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Malden High School's Official Newspaper

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  • 04/26/17--11:12: Nedlam’s Corner
  • Dear Nedlam,

    I am feeling very nervous for prom and I don’t know if I will be able to go without a date. I am also nervous about the expenses and if it won’t be everything I thought it would. How can I make prom season less stressful and drama free?


    Dear Nervous,

    It is normal to be nervous for prom! Other than graduation, prom is the day that you have waited for for the last four long years. Everyone always hypes up prom night and it is totally normal and okay to feel like it isn’t a huge deal. If prom is a huge deal to you, that is also okay. Prom is special to everyone for different reasons. It is important to remember that prom is about enjoying yourself, having fun with your friends, and celebrating your accomplishment of making it through high school. The important thing is that whether you are nervous or not, the experience will be less stressful if you plan everything out early and communicate with the group of people you are going to prom with, then everything will be fine.

    As for having a date, you really don’t need to stress about it at all. The pressure to have a date is unfair, and you shouldn’t have to have someone else to be complete! This night should be a night all about you, and it is a plus that you won’t have to worry about another person and keeping track of them. Prom by yourself can be fun too, and most people who bring a date barely spend the whole time with their date. There will be more than a hundred other people at prom, so I promise you will have to try very hard to be lonely!

    If you are still feeling uneasy and nervous about not having a “perfect night” then here are a few things to keep with you or to remember on prom night:


    • Everyone is nervous. Literally everyone. You may think you’re the only one, but you’re not.
    • Bring a portable charger for you phone or a polaroid! You don’t want to miss the moment, so snap a few photos of your own.
    • Don’t feel embarrassed if you “can’t dance.” Today’s popular dance trends are ridiculous looking anyways!


    And ladies:


    • If you are nervous about your hair, then bring extra hair pins!!
    • If you are wearing foundation, blend it into your neck and ears or else it will look really weird in photos.
    • Bring oil blotting sheets in case you get really sweaty or your face tends to get really oily

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  • 04/26/17--11:13: Days of Future & Past
  • When I look ahead, time seems to stretch so long, but looking back, freshman year seems like yesterday. I even remember vividly in 5th grade, during social studies class at Salemwood Middle School, we watched a video, and while we were supposed to be watching it, I was daydreaming. I was thinking about the future, about how I was so jealous that the class of 2010 was finally done with was getting to go to college, while I was just starting middle school. Forget high school graduation, graduating middle school seemed to be so far off in the distance.

    Before I knew it, 8th grade was upon me. I was finally at the top of food chain, at least in middle school. The concept of high school did not even feel real until the end of 8th grade, when we had to fill out the electives sheet for what we wanted to take at Malden High School. Then came the actual 8th grade graduation, and I still remember the fact that they played the song Hall of Fame by The Script ft. will.i.am when they handed us the certificate of curriculum completion for the Salemwood class of 2013. Now, whenever I think about middle school, I’m reminded of that song, and whenever I hear that song, I remember middle school.

    The odd thing about freshman year is, after being at the metaphorical, aforementioned “top of the food chain,” freshman year of high school just drops you back to the bottom. Though, it did feel like a fresh start, a chance to reinvent myself from my middle school self. I was still a kid, but now I was (slightly) more mature. It was a new environment though, and it took a while to get used to. I’d like to say I got used to it quick, but in reality the truth is probably that senior year is when things finally start to make sense.

    Or not.

    Right when you feel comfortable in high school, the idea of college starts looming ahead, like that spot on your back that you just can’t quite reach, even though you want to scratch it really bad. It begins toward the end of junior year, when the college is starting to be mentioned by guidance counselors and family members. That when you start giving serious thought on what you want to do with your life. This stage starts at the end of junior year, but it really depends on the person on when it really ends.

    Before you may even have decided on a path, you will have to, especially if you are college-bound, take either the SATs or the ACTs, neither of which are fun. These will be just like the practice tests that you take freshman and sophomore year, but harder, and actually matters (the practices are important, but the real deal is of course the most important) as these are the ones that you will send to your colleges to judge you by (amongst other submitted materials). Most likely, you will also have to take them more than once, just so you can get the best grades that you possibly can, if only to increase your chances at getting into college by even 0.1%.

    Then starts the college visit process, which is meant to help you see what colleges you like and do not like by giving letting you see for yourself the schools that you may or may not apply to. It’s tedious, but important because, this step may really help you see if you should even spend the money to apply there and possibly go there.

    Once senior year rolls around, the college application process is now upon you. It is a tedious, confusing, and annoying thing that you either maneuver through along, with parents, or with outside help like the uAspire and guidance counselors. Financial aid is also a part of this time, and the sooner the better, because once this step is done, all that is left is the waiting game. The waiting game is the nerve-wracking part where you wait and see if a college is willing to take a chance on you. Even if rejections come, you got to push on through and acceptances will come. Once you have decided, a deposit has to be sent, which tell the college, “I choose you!”

    The things that makes senior year so stressful is not just the college process, it is the fact that it is on top of the idea that this is your final year. There is so many thing to think about and pay for. There’s finding a prom date, outfit, paying for prom tickets, figuring out how you’re going to get there and how much it will cost to get there, and that’s just for prom. Then there’s also paying for the yearbook, cap and gown, paying and studying for AP tests, finals, etc. On top of all that, classes are still happening, so you still should be paying attention and doing your best to do well, lest your grade suffers, and there’s a slight possibly your colleges rescind your acceptances depending on the rest of senior year’s performance.

    All of that and yet, we, the Class of 2017, made it. It’s senior year, and we’ll be done soon. What I said at the start of this whole piece, only came to me recently, when I realized just how far I had come. 18 years went by fast, and while the next 18 may seem so far off in the distance. This time, I know, it is not, so I better make the best of my life that I can, and I hope the rest of you do too.

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    The girls’ tennis team began it’s season Monday, April 10, with a home match against Lynn English. Despite their strong performance, the match ended with a win for Lynn English with a one point margin.

    Sophomore Nikita Puri about to serve. Photo by Emraude Bonnet.

    On first singles, was senior captain Samantha Tso. Tso played well with strong hits and powerful returns. Her confidence on the court was clearly one of her strengths. On second and third singles were seniors Emily Zou and Saeko Yonetani respectively. For the third set of singles, Yonetani was good ad easily returned each ball coming her way.

    On first doubles were juniors Tiffany Yu and Hong-Li Zheng. On second doubles were junior Yuki Cheung and sophomore Nikita Puri.

    The first set of doubles, which consisted of Yu and Zheng, played well. The second set of doubles, which was played by Cheung and Puri, seemed to win over the court and overpowered Lynn English easily. They returned each ball easily, even conversing as they hit.

    Senior Yuki Cheung and Sophomore Nikita Puri getting ready to serve. Photo by Emraude Bonnet.

    The strength of the doubles matches was the most advantageous part for the Malden girls. The pairs playing together worked well and had good chemistry on the court, which is most likely why they were the strongest part of the game.

    According to captain Tso, this match against Lynn English was different compared to last year’s. She was proud of her team and herself for being able to attack the ball more and go for more points.The match was close for Malden. The doubles were strong, and the single matches were very close.

    Even though the game had many positives for Malden, there were also some negatives. The wind seemed to affect their game, and they had trouble going back and forth at some moments of the match.

    Tso, who knows the team really well, is beginning to think that their weaknesses in matches could be in their serving; including the ability to serve skillfully and effectively.

    The girls tennis team played very well, despite their loss, and definitely will be practicing on their weaknesses like serving and strengthening their positive plays to make sure that next time they face off Lynn English, they will be able to come out victorious.

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    The Posse Foundation Inc. recognizes students who have potential in doing leadership roles, and covering their tuition fees while attending top local art schools.  Many of the Posse chapters are located in major cities such as Boston, Miami, New York etc.  Among the hopefuls at MHS was Senior Jonathan Dong, who first discovered the program from a former MHS alumni who participated in it and later nominated by Boyle Guidance Counselor Erin Craven. Recalling earlier in his incoming senior year, Dong felt that in an individual perspective, [he] was lost on where he wanted to go to for college and came to a decision that the program ¨ would [bring him] to a right  path¨ even if he didn´t receive a scholarship or figure out where else he wanted to go.

    Jonathan Dong is a recipient of the Posse Scholarship.


    In the end, he received a scholarship to Hamilton College, which happened to be his top choice. Upon receiving the phone call of his acceptance, he recalled being ¨ overwhelmed with joy¨ along with relief because during that moment, he “ couldn’t think of any other future besides the one with Hamilton, and [he] was afraid that need to find a different path.¨ He added that the phone call of his acceptance ¨ will be a memory kept for years to come.¨ At first, the application process was found to be overwhelming for Dong because of the countless interviews and he overcame during a short period of time.

    Hamilton College is a private four-year liberal arts institution located in Clinton, New York. What caught Dong´s attention to select attending this college was the ratio between students to faculty (9:1) and the rural-like setting of the campus.

    While attending Hamilton, Dong is most looking forward to the change in environment because as a leader, he finds it important to have growth in different environments in order to see other perspectives throughout his life. He finds himself quite nervous around the work, but believes it will become easier down the road combating/developing work skills with maturity. One´s thing for sure, he´s prepared for the huge culture change from MHS to Hamilton with different ethics group.  

    At the moment, he is planning on majoring in environmental studies, biology and maybe minor/public works. His interest in environmental stem from his family background in which his parents grew up on a farm back in China and had some experiences working on one as well.    

    A few lessons that struck out to him during high school was the importance of teamwork and perseverance from doing extracellular  activities such as crew team and being president of the Leadership Mentoring Club, along with new leadership skills.

    Dong would like to give thanks to his family, friends, Ms.Craven and his cousins who ¨ pushed [him] and inspired [him] to work hard and fight for the Posse Scholarship.¨   

    The future is definitely looking bright for Jonathan Dong.

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    Netflix released their highly anticipated teen mystery series “Thirteen Reasons Why” on March 31st. The series based on the 2007 New York Times bestselling young adult novel of the same name and follows both the causes and the aftermath of teenage Hannah Baker’s suicide. It focuses on the events that lead to Hannah’s death and the lives of the individuals whom she blames for her suicide.

    The series takes place over 13 episodes. Before her death, Hannah, played by Katherine Langford, recorded thirteen cassette tapes, each tape dedicated to a specific person who caused her pain or didn’t help her when they had the chance. She leaves the box of tapes to her classmate Tony, played by Christian Navarro, who passes them on to each person mentioned on the tapes in a chain-letter fashion. The series begins with Clay Jensen, Hannah’s classmate and former co-worker portrayed by Dylan Minnette, receiving the box of tapes.

    Thirteen Reasons Why logo. Photo from Wikimedia.

    Throughout the series, we meet the people who either positively or negatively affected Hannah’s life. Each episode contains scenes of Hannah’s memories along with moments in the present involving Clay and the other characters. Clay has trouble hearing what he and the others had done to cause Hannah to take her own life, so he spends a few weeks listening to the tapes and confronts those who were in them as well. Unlike Clay, some of the other characters do not understand the severity of their actions and are conspiring together to ensure that the tapes remain a secret. As the series progresses, it becomes apparent that Hannah’s fate was completely unavoidable if people cared less about their own secrets and more about the well-being of themselves and of Hannah’s.

    Other than suicide, Thirteen Reasons Why addresses several other important topics, such as depression, grief and sexual assault through its characters and scenarios. It presents situations where both the victim and the rapist are protected by the denial of the other characters. It depicts the intense emotions and drastic effects that involve these issues and the social pressures that comes with them. Nevertheless, the show encourages that no matter what effect it will have, it is important to seek help for any of these issues no matter what.  Although the novel by Asher was published a decade ago, the issues mentioned then are still as relevant, if not more relevant today with the contributions of social media as a way to spread rumors and threaten others.

    Thirteen Reasons Why poster. Photo from Wikimedia.

    The actors portrayal of the characters along with the serious tone of the show is what makes Thirteen Reasons Why a show you won’t be able to forget. Langford and Minnette have a great chemistry that creates an adorable but complicated bond. Alisha Boe, who portrays Hannah and Clay’s classmate Jessica Davis, gives a jaw-dropping performance that humanizes sexual assault and its effects. Brandon Flynn, who plays Jessica’s boyfriend and jock Justin Foley, delivers an excellent performance that makes you hate Justin but at the same time makes you sympathize with him due to his background. Kate Walsh and Brian d’Arcy James, who portray Hannah’s parents, deliver a heartbreaking performance that demonstrate the grief of the loved ones of those who commit suicide and their desperation to get answers.

    The unexpected popularity of Thirteen Reasons Why has caused a variety of responses and controversies from reviewers, psychologists and people on the internet. For example, at the beginning of each tape, Hannah addresses the subject of the tape by saying “Welcome to your tape”. This line has become an online catchphrase, used in memes where a person gets an unpleasant response and replies with the catchphrase. Another controversy is a promposal that 17 year old David Sanchez made to his girlfriend, which include cassette tapes that state the thirteen reasons why she should go to prom with him. A picture of the promposal on twitter has been retweeted nearly 18,000 times. An article from the New York Times states the various responses to the post, such as accusing Sanchez of romanticizing suicide or saying that people need to get over the suicide of a fake girl.

    In an article for Self, John Mayer, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who works with suicidal teens, says that the show is “a sad exploitation of a devastating problem among our youth. [He doesn’t] see the value in it except to sensationalize teenage suicide,”. Dr John Ackerman wrote in a blog post that “It is unrealistic for someone, especially a teenager in the midst of an emotional crisis, to construct an elaborate series of tapes all the while maintaining a sarcastic, witty, and glib tone towards people she blames for her decision to end her life.” Suicide prevention expert Dan Reidenberg said on Good Morning America mentions that “The show doesn’t talk about mental illness or depression, doesn’t name those words.”

    Despite its controversies and mixed opinions, Thirteen Reasons Why is an extremely powerful show. Although its main audiences was meant to be teens, it has clearly stretched far beyond that. It communicates advocacy for being more kind to one another and to never give up seeking help. Although the portrayal of the issues it addresses is controversial, it has gotten more people talking about these issues than ever before and that could be a start to finally creating change in our behaviors.

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    Calling all ladies and gentlemen! Feast your eyes on the pure perfection as we search for this year’s Mr. MHS! They’ll show off their talent! Their muscles! Their personality!

    Here are all the contestants: Pedro Lugo, Joshua Simon, Nathaniel Ilebode, Andy Tham, Samuel Pettigrew, Nicholas Ansaldi, Jeremiah Quessa, and James Mac.

    Senior James Mac performing a song by the Weeknd. Photo by Leila Greige.

    Though first things first, here’s what you should know: Mr. MHS was brought back by the Maldonian Year Book in 2005 after going on hiatus. Ever since, the yearly performance took off. James Valente, the yearly MC, calls it his “baby”, though he cannot stress how much he owes to the crew, and contestants for allowing it happen.

    Malden Mayor Gary Christenson and a few other faculty members from MHS served as the judges. If you have the Mayor on Snapchat you would be able to see his view of the show, and his shaking hands with the winner.

    Many of the contestants’ debut on stage was during the beachwear competition. Wacky bathing shorts (and in Mac’s case, a bra), sent the crowd laughing and ready for the rest of the show.

    The boys showcased their muscles and abs, whether it be drawn on, or real.  Ansaldi and many of the boys enjoyed this competition most of all. Ansaldi described it as being his favorite part because he got to “go on stage and flex.”

    Accompanied by a girl to compliment the eye catcher of this competition, people such as Simon displayed “what [they’re] working with” by showing people his muscles, a crowd pleaser, as he is known for doing many sports and many females of the school being interested his person.

    But it’s all abs when it comes to James, as he went down the road of drawing them on, and wearing a nice bra to compliment his picture perfect physique.

    Valente decided the boys would have to dance off to be able to select the best of the best. Two boys were selected from the line and had to dance to a song by Rihanna.

    One other thing about this show, most–besides the major competitions–is unscripted. Senior Nic Acuna knows this, as he is one of the hosts for that evening and said, “there were 2 rehearsals,” and it was mostly just for the contestants and the hosts to try to get used to the stage. Acuna specifically remembers that he needed to practice some dancing for the beachwear competition.

    In the talent competition, the crowd was able to see some musical performances, the contestants getting roasted, and the hosts of the night, Jesse Bouley, and Acuna learn a thing or two.

    And this being a silly part of Mr. MHS, the contestants showed their worth.

    The talent competition began with some hard core motivational training from Ansaldi, where the very happy hosts went from weak to strong in a matter of seconds. Bouley couldn’t even pick up a 15 pound weight, but after some jumping jacks, a protein shake, and very affective motivation from Ansaldi, he was doing reps like it was no problem.

    Senior Nate Ilebode performing “Fresh Prince” during the talent portion of the show. Photo by Leila Greige.

    Talent is lip-synching to Fresh Prince of Bel Air, accompanied by a fitting t-shirt with the writing “Fresh Prince”, and some amazing rapping, according to Ilebode. Lugo went along the same lines only this time, with some Lil Wayne. While Mac decided that, to spice things up, he would come out on a tricycle while singing a song Weeknd.

    Mac also stated that the tricycle was a last minute decision, as recently MHS has been collecting people’s junk in order to raise money. He says “it was all kind of on the spot” with the convenience of a tricycle being near the auditorium at the time and his thoughts went to “‘oh, [he] should come out on a [tri]cycle!’”

    As if Acuna and Bouley haven’t learned enough, it was time for Bouley to learn about how to talk in a British accent thanks to Pettigrew. He was given words such as “aluminium” and “schedule” to pronounce the correct way. Sam lived in England for two years at when he was younger, and is considered a total master in the teaching of the British accent.

    A memorable topic that took the senior class by storm from the talent competition was Quessa’s “original rap,” which took a playful jab at each of his fellow contestants. Much of the audience noted that it was an original idea, and many people liked Quessa’s use of personal information, and using it in a light hearted rap.

    Simon decided to recite a poem by Kanye West while Tham sang “Earned It” by The Weeknd.  

    After a brief intermission, the audience was lured in by the next section of Mr. MHS: impersonations. This is when each other contestants pretend to be a teacher, a coach, or any member of the faculty at MHS. They take on that person’s mannerisms, well-known qualities, and voices to try to become the best impersonator.

    Senior Nic Acuna during the teacher impersonation portion of the show. Photo by Leila Greige.

    First up, was an impersonation of Timothy Lane, who teaches business and math. Ansaldi starts with giving his “class” a worksheet, and tries to answer some of the class’ questions.

    Next, Valente introduces himself… but Nate Ilebode walks on stage. He holds on to his book and looks for his keys, as he talks to Jesse Bouley. Before he leaves, Nate shows the real Mr. Valente a picture on his phone… something many students of his class have seen happen.

    Lugo takes on his best Charles Bowers persona, equipped with a tucked in shirt, a box of snacks and some stifled giggles. He at one point throws his snacks at a student and tries to answer a question leading to more laughter.

    Mac comes in as. Kin Chan, a math teacher who is known for wearing a white puffy vest jacket. Besides the puffy white vest jacket, Mac is also wearing a small purse as he begins class. Then he starts explaining the properties of a quadrilateral on a whiteboard, in her accent, and nods enthusiastically as someone tells him about their homework problems. After that he dramatically rips up a student’s paper, and send the audience laughing.

    Pettigrew decided that. Jason Payeur, a gym and health teacher, as well as Sam’s track coach, is a good person to impersonate. He starts off with reading people’s names while taking attendance, and does a lot of the hand gestures Payeur does. Next his students do some running drills with Payeur yelling his encouragements at the kids.

    We all know her, if not, you definitely do not go to MHS, next is Paula Valente, impersonated by Quessa. This impersonation was so spot on, the entire audience was laughing. Some people remarked that the only thing Jeremiah needed was her signature whistle. With Jeremiah visibly annoyed by people on their phones, and asking everyone to sit down, Jeremiah showed the audience exactly how funny he can be.

    Senior Andy Tham performing “Earned It” by the Weeknd. Photo by Leila Greige.

    Simon impersonated athletic director Charlie Conefrey. He began by lifting weights and greeting his pupil awkwardly. On to the lesson, where he gets to have a very Conefrey-ian conversation, only disturbed by his need to answer something on his phone. Thereafter more intense weight lifting. Then Simon peers in to take a picture with his student quickly, making the audience laugh. When another student comes in to talk, Simon talks about the new Malden Sports App then leaves while talking on the phone.

    Last but not least, Tham decided to become Brian Morrison, who teaches physics. Strolling in very calmly, he begins class by writing on the board in scribbles. As he’s working with students, Andy sticks his butt out and eventually ends up laying all over his students’ desks whilst talking to another student. Nic Acuna was a little phased by this, and awkwardly waited for it to end. We learn that Jesse knows nothing about physics, but Andy does, and can explain it using momentous body and hand gestures.

    That concluded impersonations.

    Now, the formal wear competition, though not as funny as the impersonations, still commendable. All the competitors walk onto stage wearing their nicest (and possibly from older proms) suites.

    Now, in all seriousness, Mr. MHS has been around for a really long time, and has been a major event in the past. Though this year, people such as Valente believed that this year’s competitors were all of interesting backgrounds and culture, creating a well rounded show. He mentioned that in past years, since the competitors are picked by raffle, the types of kids from different cultures that were randomly selected, were not exactly the most reflective of MHS’s diversity.

    Senior Nick Ansaldi during the talent portion of the show. Photo by Leila Greige.

    This year though, things were spot on. Valente stated that he does not hope only one contestant will win, but all of them are worthy of winning, “if you have the courage, the self pride, and self worth to come forward and say ‘I think I can represent my school’ …[he] thinks you are Mr. MHS”. Coming from someone who has seen Mr. MHSs come and go, Valente does often say that the best part of Mr. MHS is how there was no obvious winner from the beginning of the show. Any of the contestants this year could be a winner.

    After formal wear, all of the contestants were asked why they want to be Mr. MHS, along with other questions. Many boys began with a statement about how they had a lot of fun on the show, and how much helping their school means to them. So many of the boys weren’t there to compete, in fact, Mr. Valente, states that backstage, the first people to help another contestant, were all the other contestants. They were all supportive, and glad to just be there.

    The boys would begin their “I think I should be Mr. MHS…” statements with “because the song I performed earlier was pretty fun” (Mac) or “ because it was a new experience for me” (Pettigrew).

    But there has to be one winner. When results were tallied, it turns out the winner had just been publicly thanking Valente on stage. Mac won for his hilarity, fashionable choices, and of course, sporadic taste in tricycles. The first and second runner ups were Pettigrew and Simon.

    Even though Mac was “really nervous” before the show, he later believed that he had “no regrets.” He stated that he loved not knowing what was going to happen during the show, and he had a great time on stage and with the other contestants.

    To all the competitors, this was a job well done, and congratulations to Pettigrew, Simon, and Mac for their achievements.

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    As 2019 class officer elections are over for the year, many have been appointed into class officer positions. Shataeya Smith is a sophomore at Malden High School and Smith was appointed into the position of Junior Varieties coordinator along with her partner Jennifer Crespo.

    Smith decided she wanted to be JV coordinator when she found out there was a way to contribute to the show itself. When furthering her knowledge about the position and the amount of work it required she felt eager to contribute to the show in the greatest way possible. She states that the position “met up with [her] standards of participation.”

    She believes that her “strong leadership skills and willingness to listen to others and be optimistic and supportive” allows her to be a great JV coordinator.  She says that what separates her from the other candidates that ran was “[her] willingness to be open as well as being very energetic.” Smith has taken many leadership classes as well as having prior hosting and planning big event experiences and takes those situations and uses them for the classes  benefit.

    Outside of school, Smith participates in indoor track and field in the winter and outdoor track and field in the spring for Malden High. She is a discus thrower and shot putter and has been on the team for 4 seasons since freshmen year.

    Her favorite subjects in school consist of science, Spanish and math. Smith enjoys reading, writing, drawing as well as volunteering at her church and any event she can. She also loves to donate and advocate for amazing causes.

    Smith praises the class of 2019 for their talent and creativity which will positively impact the making of the class of 2019 Junior Varieties coming next year.

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    Junior Ashlyn Fitzpatrick, who has been apart of the Malden softball team for three years, has been playing softball originally for many years, since she was five years of age. She plays the position of an outfielder. Ashlyn got interested in softball ever since she was a young girl because of her father who got her interested in the sport. She states that her father put her in softball and she has loved the sport ever since that moment.

    Fitzpatrick also states that her personal goal for the season is to win more games throughout the season with her teammates. She also states that she has a team goal. Her team goal is to “get to the state tournaments.” Ashlynn also mentions that the season is off to a great start and is going really well so far. She says, “as the season goes on [they’re] learning to come together as a team more.”

    Fitzpatrick also mentions that her coach has influenced her to become a better softball player. Ashlyn explains how her coach stays positive no matter what which helps her and the team get through the games and “not get down on [themselves].” Overall, she explains how her coach has impacted her in a positive way. She also mentions how her softball teammates have helped her build relationships with others. Ashlyn says that “[they] support each other throughout the games.”

    Fitzpatrick also included that her father has motivated her to become a better softball player. She explains that her father has been coaching her for a very long time and also, that he supports her throughout the games.

    She says that this season is different from last season because the team has new coaches and the style of coaching has been different and changed from last season. Overall, Fitzpatrick is very excited and looking forward to winning more games with her teammates.

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    On Thursday April 28th, the class of 2019 hosted a fundraiser at Fuddruckers on Route one from 5-8 in which 20% of an order went to the class of 2019 if the flyer was shown to the cashier.

    Fuddruckers is a restaurant chain with a great atmosphere that specializes in burgers of any kind. The restaurant is much like a dinner that has a 90’s vibe to it and is famous for their great burgers and extensive menu. The restaurant is also very family friendly with many games in their arcade including air hockey, basketball and many other games.

    Pamela Coelho, a sophomore that attended the event, claims that it was a fun time and they “played arcade games after [they] ate, hung out as a class and some stayed at the door greeting the customers.” Overall she states it was a success and that the fundraiser will definitely help the class with certain expenses.

    Ultimately the event was a great get together where students had delicious food for a great cause.

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    This spring, the students of the MHS Concert/Marching Band participated in MICCA, or The Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors Association which is held annually. The band was awarded with the title of Superior and placed the highest in their division out of all the schools they participated including schools all across New England. This was a positive experience for band members and teachers alike due to the learning experiences it provided them with.

    MHS posing at Six Flags. Photo submitted by Sebastian Romani.

    Band director Erin O’Brien-Mazza described how their experience in the competition was great because their preparation that had begun from as early as January had culminated in a successful performance. O’Brien-Mazza was glad that after two years of pushing the band hard, they were able to reap the rewards of having a huge win for their team and school. She voiced that the win came as a bit of a shock despite the confidence that the students all had in themselves as the band did run into some issues prior to the competition. O’Brien-Mazza explained how she had to rewrite the sheet music for some instruments that were not covered. Still, The band’s key focus was bringing themselves together and to be able to successfully work alongside each other. Ultimately, she added that her students definitely deserved to win due to the practice they had put in outside of school and their commitment to their individual work.

    She also contributes a large part of the band’s success to their section leaders. The band is divided based on what instrument one plays. Section leaders are basically captains for each group of instruments. These section leaders carry out a lot of the work and individual practice within their group and ensure that their fellow group members are working well. They were a very integral part of the competition and the band as a whole. O’Brien-Mazza also said that she learned a lot about this particular experience. She also mentioned that teaching band here was a transition as she has been teaching here for only three years.

    Many band members voiced their experiences at the competition and reflected upon their experiences as participants in the competition. Freshman Kevin Fuentes explained that “[they] knew what [they] were doing” and that they had been practicing for weeks so they felt calm entering the competition. Fuentes added that he was elated that the band was able to achieve that level of success considering how few members they have. He also explained how their band director played a significant role in nurturing the band program to be where it is today and thus they were able to overcome the disadvantage in number. Fuentes also felt “shocked and surprised” at their win due to the fact that they were competing against “heavily funded” schools. Their win was “truly a moment of joy”. He added that determination and perseverance were key parts to their placement in the competition. There were a few minor hitches such as organizing their sound to make it more balanced, and rewriting sheet music but they were able to handle these issues well. Lastly he adds that “the work…the dedication [and]…faith” that O’Brien-Mazza puts into the band is as the reason why they are “so motivated to work hard and do what [they] do”.

    MHS band posing with the first place trophy. Photo submitted by Sebastian Romani.

    Junior Naomi Brill, who has been participating in band since she was in the fourth grade added that “it felt pretty good bringing home the trophy”. She explains how in the past they placed second, or received a bronze medal in third, so “going in and getting first place was…exciting”. She also added that the win gave the band a boost of confidence and credits the president of band senior Megan Melanson and O’Brien-Mazza as crucial parts to their success.

    A final band member, sophomore Sebastian Romani explained that “the whole trip was amazing” and that he “loved being with the band every second of it”. He added that this year the band was able to accomplish a lot. He thought this year would be “very rigorous” but instead found his experience to be “pretty lenient”. He felt that the band was able to win due to their “new and complete sound” and that they “definitely deserved this win”. He added that they had new freshman and upperclassmen so they were able to work on rebuilding themselves starting with this win. From being a band member he learned personally that “you can’t do everything yourself” and that each part comes together to “make one beautiful sound”.

    Overall, many band members as well as the director felt that this was a very encouraging experience for the band. The band has grown greatly in the past few years and this victory at MICCA was a huge indicator of it.   

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    Sophomore Luis Gilbert is one of the few returning players on this year’s Malden High boys tennis team.  Having played tennis for only three-years prior, Gilbert is enjoying his second year on the varsity team.

    Sophomore Luis Gilbert waiting for the ball to drive a flat backhand shot towards opponent. Photo by Subin Bastola.

    Gilbert got his interest in tennis by “watching the professionals” and “learning the culture of tennis.” He explained his favorite professional tennis player is Roger Federer who he is fascinated by “because of his tennis mechanics and fitness.”

    When asked about what aspect of his game he wants to improve this year, he mentioned that “[he] is continuously working on improving his consistency” and “getting off better shots.”

    Gilbert stated that “the team is still comprehending the loss of all the seniors from last year”  and hopping to “build more onto this season.” The season was also affected by the weather which resulted in the team being forced to reschedule their game against Medford and Everett High School. Gilbert concluded that despite all of this and the team not having that many victories, “it’s been a great season so far.”

    One of the most exciting games this year for the Gilbert, was the victory against Triton High. He stated that “it was a very fun game and one of the longest game [the team has] ever played. Gilbert had an “intense experience” as he had won another game the day before. He mentioned that he was “nervous as well as excited to get another win.” He continued to say, the win against Triton Hawks was the “most rewarding win as the team has been working hard.”  He elaborated that “he is very proud of himself and his fellow teammates.”

    Gilbert explained that he considers the tennis team as “a family.” He added that, “unlike most other sports, travelling in the bus the game as well as outside the court and during the game [the team has] a lot of the time for bonding.”

    Outside of tennis, Gilbert enjoys swimming and playing soccer. Gilbert is looking forward to having a great tennis season ahead.

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  • 05/09/17--11:13: Community N Unity Event
  • People flooded the courtyard at Malden High last week  to discuss the issues between race and culture within the city project.

    This event was made to help bring the citizens of Malden together. With multiple different foods of different cultures, the event really highlighted the diversity of our city. The event was more popular than expected, with about 100 people in attendance including our mayor, Gary Christenson, and Malden High’s principal, Edward Lombardi. The event was approximately 2 hours long, with many tables being present and serving all different types of foods from all different types of cultures that are present within Malden. The event seemed to bring people together in our community, to bond through food and light conversation.

    In the small area of the Malden High School courtyard, our diversity was proven in this short celebration and was considered  “an enormous success,” from Lombardi. The event is seen as a “wrap-up” by Lombardi of all the discussions and community meetings over the summer and past year that had inspired Community N’ Unity to happen. The overall goal of the event was to create a very direct way to get people of all backgrounds and cultures together to share a part of their life with other people in the community. This event can also be seen as just one of many examples of how welcoming our community is.

    Being the brainchild of 4 seniors from Malden High, it was the project of a National Honors Society group to celebrate our diversity as a community while both congratulating and making improvements to our city and the interactions between the people within it.

    “At the very least it’s a very direct way to get people of all backgrounds together to share stories and food and music.” stated Lombardi proudly.

    The project was seen as something that was important to not only the school, but the community of Malden as a whole, which did nothing but motivate Lombardi to make it happen.

    All profits went towards a charity called Central African Republic, a non-profit organization that’s goal is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people within developing countries. Community N’ Unity helped to raise $700 dollars that night to help the organization.

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    For the first time since December, Malden High School small ensembles performed, this time with new pieces to ring in the spring with fresh, popular, and contemporary music. On Thursday night, May 4th at 7:00 pm, students, family members, and music lovers met in the Jenkins Auditorium to watch instrumentalists from various grades and skill levels to showcase the pieces they had been practicing throughout the second half of the school year.

    Junior Jenny Do on guitar performs with an Ensemble. Photo by Toby Pitan.

    Introducing the concert, Erin O’Brian Mazza, the small ensembles teacher, explained how it was “neat to see different creativity levels…and have everyone come together to make music.” This concert was also bittersweet for Mazza as she had to say goodbye to many seniors who would be graduating and leaving the class. At the end of the concert, to bid her seniors farewell, Mazza gave each of them a gift and recounted personal stories about them or told how much she cared for them. After, a particular group of students whom had been particularly close with Mazza presented her with flowers to thank her for all the work she had put into bringing them where they are today.

    What is interesting about the small ensembles class is that their music taste is current, fresh and changes with the seasons. In December, the class had performed some mellower pieces ranging from classical to old rock. For this concert they had prepared music from a plethora of genres, artists, and decades.

    A performance of “Airplanes” by B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams. Photo by Toby Pitan.

    Sophomore and guitarist Santiago Portillo explained that one of the songs he performed with his ensemble, “Redbone” by Childish Gambino, “was a really popular sound, but it [didn’t] have that pop sound to it.” He explained how he thought that the audience may have found this song more relatable than a pop song and that it was “something everybody can listen to.” Portillo also added that it takes a while for band members to find a song to learn and that they “always argue until they find the right song,” but they chose that piece because it stood out from other pop songs today. Portillo said that he really liked this class and how  it “gets involved with the school a lot” and that it’s a class where “people can just play what they want to play with people that they want to play with.” He adds that in that in this class they can pick their own music and curriculum while in other classes there is a set curriculum to be followed. In small ensembles, students “guide themselves and the teacher is just there for a little help.” Finally, he said that the part of the class teaches leadership as well as presentation skills. There are deadlines to be followed and they must lead themselves and their own group.

    Senior Won Andre gifting Erin O’Brian Mazza with flowers and giving a short speech. Photo by Toby Pitan.

    Another instrumentalist, freshman Moez Bensalem, who was on percussion, explained how he first got involved with music in the 8th grade when he began to learn guitar. He joined the class initially playing the guitar before switching to the piano because it was easier. He said that the class is enjoyable, “until they need to pick the songs,” due to the different genres that each of the people in his group likes. But when they finally reach a decision on what song to play, the music is “beautiful.” His favorite part of the class was the performances but that the hardest part of the class was picking out the music as mentioned before. His hope for his future in the class was to make smaller groups so that he could potentially have the opportunity to sing but that said, it is “a pretty fun class” if anyone wants to join.

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    Sophomore Nikita Puri running back to the serving line to return a serve. Photo by Emraude Bonnet.

    Check out the girls tennis match against Lynn Classical. To see more, click here

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    Malden girls playing defense. Photo by Michelle Yin.

    Check out the rest of the photos here

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    Malden High School’s own Stephen Deng was one of several seniors to receive a Posse scholarship. Posse, Deng states, is “an organization that believes in the potential of diversity [and] leadership.” The organization selects students from their partner schools, giving them full-tuition scholarship.

    The process was “strenuous, exciting, and scary at the same time,” says Deng. However, Deng had an incredible amount of support, so he had “no excuse not to give it [his] all.”

    “Finding out that [he] was selected as a Posse scholar was so surreal.” Deng was “surprised, relieved, honored, and thankful at the same time.” Senior Leah Tramondozzi was “incredibly supportive of [his] decision to apply to Posse.”

    Deng “acknowledge[s] that receiving the Posse Scholarship is a testament to the late nights [he has] stayed up in the past four years,” but he wouldn’t have received this “privilege” without the “support of incredible people.”

    Senior Stephen Deng. Photo by Ryan Hames.

    Deng is going to be attending Centre College in the fall. Centre College is located in Danville, Kentucky, and Deng will be majoring in economics and finance, minoring in film studies. Deng cites Centre College as one of the “best colleges in the South,” holding a reputation “for having the nation’s happiest graduates and a high return on investment after graduating.”

    After college, Deng would love to start his own digital marketing firm and “launch [his] own clothing line.” His goal is to “escape the 9 to 5 work day.” He hopes to “give back to the community by organically growing small businesses through social media.”

    What Deng will miss most about Malden High School is how it’s “a melting pot of vibrant diversity” and hearing the “inspiring and funny life stories of teachers.”

    Compared to high school, Deng believes that college will be more “demanding and eye-opening.” Around Danville, there isn’t much to do, but that, says Deng, will “help [him] stay grounded on [his] academics and business ventures for the future.”

    Deng aspires to graduate from Centre College as Valedictorian, and get a full-tuition scholarship to a Posse partner graduate school, like Harvard or Northeastern for his MBA. Possibly, Deng would like to get out of Centre College and “hit the ground running,” successfully starting his own clothing line and digital marketing firm.

    After college, Deng is “looking forwards towards opportunities to get hands-on work in [his] field of interest.” Deng notes the several “great digital marketing firms in Boston” and how he’d “love to get experience by working with them through internships.”

    In his four years at Malden High School, Deng has had positive influence from some of his teachers, like Ms. Marquez and Mr. Bowers. Both of which, have taught Deng “the value of hard-work, responsibility, and to always put 100% into whatever is at hand.”

    As Deng moves into his next chapter in life, the influential teachers, and many memories, will carry with him.

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