the unexpected snow days during February. “Snow days put us behind schedule and so, candies haven’t really sold” Explained Diaz. However, she quickly added in that aside the arising issue, there has been improvement as well. “Breakfast sales has been improved and we make more money compared to last year,” Said Diaz “Our goal this year is to make about $2500”. Similarly, the Treasurer of the club also has the same motivation in mind as she hopes to fundraise a lot more this year, “Our priority in this club is to be ready for the Tough Overnight walk in April” Said Diaz.

    In order to reach the goal established, the club has been working monthly, trying to do a fundraising every month. Each has a different theme that is related to that month. Diaz explained that  “for example, February is known as the month of love and so our theme would be about love. December is a holiday month and the theme for that month would be holiday-related”. “We sell out whenever we can” Said Aratoma. These events serve, to Huynh, as an opportunity to “do something about [cancer]” and “try to make a difference” in the community.

    As these people come from different background and have different life stories, their reasons for joining the club are different as well. While Huynh became of part of the Relay for Life to make a change in the community, Aratoma joined because she felt “inspired” as the club “makes people feel like they can do something for a cause”. Additionally, she also had much experiences with cancer and has always wanted to “get involved in helping some cancer-related club in school”. Alike to Huynh’s justification for him joining the club, Ngawang decided that she would sign up to be a part of the club because “it felt really nice to give back to the community” and her friend is also in the club.

    The club is looking to help the community, especially the part that is and had been affected by cancer. “It is [pretty] hard to see people [who] are hurting” and the club gives him the chance to help other people“. “The club gives the kids an opportunity to share their stories about cancer with others …[and] the kids are really receptive” Said Diaz “[The club] is, overall, great”. If you are interested in joining, please report to room H413 for more informations.

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    The Malden High School varsity baseball team starts the season off a scrimmage against Austin Prep. The boys were able to win with a score of 8-1 and look forward to the start of the season with a win under their belt.

    All photos by Monteiro and Jeune.

    Baseball team warming up before the game.

    Junior captain Jared Martino running around the bases.

    Baseball team during their scrimmage.

    Baseball team warming up before their scrimmage.

    Baseball team walking to their dugout.


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  • 03/31/17--11:14: Class of 2020 Elections
  • On March 24th, the class of 2020 voted for their class officers. The winners were Tenzin Shakya as President, Christine Nguyen as Vice President, Brenda Dias as Social Media Coordinator, Debora De Souza as Historian, Jacky Luong as Treasurer, and Olivia Santangelo as the Secretary. The advisor for their class is Holland House guidance counselor Caitlin Quinn.

    Quinn decided to be the advisor because she saw it as an “exciting role, where [she] could work with student until they graduate, watch them grow, and see the change that they will make throughout high school.” Regarding the election results, Quinn said she was “excited for those who won the opportunity to lead the class,” but that she would have been happy with any of the candidates. Quinn’s goal as the advisor for the class is to help them “develop a mission for what they want to achieve and helping them work towards those goals.”

    Luong spoke kindly of Quinn saying that he “feel[s] lucky to have her as [his] advisor,” because he thinks that “she’s dedicated in helping [the class] make the best decisions that [they] can and will be able to assist [them] in many ways. Nguyen added to this, saying that she looks forward to what the student council will be able to accomplish with Quinn as their advisor, describing her as a “very kind and intelligent person.” Shakya mentioned that he is “excited to work with Quinn since [they] are both new to these positions, and [he] feel[s] really happy to have her”. Dias mentions that Quinn “has a good energy, and [has] worked with her on the spirit team, so [she] communicate[s] with her well”.

    The officers all had various reasons for deciding to campaign. Luong said that he “decided to run for treasurer because [he] was interested in contributing to [his] class in any way that [he] could,” with Santangelo adding that she “really wanted to be an active part of [her] class and be a contribution to its success.” Meanwhile, Nguyen decided to run for Vice President because going into high school she already knew she “wanted to be involved in the student council because [she] had experience with it in middle school and had really enjoyed it.” Souza thought it was a good idea because this way she would know that the job would be in good hands since she would “work hard to do a good job and [she] love[s] to take pictures anyway.” Shakya said that apart from just wanting to contribute to it, he also “wanted to get closer to the class”. Dias mentioned that since she “has experience in social media [she] thought [she’d] be useful and that it would be a good challenge for [her]”

    All of the candidates were thrilled to find out that they won. Both Luong and Nguyen describe themselves as being speechless when their names were announced, but were also very joyed. Santangelo was “very excited to hear that [she] won,” and also slightly nervous to see what will come from it. Souza, while running unopposed, was still happy to hear her name being announced, and is “very excited to work with the other class officers, and see what [they] will get done”.

    The officers are all pleased about being elected by their classmates and are going in with goals already in mind. Souza is going in hoping to achieve “doing the best that [she] possibly can, working well with the other class officers, and overall having the year go smoothly.”

    Santangelo wants to “unite [their] class as a whole and  to make sure [they] are all working together not only for the best prom but the best next three years [they] have left here.”

    Shakya added that he “hopes to achieve one of the greatest proms in Malden High’s history, and to have more students volunteer in the fundraisers [they] hold”, with Dias also mentioning that she “hope[s] to get as many people as possible in [her] grade to contribute and to have a good high school experience”.

    Coming up, the class is hoping to plan a couple of fundraisers for the upcoming school year. For those who were not able to become officers, Quinn mentioned that the class is considering coming up with a communications or a fundraising team for students who still want to involved with the class, so stay on the lookout for that.


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  • 03/31/17--11:12: Dreaming of Paris
  • Panoramic view from top of Eiffel Tower. Photo from WikiMedia. Taken by Armin Hornung.

    For many Americans, Paris is a dream place to visit from how much it is romanticized by television, movies, literature and even word of mouth.

    The idea of Paris is so ingrained in me that I even have a Parisian-themed room. My love for the city was furthered when I got to learn more about Paris from a video I watched in my French class. From that video I’ve realized that there are so many monuments and various places to explore. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful paintings and sculptures. I learned that there is so much art mainly because back in the day, it was more common to study art than to improve one’s literacy. The art/sculptures were all created by hand with no electronics or complex material like we now use in our century.

    One of my friends even told me that they went to Paris last year, but rather than the dreamy beautiful place that I had imagined, the reality was that Paris was more filthy and disgusting than the media portrays it as. My friend even went as far suggested not to go to Paris because of this and even though a part of me is telling me to listen to him, another part of me was telling me that I need to see it for myself and make my own judgement. My desire to travel to this city had been a lifelong dream of mine because things nowadays don’t last as long as they should. I don’t want to be the kind of person who gives up on their dream just because of something someone said.

    Eiffel Tower in Paris. Photo from WikiMedia. Taken by Benh Lieu Song.

    A popular attraction in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, a over-1000 feet tall monument, which is known worldwide and is the tallest building there in France. I have always wanted to see it in real life. When you look from the tower or from a high area, you can see from a lot of the buildings, museums, restaurants, etc. in the city.

    There were plenty of sights to see in Paris and many restaurants nearby as well. To be quite honest, I believe that when I go to Paris, (one day, hopefully soon,) I’ll probably just try the dessert and coffee because I just think I’m so used to eating Brazilian and American food that I won’t like the food offered in Paris. I’ll probably try one or two dinner foods when I go to the restaurants just to be respectful and actually tell people that I didn’t try it because it looked distasteful. I really don’t think I’ll like it but it’s good to try new things.

    The part I enjoyed learning about at restaurants in Paris is that you never really wait in line. It comes to the point where if you think the wait is too long, people just go to another restaurant nearby without complaining or getting angry because lines are commonplace in Paris.

    Paris is also known for other things other than the art and food. There are even two days per week where a few roads are closed so that people can roller blade on the streets and I find that so interesting. The theatres of Paris are also notable. How do I even put words to describe how elegant and beyond beautiful the theatre looks?

    Being able to actually see all the beautiful things there is to in Paris would a dream come true. Even if it was only through a video, my dream to visit Paris was reinvigorated and it just made me feel so lively and has given me more motivation to learn more French so that when I do visit, I’ll not only see the sights but also know the language!

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    As the spring sport season begins, sophomore and captain Nathaniel Victor is one of the only three returning players on the boys tennis. Having been playing tennis for six years prior, Victor is enjoying his second year as a member of the Malden High School boys tennis team.

    When asked about what inspired him to play tennis, he credited his inspiration to his brother. He explained, his brother was doing “really great” and he thought “[he] can do whatever his brother can do” and that’s how his interest in the sport began. He also added that, his previous coach was also an inspiration as he made him believe that “[he] can do really good.” Victor was also motivated by the backhand shot and the overall unremitting play of one of the all time great tennis players, Roger Federer.

    Sophomore Nathaniel Victor hitting the ball with a forward hand. Photo by Subin Bastola.

    While explaining about his goal for the season Victor stated that as a team, “[they] need to go through lots of drills and get in the right form.” He mentioned that as an individual, “[he] would like to improve his second serve” and make it “much better.” He explained that this is because he currently has a “killer first serve,”but when it comes to the second one “it’s like giving away the points.”

    One of the returning players sophomore Thomas Tran has lot to say about his captain. He praised that “he is a supportive captain who has always been friendly to fellow teammates.” He added that, “Victor prior formal training and teaches a lot of basics to newcomers.” Tran believed that “Victor is going to be a solid captain.”  

    Victor mentioned that “as there are a lot of new players” on the team and “one of the challenges is to discipline [themselves] with cardio and other workouts.” Victor also added that he was “scared” last year thinking that MHS was “not going to have a tennis team this year, since the majority of players graduated last year.”  However, “[he] was very happy that they were able to create a team” and “get back to the court.”

    Playing tennis has helped Victor discover his passion as “it keeps [him] fit and active” and “gives [him] something to daydream about.” Besides playing tennis, Victor also used to play soccer. However, he gave up the sport so that he could fully dedicate himself to tennis.

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    As the softball season begins, junior Mackenzie Furlong, who is one of the two captains on the team, says that, “although the season just started, it is off to a good start and all the girls are motivated.”

    Furlong has been playing softball since she was around the age of six, and she plays the position shortstop. She states that she was encouraged to start playing softball because her father was a big baseball player and he had played men’s softball. Furlong was also encouraged by her sister as well. She mentions that, “[her] sister was a softball player and also played 4 years of varsity softball at the high school.”

    Although the season just began, Furlong mentions that her team goal is to make the state tournament. “[She hopes] everyone on the team puts in 100% effort to get there,” she says. As a personal goal, Furlong does not want to let her confidence get low. She also has a goal of staying positive through her ups and downs. Furlong says that she wants this season to be different from last season by turning all their losses into wins. She states, “Last season [they] had a couple losses that should have been wins. Everyone needs to stay focused the whole entire season and go nowhere but up and work harder and harder each day.”

    Furlong explains that she is looking forward to being in a new league (NEC) with new opponents and new opportunities. She also explains that she expects the outcome to consist of many learning experiences and “a lot of wins of course.” Furlong also states that as a softball player, the most important qualities to have are dedication, hustle and determination. She also expresses that her team and her all want the same outcome and want to be the best that they could all be. In her opinion, that is what makes her team a team. The softball team has helped her build relationships with others because she has been playing with the same group of girls for a very long time. She says, “[their] bond is very strong [they have] stuck by each other forever and [they] all pick each other up.”

    Aside from her team influencing her, Furlong states that their new coach has been pushing her and the team to the best of their abilities and to do better. She also mentions that her parents are there to push her when she feels like giving up. She expresses how her parents are her best supporters. Furlong also says, “[her] parents, they have never gave up on [her]. [Her] dad has been [her] coach most of my softball career and he pushes me to the best [she] can be, and [her] mom is the best supporter. They both drop everything [for her] to travel for any softball game, at the softball field all day to watch [her].” Furlong “couldn’t be thankful enough.”

    Furlong also explains how softball has helped her to create relationships with others. She expresses how she has been playing with the same group of girls for a very long time and that their bond is very strong.

    Senior Caitlyn Leonard, who is one of the two captains on the team, has been playing softball ever since she was younger and she also plays the position third base. Leonard was encouraged to start playing softball because she has always enjoyed playing the sport. She says, “there is so much about the sport that can change in an instant and you never know what is going to happen. [She likes] that anticipation.” She also explains that although the season just started, it is off to a good start and all the girls are motivated to do well.

    Leonard also mentions that she expects her team to work as hard as possible and to give everything they can. She also explained that if something goes wrong, they all should not put their heads down and instead the team should just fight back. “If the team continues to motivate each other, [she] will be proud of them throughout everything.” Her personal goal is to help her team reach their individual goals and to achieve what they have set their minds to.

    Leonard says that she wants this season to be different from last season because she plans on winning the games that the team were so close to winning before. She says, “[she knows] [they] have the skills and the mentality to do so.”  She also mentions that she is looking forward to making every game and practice count because it is her last time playing for Malden High softball team. “[She wants] it to be special.”

    Leonard also mentions that as long as everyone is proud of what they did this season and gave it their all, she will consider this season as being successful. She also says that “being very uplifting and full of spirits” are the qualities that are needed by softball players. Leonard says that sticking together no matter what is what makes her team a true team.

    Leonard explained that her coach has shown her to make the best of every time they have practice and also to work hard throughout everything. She stated, “She also has shown me what it means to be a great teammate.” Leonard also included that her best friend Pardeep Bola pushes her to keep going when she feels like giving up. She states that “he is the strongest person [she knows] and [she] just [thinks] about everything he battles and it motivates [her] to try harder. He helps [her] through everything and makes [her] realize the possibilities [she has].”

    Leonard explains that being a part of the softball team has shown her what it is like to work with others towards a common goal. She says, “the people [she has] met from this team are amazing and [she values] [her] relationships with them.”

    Caitlyn Leonard and Mackenzie furlong are both very excited for the beginning of the new season and have high hopes as well. The softball season is off to a great start.

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  • 04/04/17--11:12: MPL Surplus Books Program
  • The Surplus Books Program is a feature of the Library of Congress in which books not in the facility’s usage for are provided other locations to utilize. The goal of this longstanding project is for the Library of Congress to extend its own services by transferring its extra books to organizations who apply for it. This project is strictly non-profit. Organizations apart of the program must send a representative to the Library of Congress to select the materials they would like in person.

    Mayor Gary Christenson and Dr. Carla Hayden at the Lower Gallery. Photo submitted by Dora St. Martin.

    Organizations eligible for this award must fall into distinct categories. One of the qualifications is being a public library. Malden Public Library became a recipient for this program on March 18th, 2017.

    The event was a joyous occasion in which Malden was able to celebrate the success of the city’s library. Director of the Malden Public Library Dora St. Martin said that the MPL was “ honored to have Senator Edward Markey and Dr. Carla Hayden visit [their] library and [their] city”. During the visit, Senator Markey held a “storytime” for the young children after receiving a tour of the library.

    Both Senator Markey and Dr. Carla Hayden held a speaking engagement attended by 200 librarians whose locations range from across the state. St. Martin said that “It was inspiring to hear Senator Markey [and] Dr. Hayden talk about how their own libraries helped them get to the positions they hold today”.

    During his talk, Senator Markey explained how the “Malden Public Library [had] always been a special place for [him]”. He adds how he attended “reading hour” there as a child and went there to study as a college student. He explains that programs like the Surplus Books Program are important it enables libraries to with “computer and internet access, educational programming, and cultural opportunities that connect curious minds with new opportunities and horizons”.

    Senator Markey and Dr. Carla Hayden with Malden Public Librarians during children’s storytime. Photo submitted by Dora St. Martin.

    The MPL’s chosen representatives to go Library of Congress and collect the books from the program were Senator Markey and Dr. Susan Blumenthal. There they were able to select “materials they felt were particularly appropriate for [the] community” says St. Martin. In total, the MPL received a vast amount of books for multiple age groups covering topics including technology, art, history, and storybooks for children.

    All of the books and resources that MPL procured from the Library of Congress’ program will undoubtedly be proven beneficial to the library but one of the more prized items they received was a complete set from the series the Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

    for Presidents. The library received a full set of the papers written by George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, William Clinton, and Barack Obama. St. Martin explained how each of the Public Papers volumes included “the papers and speeches of the President of the United States that were issued by the Office of the Press Secretary during their term in office”.  She adds that these particular documents will be “great resource for students wanting to work with primary materials on research papers”

    By participating in the Surplus Books Program, the library will now be able to extend its services and provide its members with more resources to enhance their library experience.

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  • 04/04/17--11:13: New Orange Line Trains
  • According to a review found on Masslive.com, the MBTA has placed a mock-up display on Boston City Hall plaza from April 3 to April 5. This will allow members and other to be able to enter it and check out what features were incorporated into the train. The trains will be finished off at a facility in Springfield, MA. The review states that the mock up will allows MBTA engineers and other officials to make changes before they start creating and producing other trains.

    The review also states that the Orange Line is expected to start working within the next two or three upcoming years after testing processes are completed. This will allow them to create 152 Orange Line trains and 252 Red Line trains.

    In an interview with Boston Magazine, T spokesman Joe Pesaturo says that “the agency is still working out plans to let members of the public take a look for themselves, but for now MBTA officials and engineers will be inspecting the model and noting any changes needed before the real ones start making their way to Boston in 2019.” The model will have two sets of doors while the finished product will end up having a total of three sets of doors. Producing the new orange lines will cost up to $843 million. The trains will also be rolled out in batches in either 2022 or 2023.

    An article found on The Boston Globe mentions that Governor Charlie Baker and many other top MBTA officials also toured the mock up trains. The article included a quote from officials, who said that “the new cars also come with technology and design improvements to make riders more comfortable, accessible, and safer. Doors are wider, some seats can fold up to provide more room, and computer screens provide route information.”

    Photo of an Orange Line train. Photo from Wikimedia

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    The spring weather might not be here just yet, but the spring sports at Malden High most definitely are. Included in these sports is girls tennis. Starting Monday March 20th, tryouts for all sports were in session. By Wednesday, cuts were being made. The girls who got through the team were ecstatic, the ones who got cut; not so much, but there is always a chance for them and newcomers to come and try again next year.

    Last season was a great one for the girls tennis team. They won a large majority of their matches and won the GBL title and advanced to states. They all wish to advance as much as they did last season into the new league that they are entering into this season.

    Senior Emily Zou. Photo taken by Jesaias Benitez

    Last year, Coach Julie Fox was the new coach for the girls, and now they have another new coach, Cheryl Camassa. This is Camassa’s first year coaching girls tennis. She loves to coach, and previously coached girl’s volleyball for the past two seasons. She is “hoping the girls have a great season and improve on their skills and confidence on the court. Even though tennis is thought to be an individual sport, it is important the girls work together and support each other as a team. [Her] number one goal for the season is for the girls to have fun no matter if they win or lose.” Camassa really wants to help the girls improve as much as they can this season and overcome their competitors on the tennis courts.

    Tryouts for girls tennis this year was huge. Coach Camassa wanted to pick plenty of girls, but due to player amount restrictions, she couldn’t. “[They] had a big turnout this year for tryouts. With so many returning players from last year, [she] was only able to select a few new players to the team. Selection was based on consistency of their strokes. The girls that did not make the team all have potential and are encouraged to tryout again next year.”

    When it comes to the players that remained and got onto the team, she already thought “they all seem like a great group of kids,” even though she is just getting to know the players. She is looking forward to this season.

    Besides coaching, Coach Camassa is a behavior analyst for Malden Public Schools. She mainly works at the Linden S.T.E.A.M Academy servicing the students in the Pathway and PACE programs. She also works part-time consulting to families that are in need in behavioral strategies for their children.

    This year’s captain is Samantha Tso, a senior here at MHS. Tso got on the varsity team her sophomore year, due to always wanting to be the “top player of the team,” and wanting to play first singles. Last season was the first season she played first singles, which meant that her goals were accomplished. She “didn’t expect the pressure of playing singles and especially first singles” last season, but she overcame the pressure and came out victorious often for her team.

    As a senior, this is her last year at MHS. “This year, [she does] not want to play with the same pressure on [her] back as last year. This year, [she] will play first singles wholeheartedly– the best that [she] can without worrying about winning or losing. So for [her] last season at Malden High, [she wants] to give it [her] all. [She] would play club tennis in college if [she] could, but the school that [she is] currently deciding on does not have tennis courts, but that won’t stop [her] from playing with [her] friends when [she comes] home.”

    She only played tennis after her cousins introduced her to the sport the summer before freshman year, which is what prompted her to try out freshman year, which was a huge success for her.

    Senior Zanta Ephrem thoroughly enjoyed playing varsity first singles and second singles last season. She enjoyed that on varsity, she got to play all the time, when if you’re on JV you only played conditionally. She thought last season was a great success because of the connection and communication throughout the team. Even though they had a new coach, they still adapted quickly “and made the best out of the season.” The season didn’t go the way she thought it would because she didn’t think she was going to get as improved as she did because she cooperated with the team so much better and they had so much more chemistry which made the whole experience of being on a team and sportsmanship so much better. Her goals for last season were to get along with the team better and win the GBL title, which were both achieved. This year, if her shoulder injuries were not persistent, she would’ve wanted to try to be co-captain, or have a leadership quality so she could help the newcomers and anyone who needed help.

    Emily Zou is a senior on the varsity team, and plays second doubles. Last season was good in her opinion, but they had some difficult matches where they lost but it was fun. They won most of the matches that were in the league. She “tries not to have expectations, but it went really well.” Her goals for last season were to make it on varsity, which she did. “Since [they are] in a different league, [she thinks] [they’ll] get harder matches and [she hopes] the team does well,” Zou said. Personally, she hopes she makes it to singles. When asked about what she wants this season she said, it doesn’t matter if [they] win or lose, as long as everyone tries their best and has a good time, that’s most important.” She doesn’t know where she’s going but wants to play tennis in college, and hopes they have a tennis team. She played tennis in middle school and didn’t really like it and then when she got to high school she tried it out and thought it was really good, and doesn’t play anything else besides tennis.

    The girls tennis team has a bright vision for their future and it looks like they’re going to have a successful season once again.

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    Malden High School has embraced a new Spanish teacher in Cassondra Knudsen. After countless interviews for a new substitute, Knudsen will officially be the stand-in for Sharon Kalagher, who is on maternity leave.

    Knudsen was born and raised in Needham, Massachusetts and was educated by the Needham Public Schools system. She recalled that her high school had a great Spanish program which gave her an amazing opportunity of going on a class trip in her senior year to Costa Rica, in which those attending could only speak Spanish. This experience helped her realize how much she enjoyed the Spanish language.

    Cassondra Knudsen. Photo by Kayla Sousa.

    Knudsen graduated from the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut. She double majored in politics and government and modern language and culture “with an emphasis on Spanish.” Before graduating, she had interned for a tech security company and pursued it when they offered her a full time job and was a project accountant and sales business data analyst for a while. However, she realized how much she missed Spanish when she “practiced it every second [she] could,” and decided to make a career change to pursue teaching Spanish.

    When a job opportunity opened up close by as a long term substitute for Spanish, she decided to apply. It is her first time teaching and has appreciated the fact that there is an “interesting group of kids” and stated that it is amusing “seeing how kids interact with certain material and getting to know each of the students.”

    Knudsen described herself as “outgoing, energetic and positive,” and said that she is always excited to learn new things everyday even though she is a teacher. Her hobbies include playing the guitar and ukulele as she enjoys music, nature, her dogs, which she says she is “obsessed with,” and simply trying new things.

    Over the course of her life, Knudsen has been to many different countries. She has traveled to Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Ireland and France.

    Mar Marjomaa, a fellow Spanish teacher at MHS, described her liking for Knudsen as she believes Knudsen has “a lot of knowledge in different applications for the benefit of the students,” and “her presence has brought a positive [and] energetic environment to the students and they feel welcome in her class.”

    Erick Martha Reynolds, another spanish teacher at MHS, stated that he hasn’t known her for long but feels “she is very professional and very friendly, committed to [her] job and doing the best [she can].”

    Cassondra Knudsen can be found in J268.

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