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Malden High School's Official Newspaper

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    Tyler Martineau, a junior at Malden High School, has been playing football since he was 11 years old. Martineau explained how he has “always wanted to play [his] whole life, and had been something that [he] has been interested in.” Martineau began in the sixth grade playing Pop Warner and now is playing center and defensive tackle for the MHS varsity team. Martineau hopes to get faster and stronger to ensure he can play the best he can.

    Junior captain Tyler Martineau blocking against Methuen’s defensive players. Photo courtesy of Marcus Simon.

    Martineau stated that if he were not captain, “[he] would still be a leader by making sure everyone is staying focused”. Martineau wishes to be a role model for his teammates and even students around MHS. Martineau says that “[he] is always focused during a game and all [he] has to worry about is doing [his] job”. Martineau, as the only sophomore last year to make the All-Scholastic team, feels very grateful that he was able to get the opportunity and wishes that “[he] can do it again this year”.

    Some of biggest strengths Martineau has are “run-blocking and pass-blocking”, as mentioned by senior Edouard Bazile. Bazile says Martineau is “a great player and leader”. Martineau leads the offensive line, and in the eyes of Bazile, “It is the most important part of the team”. Although not knowing him so well in the past, Bazile has built a strong relationship with Martineau and hopes to make their bond even stronger.

      Freshman Matthew Bessey, a fellow teammate of Martineau, has been friends with him for over five years and has played sports with him throughout his entire athletic career. Bessey explained how “[Martineau] is a great leader and has an unbreakable passion for the game”. Bessey believes that “[Martineau] does his best to make sure people stay on track and that [the team] works as hard as [they] can”. He added that Martineau always lends a helping hand towards players that seem to need work but is always optimistic for what the future holds for him and the team.

    Junior captain Tyler Martineau before the game. Photo courtesy of Marcus Simon.

    Overall, Martineau and his teammates are looking forward to this season with his teammates.


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    Junior Mei Mei Zhang squaring off against Lawrence player. Photo by Jesaias Benitez.

    Check out the rest of the Field Hockey photos here

    The post Malden vs. Lawrence Field Hockey Photo Gallery appeared first on The Blue and Gold.

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    Senior volleyball player, Aida Ali. Photo by Sidney Rodriguez.

    By Michelle Yin and Ronald Batista

    One of the soon to be graduating seniors, Aida Ali, has been on the volleyball team for four years. She plays the positions of Hitter, Middle, and Outside. Ali has played volleyball since middle school and decided to continue the sport during high school. She recalled how she has ended up joining the sport and said that “[her friends] and [her] were thinking of doing something after school in eighth grade, and then when [she] found out about high school volleyball, [she] decided to apply [herself] to tryouts” and ended up remaining in the sport.

    Ali stayed in the volleyball all four years with a passion to surpass her previous years, and she described the team as having a “sense of family” and she likes surrounding herself with her teammates. Ali enjoys playing volleyball, for it is the place to let her relieve all her stress and forget about everything and just focus on volleyball.

    Some of her strengths in volleyball consist of being a good server, and communicating well with the rest of her team, calling for the ball and setting a role model figure for the rest of the team. Ali is also really supportive of the team, as she tries to always support them the best she can. Ali furthermore spoke about some of the things that she needs to work on, “Performance wise, [she] [needs] to work on hitting constantly and as for interacting with other players, [she] [needs] to open up more to [her] team”.

    Being part of the team, Ali described how she loves being part of such a diverse group of people. She clarified to that “[the team has] such different personalities…and [it is] so fun to be around them”. Her goals for the season are for the team to give it their best shot and try as hard as they can. “[She wants] to leave those games knowing that all of us played well and that [they do not] have any regrets.”

    After high school, Ali has decided that she wants to play volleyball but she is not sure if she wants to play for a division, but she is considering intramural or playing on her free time as club.

    Being a senior, she also gave some information on how she kept up with being a varsity volleyball player and as a student. She elucidated on how she uses all the studies she has and she also always catches time before the games to do some homework, and even after games. She does sports yearly around so she has learned to manage her time around sports to finish all her work from school as well.

    As for the remaining of the season Ali explained that she is physically ready, but mentally she still needs to prepare. She also said that there is always something that she can improve on. During her free time, Ali works and ends up relaxing to Netflix.

    Her teammate and team captain senior Tiffany Tortora has said that “Aida is really supportive and [she] always helps others with positive feedback”.

    Aida and her teammates look forward to a successful finish to the season.

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    Sophia Ruperti poses for a picture sporting her Malden gear. Picture taken by Jemisha Syliant.

    Sophomore Sophia Ruperti, who plays the position of a center midfielder, has been playing soccer since the age of six years old. Before she had become a member of the team, she would just play soccer for fun, but she became serious about the sport when on a team. Ruperti had started to play soccer because she wanted to play the sport ever since a young age and says that she was raised around the sport as well. She states, “Over time, [her] love for the game grew and grew.”

    Ruperti explained that the season is off to good start and that the team as a whole improved over time. She said, “[She sees the team] going far this season and possibly making states.” Aside from wanting to make states, she also added that she is most looking forward to growing as a team and working harder overall as a whole.

    Sophia Ruperti dribbles the ball during a game. Photo by Jemisha Syliant.

    Ruperti also explained that her expectation as a whole team is to reach their goal of making states and ending the season with a good record that reflects off of their hard work.

    Ruperti described that not only is she looking forward to growing as a team and working harder, but she is also looking forwards to playing against Revere. She mentions that one of their varsity players transferred and she knows a couple of other players on the team, “which will be an exciting game.”

    Sophomore Batoul Chouiki, who is a teammate of Ruperti, met her because they had both attended Linden Steam Academy, which is where they had became friends. Chouiki explained that it was her sister, Nour Chouiki, who had introduced her to Sophia.

    Batoul Chouiki continues to explain that she has a good relationship on and off the field with Ruperti. She says, “On the field [they] connect. [They are] Best friends on and off the field.” Batoul Chouiki also adds that she is able to connect with Ruperti depending on the play. She mentioned, “[She knows] where [Ruperti] is going to be when [she passes] the ball.”

    Chouiki says that Ruperti is always a help and contributes great ideas. She also described that Ruperti also has supportive parents as well. Overall, she expressed that Ruperti is a good ad active player on the field and gives 110% to help the team gain control throughout the game.

    Ruperti includes herself that personally she plans on improving on herself so she could have a defensive mindset and to be more aware of her surrounding when playing. She plans on achieving her goals by being aware of her surroundings. She also states, “Be more sharp and smart when it’s game time.”

    Ruperti also added that her advice for people who have never played before is to start somewhere. She explained that people will not always be the best in the beginning and it can sometimes be frustrating but after practicing overtime, there will be progress. She stated, “It comes natural and that’s when you start to love it.”

    Overall, Ruperti is looking forward to this season with her teammates.

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  • 10/04/17--11:30: A Look Into Chemistry Club
  • Club Officers, (Left to Right) Hien Lau, Kamal Moussa, and Maryam Benouari, and Club Advisor Martin Berryman. Photo taken by Falyn Kelley

    For his fifth year in a row, Martin Berryman will be advising the chemistry club, a place to do science experiments at the school. Even before Berryman took over, the club existed at MHS, it was just passed down to him.

    What exactly is chemistry club? It’s an opportunity for people to get together and do chemistry related things after school. The main goal of chemistry club is getting students involved and showing them that chemistry experiments can be done without all the strenuous math, even when they seemed uninterested beforehand, and to inspire them to go out and do science on their own, All the experiments in chemistry club are extremely safe and simple but fun, accompanied with detailed instructions and Berryman’s watchful eye making sure everything runs smoothly.


    Martin Berryman, chemistry club Advisor, Explaining an Experiment. Photo taken by Falyn Kelley.

    Chemistry club is just about the fun aspect of science experiments, but that doesn’t mean members won’t learn anything. The club is based around the experimentation not the education of chemistry, but members surely pick up a few things along the way, turning the learning process into something fun and interactive. 

    Every experiment that the chemistry club partakes in, comes with an intricate instructional paper with an easily readable layout and information on the experiment, answering questions such as “why and how does this happen?”. Taking something as simple as a lava lamp experiment and turning it into a learning experience, is meant to be fun. 

    Kids who enjoy science and kids who don’t can enjoy this club equally. If anyone have an urge to learn or just want to have fun, chemistry club can cater to you with it’s large roster of members, three club officers, and one ecstatic advisor, all ready to help you understand the wonders of chemistry and chemical reactions.

    Members of the chemistry club Prepare for an Experiment. Photo taken by Falyn Kelley.


    Along with all that it seems like no one would need anything else to be convinced to join, but even with all that, there’s still more. The chemistry club goes to the museum of science in Boston twice a year, every year, and does chemistry demonstrations for museum visitors. The club visits the museum in the fall for National Chemistry Week, and in the spring for Earth Day.

    In Berryman’s words, “it’s a good idea to join chemistry club if you like making new stuff from old stuff, have fun, and see cool things happen.” Chemistry club takes place in Berryman’s room, B432, every other thursday from 2:30 to 3:30.

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    Senior Sydney Addorisio is one of this season’s captains for the Field Hockey team at Malden High School. Addorisio joined the team two years ago, starting out as an inexperienced sophomore

    Field Hockey Captain Sydney Addorisio. Photo by Angelina Prum.

    who “never picked up a stick before”, and quickly rose above the ranks. Fellow teammate Senior Kaytlin Kwong asserts that Addorisio is a “great captain, and she is responsible and excellent at taking charge.” Addorisio is also “reliable both on the field and off the field”, and a “dependable wing and front line player” according to Kwong.

    Addorisio’s interest in playing field hockey began when a friend of hers texted her to go to captain’s practice. “It started with the idea of getting a gym waiver”, Addorisio jokingly admits. She “went to captain’s practice…the waiver kind of tricked [her] into falling in love with the sport, so [she] stuck with it for the next two years”. Addorisio reveals that her favorite part about field hockey is “playing games and even staying and watching JV play.” She tries to stay and cheer on [her] team.” Addorisio spent sophomore year playing with both the junior varsity and varsity team, and she officially joined varsity junior year. Her first year on varsity was her favorite season, since it “was [her] first year playing varsity, so [she feels] like [she] rose to the occasion.”

    On how she could continue to improve her performance on the field this year, Addorisio says she would like to work on dodging, and learn how to do “a lot of dodging instead of going through people.” An aspect of field hockey that she feels she has improved on immensely throughout the years is communication both in practice and on the field, such as calling her team members by name. On her communication skills, teammate senior Brian Tran Le affirms that Addorisio does a good job at “calling for the ball”.

    Although Addorisio loves the sport she plays, there has been some rough times. One example is “missing a really great pass” and having to do long distance running at practice. Nevertheless, the good moments outweigh the bad. Addorisio states that one of her best moments on the team is definitely her partnership with team member Kaytlin Kwong. She says that their partnership “worked out really well” and they would spend some time throwing the ball “back and forth up the field, and take turns to see who is going to get the ball up higher.”

    Balancing athletics and academics is not always easy, especially with three AP classes on her schedule. Addorisio “is really hard working, and always working on something extra outside of school to make herself improve.” Addorisio manages the two with a routine. She dedicates “the two hours to practice or games, and when [she gets] home, [she does] all [her] homework and [she makes] sure [she does] the assignments that are due the next day first, before [she does extra] work to try to get ahead.” Other than playing field hockey, Addorisio’s hobbies include participating in clubs such as Play Production, and Z Club, a club outside of Malden High, and watching her siblings.

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  • 10/05/17--11:02: Philosophy Club
  • The Philosophy Club is an extracurricular club where students of all grades at MHS come together and discuss the big questions of life, such as “why are we here?” or “why things are how they are?” In the Philosophy club, students express their opinions and thoughts in an non-competitive environment.

    The club holds its meetings on Wednesdays at 2:30 pm in B238, in the room of Math teacher Thomas Snarsky, who is the advisor of the club. Club activities include discussions, watching videos, presenting ideas and holding small presentations that may lead to group discussions. The Philosophy club also plans to do Philosophy themed fundraisers with guests from colleges and universities. This is to present older and more experienced philosophers to students about the questions and topics they discuss at their schools.  

    Topics in which the members engage in include how people present themselves in person in comparison to online in various ways around the world. In one of the Philosophy Clubs previous meetings, the students talked about the different realities shaped by the media and how “Ignorance is bliss” said by Sophomore Patricia Desousa Esteves, secretary of the Philosophy Club. This leads to the question, is ignorance actually bliss? “This goes to many different levels of conversation”

    Snarksky states that “The club itself is not like a competition. It makes it easy for students to express themselves without feeling whether [they] win or lose the situation. Everyone gets to give a little bit on how [they] see their views.”

    The club consists of three officers, one advisor and any other members who sign up. The officers are Desousa Esteves as secretary, Sophomore Ketlyn Picinin as treasurer, and Junior Grace Dong as historian. The club does not have a president nor vice president due to the fact they do not like the idea that there is only one or two people being in charge of the club. The officers do not even keep their positions for the entire the school year., as their positions will rotate every semester. This way, if other students want to be officers, they have the chance to do so.

    There are no goals for the club in particular. Desousa Esteves says“The club itself is mostly to discuss and share and see students opinions on [topics]. [She guesses] the goal would be to answer the question but it’s not something [members] have to do.” There are no requirements for joining the club and they gain members by suggesting it to their friends and other people.

    The process of starting the club began around the end of last school year in 2017. It did not become an official club until this school year but was worth the wait. They plan to impact the school by allowing the students to have a questioning approach to life

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    MHS students at Holocaust Memorial in Boston. Photo courtesy of Paul Hammersley.

    During Summer 2017, a 17 year old Malden student vandalized the Holocaust Memorial in Boston by throwing an object toward a glass panel, causing it to shatter into pieces. Not only were the Malden city officials upset and devastated but so were the peers at Malden High.

    Bystanders of the incident were horrified and shocked about what happened. Mayor Gary Christenson stated that “despite [the incident over the summer], it does not represent Malden High School.” Determined to prove to others about what Malden’s reputation really was, students assisted by Gregory Hurley planned a trip to visit the memorial.

    Senior Leila Greige, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Print Edition of the Blue and Gold, and Senior Taylor Winters were “more than privileged to be a part of such a great event.” said Winters. Planning such an important trip was not an easy task. Winters stated that the hardest part was “writing the obituaries for people murdered by the Nazis [and] having to put one person’s life into a page was immeasurable.” Greige and Winters were able to split up the work and got all the planning finished within 2 weeks.

    The field trip wasn’t too long ago as many students attended and paid their respects. Greige who attended and planned the trip, said that to her it “was very special, because it was destroyed by someone [she] knew, [and she] didn’t want this act of vandalism to represent all of us [here in the city of Malden].”

    Winters had much to say as this horrific event in history meant a lot to her. “To know someone desecrated the Holocaust memorial was very disheartening. To many people the memorial symbolizes hope, hope that a genocide of this scale will never happen again.” stated Winters. She went further to explain how much the “Holocaust survivors do for schools and the youth [across the world]” and how much they contribute to the history we know of today.

    U.S. History teacher at Malden High, Damian Aufiero, and the History Club decided it would be a good idea raise money for a stolpersteine, or stumbling stone, to place at the last known voluntary residence of a victim of the Holocaust. Raffle tickets were sold to potentially win two New England Patriots tickets for that weekend. Aufiero said “[they] received the game tickets from a ticket donation.”

    There was much deeper meaning to the decision to purchase stumbling stones. Aufiero said “We think that history is really important. It’s really important for students to not just study and do research, but to participate and engage. Stumbling stones are an artistic representation and remembrance for all those who suffered through the Holocaust. Germans and other individuals in European countries are choosing to remember the Holocaust in such a physical way, in something that seems like it would interrupt everyone’s everyday life, and we thought that that was very powerful. The whole point is that you stumble over it.”

    Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the stumbling stone would be placed at the home of a Holocaust survivor that was also a Malden resident, not at the last known voluntary residence of a victim of the Holocaust. 

    Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly included the statement “Stumbling stones are an artistic representation and remembrance for all those who suffered through the Holocaust. Germans and other individuals in European countries were choosing to remember the Holocaust in such a physical way, in something that seems like it would interrupt everyone’s everyday life, we thought that that was very powerful. ” as a statement instead of as a quote from Aufiero. 

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    After all their hard work and diligent training, the Malden High School Girls Cross Country team is now at a winning streak of four. Coach Courtney Invernizzi said those meets were very “successful especially because they have all worked so hard, and they all worked together as a team”.

    Members of the Girls Cross Country team running. Photo by Quyen Le.

    On October 3rd, there was a meet against Everett. This meet required a much bigger and longer running distance. During the preparation for this meet, the team was very confident that they are going to end in victory. Senior Allie Russo is one of the varsity runners and it is her third year on the team. According to Russo “everyone on the team is much better now than when they started” so she was very confident that Malden is going to win today’s meet. The whole team hung on to that confidence and determination all throughout the course and they took a win for Malden once again.  

    The Girls Cross Country team preparing for a meet. Photo by Quyen Le.

    The last three meets were against Lynn English, Revere, and Lynn Classical. The Malden Girls Cross Country team won all three meets! Senior Jasmine Gray is one of the varsity members on the team and has been running on the team for 4 years. Gray said that these meets are resulting in “everyone getting better as a team”. Sophomore Emane Boufaida is also one of the varsity runners on the team. Boufaida said that these meets “make [her] stronger as a runner, and they help [her] set a goal for [herself]”. Coach Invernizzi expressed that she loves watching these meets because “[she] enjoys seeing the team in their competitive modes, so they’re always working extra hard”. She also later explained that “[she] likes how everyone work as a team by pushing each other” to their greatest potential.

    Although they lost against Marblehead, Coach Invernizzi said that it was her favorite meet. She said she really liked how “everyone really pushed themselves and all of them got personal records’’. She stated that “[she] thinks they really made a name for Malden, Marblehead was very impressed by how well [they] ran”. For Gray the best meet was against Marblehead. She explained how they “had good competition, they made [her] work, and [she] was right beside hem until the end”. For Allie the best meet was against Revere. According to her it was “the first home meet” which made her felt more comfortable, and she expressed that “[she] felt like they had good competition”.

    The post Girls Cross Country: Mid-Season Update appeared first on The Blue and Gold.

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    Following the retirement of Superintendent Dr. David DeRuosi, and Dr. Charles Grandson’s stay as Interim Superintendent, the city of Malden’s school committee selected John Oteri for the new Superintendent of Malden Public Schools.  

    A Malden High alum himself, Oteri expressed great happiness to be back in the city. During the election, he was also a candidate to be the Superintendent of Peabody. When asked about the major decision, Oteri explained how “[he felt] it was [his] duty to come back to Malden and give back to the community”.

    Oteri’s overwhelming passion for improving the quality of education for the students of Malden is his goal. He made it clear that Oteri wants MPS teachers to be educators rather than teachers. Referencing a video of a speech made by Comedian, Michael Jr. where he explains how knowing the “why” can broaden the “possibilities of what your ‘what’ can be”, Oteri voiced that educators will help students know their “why”. With much glorification, he claimed “Malden has an excellent school system” and that he wants “Malden Public schools to be the best option for parents to send their children”.

    School committee interviewing one of the final candidates for for Superintendent, Somerville High School’s Headmaster John Oteri. Photo by Rebeca Pereira (Blue and Gold archives 2016-2017).

    Throughout the interview with Oteri, he was very sentimental when expressing the importance of the well-being of all students within the city, When he was a social worker he helped many families and children. In addition, his passion for helping and caring for the Malden student body stems from him “[seeing] a lot of bad” when he was a social worker.

    Going further back, Oteri spoke about how “[he] did not grow up with money”. Essentially, he worked his way up by his own grit, which makes him able to understand some of the stress of having to work a bit harder than others because of his family’s financial status.

    On top of his years as a social worker, he was also a history teacher, and principal for Somerville High School. Now, as superintendent, Oteri has worked his way diligently up the ranks in the school system. Correspondingly, his knowledge from holding different level positions has helped him connect with the faculty of Malden Public Schools as well.

    Being that Malden High School is the most diverse high school in Massachusetts. John Oteri feels that “the diversity [of] Malden High School [has] put the students at a great advantage”.

    One of the history teachers at Malden High School, Ellsworth Fersch seconded the superintendents claim as well, by saying “[it is] incredibly valuable to have people of different backgrounds and beliefs in the same classes and hallways as [each other]”. Fersch added that “[he] thinks the students here are much more open minded and worldly” compared to students who do not come from a school as diverse as Malden High School”.

    Overall, Oteri is looking forward to his new position and being a part of Malden Public Schools.

    The post Superintendent Profile: John Oteri appeared first on The Blue and Gold.

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  • 10/05/17--11:10: Malden High Renovates Pool
  • Over the summer, the pool at MHS was renovated for the first time since it first opened 36 years ago. When asked why the pool was renovated, Assistant Swim Coach Jessica Bisson replied saying “It really needed to be done it because it [had not] been renovated in a few decades.”

    From the end of swim season last year to just before the school year started, the pool has been shut down in order to complete the renovations. Athletic Director Charlie Conefrey said “ [they] shut down the pool right after swim season, and started in May planning.” He went on to explain that it took around 60 days to repaint the pool.

    Conefrey went on to say that there were some challenges they faced when starting the construction . He states that the “timeline was the big challenge from the end of school to start of school, as it was down to the last minute. [He] also faced back ordered and late deliveries.” Finding a good company was also a struggle for them because many were not eager or willing to work for them no matter the budget. That all changed when the school found Rec. Supply who was eager to work with them on this project.

    MHS’ newly renovated pool. Photo by Jesaias Benitez.

    The athletic department is happy to say they are very pleased with the final product. Conefrey stated, that “[he thinks] it came out great and a big thing was the paint chipped off so that made the bottom of the pool have that dirty look because [they were] staring at concrete. Junior swim captain Olivia Forestier said “personally, [she] loves the new pool. [She] thinks this is going to be something very positive for the current and new swimmers.”

    When asked if it would make a difference when swimming in it Senior swim captain, Pete Jinapin said “yes because [he will] feel better about the water [he is] swimming in and this translates well into [his] confidence while racing and practicing.” When asked if the renovations will affect the swim team, Junior swim captain Agatha Silva said “Yes, because the blocks were upgraded and they added touchpads so [they will] have more accurate and hopefully faster times.”

    In the future there will be other renovations and updates. Silva said “[she] hopes they redo the deck and the locker rooms. [She] feels like renovating those will complete the pool and just make everything look nicer.”  Forestier also said that “[she] hopes in the future [they] can look into remodeling the deck and making it available for more people to sit and watch.”

    The deck, the stands, updating the mechanical room, updating the record board, new ladders, and a new  handicap lift are all on the athletic department’s to-do list. Bisson added that this new pool will not only benefit Malden High School students but also our community due to the swim clinic they run every saturday from 9-11 am teaching the community how to swim.

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    Senior Michael Giordano swinging his club. Photo by Ajithaan Sathiyendra.

    Check out the rest of the Golf photos here

    The post Malden vs Revere Golf Match: Photo Gallery appeared first on The Blue and Gold.

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    Junior Kyle O’Brien during a meet. Photo summited by Kyle O’Brien

    Junior Kyle O’Brien is one of the star players on the Malden High School Boys Cross Country team. O’Brien started participating in Cross Country during his freshman year and began running as a junior varsity runner, but also ran a two-mile race as varsity.  

    He started Cross Country due to his friends introducing it to him. During his freshman year, O’Brien struggled for the first few weeks with getting used to the sport after he made it part of his life. However, by his sophomore year, he had already made Cross Country part of his daily lifestyle.

    In the last three years of having meets, O’Brien keeps training and pushing himself to not give up. It taught him life lessons like showing up on time, dedication and hard work ethic. He also expressed that the last three years have been the best years of his life.

    His goals for this year are to once again make states, to have a personal record of 18:30 for the 5K and to have a good winning record overall as a team. When O’Brien graduates from high school, his plans are to continue running for fun and to stay fit.

    Recently, he has improved his personal best for the 3 miles twice in recent meets.  He started at 19:03, then he beat that time with a new time of 18:24 and now his new personal best is 18:03.

    Boys and Girls Cross Country coach Courtney Invernizzi feels that “[O’Brien] is a great athlete to our team.” Invernizzi also feels that O’Brien “has a great work ethic and he is a good leader for our team and that he is very dedicated to running.” Invernizzi also said that O’Brien goes to all the practices on time and is willing to work hard, and he motivates the kids and that he is willing to step up and help out. Invernizzi stated that “[O’Brien] has great potential to get some Personal Bests this season if [he] continues to focus and keep working on athletic form as well as sticking to the running program and not overdoing it in practice.”   

    Invernizzi is looking forward to O’Brien finishing up this season with his fellow teammates and achieving some of his own personal goals and looks forward to having him on the team next year as a senior.  Invernizzi stated that “these cross country runners are very talented athletes and all work hard, but most importantly, [the team works] together as a team and always [demonstrates] great sportsmanship!”

    Juan Buenrostro, a Senior runner on the cross country team feels that O’Brien is a hard worker and that he always tries to do his best. Buenrostro feels that O’Brien “became one of the top 5 because he challenges himself during races by trying to keep up with us.” He also stated that “he’s funny and is a friend to everyone and makes plans with us but when it comes to running he takes things serious.”

    Omar Asousy, another player on the team feels that “Kyle has been working hard since day one.” He has a striving hunger to compete and run. Asousy feels that O’Brien is “one of the few I can count on to put 110% day in and day out.”  As a teammate O’Brien is funny and energetic and fun to be around with him.  Asousy stated “He’s a little kid with a big heart.”

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    Entering her eighth year working at Malden High, another busy year is upon Shereen Escovitz as the new House Principal for Jenkins House,  just after she was selected as the new STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) director last year.

    New Jenkins house principal, Shereen Escovitz. Photo by Jesaias Benitez

    Escovitz’s previous job as STEM director consisted of working with the Kindergarten to twelfth grade at the elementary schools of the Malden Public Schools. With this position, she was involved with the “curriculum and instruction” of students along with gathering the materials they need in order to learn. These materials include necessities for labs and course material for math classes.

    She found the experience of being director a positive and joyful one. as she was able to meet a lot of elementary and middle school teachers and learn about what goes on in the lower grades. But, at the same time, she really wanted to go back to working with students since this position  “doesn’t directly work with kids as much”.

    A big difference that she noticed during the transition from director to House Principal was that she was back to having a routine again. She recalled that back when she was a teacher, she had a classroom and she prepared tasks for the students– there wasn’t much of a routine for STEM considering she was balancing out work in all six schools of the district. Now with the role of House Principal, she can go back to a routine which consists of morning arrivals, signing cut-slips and visiting classrooms.

    During the application process, she felt a good amount of stress as she went through many interviews despite knowing most of the staff. Upon hearing the news of receiving the position of House Principal, Escovitz remembered being “ excited” due to the fact that this was something she desired for such a long time. She implied that this was also a goal that she was trying to reach for quite a time.

    Principal Edward Lombardi was among the group of eight people who were tasked with choosing the new role along with counselors and teachers. He revealed that the process took about six weeks and out of all the participants that they saw, they had to narrow the pool down to just four finalists.  

    Math teacher Aleskandra Kordowska found it to be a “pleasure” working with Escovitz within the math curriculum (Algebra, Geometry) for a year and was impressed at how she engaged the students into listening and respecting her.Three words Kordowska would use to describe Escovitz are “reliable” because of her commitment to getting things done, “consistent” because she has no favoritism among her students and “ held them” to different expectations, and “caring”, as Kordowska states that “[Escovitz] enjoys working with students and you can tell that she really cares about them, individually.”

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    Malden High School’s Girls Soccer team beat Lynn Classical with the score of 1-0 on Tuesday, October 10th. A goal was scored by sophomore Batoul Chouiki and shut out by junior Audree Carleton. The game was held at Pine Banks in Melrose. Throughout the game, the girls played great defense against the opposing team. Both teams played a really well, but MHS was able to shut out Lynn Classical to keep the score of 1-0 throughout the game.

    Up until the second half of the game, Malden had been tied against Lynn Classical but Chouiki scored the winning goal which leading Malden to the win against their opponent Lynn Classical.

    The goalie for the team, Junior Audree Carleton, explained that from her perspective, the team as a whole played as a unit and had good communication. Carleton also added that “[There was] very good passing and overall [they] played like a well-rounded team.”

    In spite of the fact that Carleton played great as a goalie, she explained that in the future, she wants to take more time on her punts to make sure that her team had “more time to set up on the field.” Throughout the game, Carleton had many great saves and was able to keep the ball away from the goal.

    Chouiki, who scored the winning goal, explained that the game went really well for her and the team improved on their passing. Chouiki stated that “[she] felt very good because [she had not] scored in three games and it [brought them] closer to making states.” She continued to explain that something she would have liked for the team to be more aggressive in attack, suggesting that “2-0 is better than 1-0.”

    Lynn Classical played defense well, despite Malden High having a strong offensive team and attacking them everywhere on the field throughout the game. The girls worked together to prevent Lynn Classical from scoring, making Malden up by one.

    Junior Alyne Connick played a great game as well. She had great saves and passes, along with great defense. Connick explained that the team did way better from how they originally started off the season. She implied that the team’s communication and passing, “was on point.”

    The girls played a successful game and had great interactions on the field. The team’s defense is finally on lockdown and this game proved to show that their team has improved.

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    Malden High School Alumna Courtney Invernizzi is back at it again with MHS after 10 years of coaching the Boys Cross-Country team. Invernizzi feels that the team “is a great group of athletes [that] are super friendly and outgoing”. She also feels that they are very hardworking and respectful to everyone around them.

    The MHS Boys Cross Country team has had two losses and four wins with both boys and girls.  Invernizzi stated that “the first meet that [they] lost definitely helped motivate [them] to push harder and going into [their] second meet against Marblehead. The kids proved how talented they were and what’s even greater about this season is [that] they keep rising to the occasion not only improving their running times each race, but showing [their]love for competition by working together as a team. Invernizzi adds that “[She enjoys] coaching [Cross Country] to see how [the team improves] and hearing some of their personal goals in order to know what [they] would like to accomplish by the end of the season. She stated that her “favorite thing about the team is their work ethic and how well [they] work together as a team. [They] have great sportsmanship”.

    Cross Country Coach Courtney Invernizzi before she ran for breast cancer last year. Photo Submitted by Invernizzi

    Formerly, Invernizzi used to run for MHS and has always had the passion for running. “Luckily David Londino, saw the potential [she] had to be a coach and presented the opportunity for [her]. [She is] very thankful for that”. Her first season coaching has been challenging but also rewarding at the same time and Invernizzi is very grateful to coach this group of kids.    

    Growing up Invernizzi loved helping others. She had a great role model, her sister Kateline Invernizzi. “When she started coaching [Invernizzi] knew [she] wanted to follow in her footsteps one day.” Invernizzi went to Salem State University and got a degree in both Education as well as Sociology because she wanted to do something that involved helping others.

    Other than running, some of Invernizzi’s hobbies include weightlifting and baking. She also loves to go hiking in the White Mountains and she also enjoys watching documentaries because “[she] finds them to be very interesting…most importantly [she] loves spending time with my family and friends.”  

    Invernizzi grew up in Malden and has lived here for most of her life. Invernizzi has traveled to many places in the United States and a few places outside of the country. She has been to the Bahamas and Antigua. Invernizzi used to compete in bodybuilding /fitness competitions, she was also on a track club team last year called Boston North. She also used to work in a daycare as a lead infant teacher.  She also enjoys volunteering and donating to foundations. 

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    Dr. Susan Vatalaro has been part of the Beebe School faculty for as long as anybody can remember. After a long era of being such an essential part of the community, Vatalaro has decided to take a well-earned retirement.

    Vatalaro has grown up in our own city of Malden, attending Beebe Junior High School and Malden High School as a child. Because of her Malden background, she lived very similar lives to many of her students, which gave her a better understanding about the students and their families. Vatalaro was always close to all her students; if there was a conflict, she was always willing to listen and help as best as possible.

    The departing of Vatalaro will not only affect Beebe itself, but it will definitely impact the students and its staff. Transitions into such a significant role in a school isn’t simple for the predecessor, as it will leave a big hole to fill.

    “It was not an easy decision, [she] knew that there was never going to be a right time to retire.” Vatalaro said. Since the beginning, she knew she never wanted to end her teaching career, but what contributed to her decision was the fact that she wanted to look for something else in the field of education. Vatalaro “only [wants] the love of education to expand, and overall make school fun for students”. She stated that she “wants [students] to be able to make memories, and share them with their own children”.

    Vatalaro had left a huge effect on the staff at Beebe school. Colleen Clifford, Beebe’s sixth grade English teacher shares how, “putting her students first is [Dr. Vatalaro’s] highest quality. [She] looks outside the box, and isn’t only about academics”. Sixth grade Social Studies teacher Michelle Corbett, says that “[Vatalaro] has kept the school kid-centric and always made sure [her] students were [her] first priority”.

    Sean Weldon is a seventh grade Math teacher, who joined the Beebe faculty in 2013. Weldon stated that Vatalaro has a true love for education and how “[Vatalaro’s] dedication to education influenced [her] success in being a good principal]”. He explained how Vatalaro is a role model for him and how her hard work not only sets an example for teachers like Weldon but for many students as well. In addition, the seventh grade Science teacher, Leslie Morrison, has been able to build up a strong relationship with Vatalaro. Morrison stresses that “because [Vatalaro has] been in Beebe for years, [she] has many connections with [her] students and their  families”.

    “[Vatalaro is] a wonderful principal because [she] honestly cares about the students and has been here for so many generations.” shared Bill Enwright, an eigth grade Social Studies teacher at Beebe. Enwright describes Vatalaro as a very caring person who’s attentive to all the events occurring. Having Vatalaro at the school really “brings to the school and old-school Malden quality” that is hard to come by.

    It’s devastating to have to say goodbye to such an important figure to the Beebe School. The 8th grade class of 2018 will be the last class to graduate with Vatalaro. Eighth grade Beebe student Jordyn Morrissey stated that “Dr. Vatalaro [is] a [great] principal because she was doing many [tasks] that people [wouldn’t normally] think about”. Vatalaro has many objectives on a daily basis, plus she has to worry about managing the whole school and her students.

    Kyle O’Brien, a junior at Malden High, had a pretty close connection with Vatalaro, due to the fact that his mother worked volunteer hours at the Beebe library. O’Brien explained how in the nine years of attending Beebe, he really got to know Vatalaro. “The fact that [Vatalaro] was caring and listened to your side of a story and was always on time and on top of things made [her] a great principal”. He also explained how he will miss having a principal that he could alway talk to even years after he graduated.

    As Vatalaro departs, she leaves her mark on the history of Beebe. She has watched the generations of classes grow and develop to becoming great students. Finding a new principal will be a difficult task, as finding a new important head figure always is. We wish Beebe’s future principal the bestest of luck and we hope that Vatalaro enjoys her well earned retirement.

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    Being a senior has consumed my time with so many academic and extracurricular responsibilities. Along with being the Managing Editor of The Blue and Gold website, which is a commitment in itself, I also have nightly homework, a part-time job, and I am expected to complete college related things to add the icing on top of the cake. I was used to the academic part of my responsibilities for the past few years now, but everything else now just seems to make my school life unbearable.

    Coming home from school for the past three years consisted of me hanging out with friends or my younger brother for a bit before completing any homework. Miraculously, I never went to bed later than 10pm at night. Even with my homework and  time spent socializing, I still had some free time to relax, watch tv, or to spend time with my family.

    With this school year, my daily routines have completely changed. With whatever free time I have, whether it’s lunch or homeroom or after school time, I squeeze in whatever homework I need to get done for the following school day. I find myself rushing out of school as soon as the last bell rings so that I can start my homework as soon as possible. Despite all of this effort, I end up staying up till about 11:00 or 12:00 each night, as well as waking up as early as 5am in the morning to finish what I couldn’t the night before.

    And it’s not just me. All of my fellow seniors are going through the exact same thing. We’re all stressed out and we all are pressured by expectations and responsibilities, both in and out of school. We’ve all been spending so much time on our commitments and less time on our social lives all to prepare and secure our futures.

    Although I hate to see myself and my peers so stressed out, I feel like it is the common feeling we are all having that brings me confidence and happiness in this really hard time in my life. In other words, it’s like I have a community to support and to support me in this really busy year. We are all struggling. We can’t change that, and we shouldn’t dwell about it. Instead, we should find comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

    In this stressful time for seniors, it is very important to not only support others, but also to support ourselves. After a long week of college application deadlines, extracurriculars and homework, start a new series on Netflix. Call a friend and ask how they’re doing. Read a book. Try a new hobby. While this is an important time for seniors to prepare for their future, it is still a time for us to have fun and enjoy being in high school. We’re still kids, after all, and we might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

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    Junior Christopher D’Entremont has been on the Boys Cross Country team since his freshman year. He recalls that was introduced to the sport by “a former senior that volunteered at a track program [he] did in middle school.”  His personal record for the 5K 19:24.  

    D’Entremont says that his goals for the season are “to continue to get personal records and to try to be more involved in the team.” He feels that his strengths are working well with others on the team and, his weaknesses are that he gets easily injured.  D’Entremont’s plans for after high school will “most likely include the computer science field, and [he has] been thinking if [he wants] to continue [his] Cross Country career outside of high school.” He chose this sport because he felt like he needed something extra rather than just going to school, he feels that “practices have been mixed, with some being challenging, and others being easier.” D’Entremont feels that compared to freshman year he has made progress, even though it’s not as much as he had been hoping for. He stated that he is “looking forward to the indoor track season, and [he hopes] to continue improving for next year.”

    Christopher D’Entremont in his cross country sweater before a practice. Photo submitted by Christopher D’Entremont.

    Junior Kyle O’Brien has been a teammate of D’Entremont since their freshman year.. O’Brien feels that D’Entremont is a “great, funny, kind hearted kid, who puts in work all of the time and [D’Entremont] is determined to get back on top so [he] pushes [himself] everyday at practice.” O’Brien also feels that D’Entremont works hard and he puts in a lot of work ethic by always being on time.  O’Brien lastly feels that “[D’Entremont] is a great friend and a real nice kid.”

    Boys and Girls Cross Country coach Courtney Invernizzi feels that D’Entremont is a wonderful athlete to have on the team, as he is a very hard worker who comes to every practice on time and is always following workouts as instructed by the coaches. Invernizzi states that “[D’Entremont] steps up when [it is] time to compete and always gives 110 percent. [He] is kind hearted and is always helping out his other teammates. [He] shows great work ethic and determination.” Invernizzi looks forward to having having him back next year for his senior year because he is a consistently shows his role model abilities to a lot of new comers on the team. Invernizzi feels that if D’Entremont “keeps focusing on improving and working with [his] teammates during races, [he] has potential to do really well by the end of the season.”

    All in all, Invernizzi sees D’Entremont as “a great member of [the team]. [D’Entremont] is always someone who can be counted on and displays the traits of a great runner. [He] keeps a positive attitude and shows great sportsmanship to [his] own teammates as well as other team runners.” She feels that if D’Entremont keeps working hard and maintains his positive mindset, he will do really well and will make a lot more improvement. Lastly, Invernizzi states that “It would be great to see [D’Entremont] get his personal best times by the end of the season and to keep training off season so [he] will be able to have an even greater season [his] senior year.“


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    Freshman Kenny Nguyen is a player on the Malden High’s Field Hockey Junior Varsity team. Nguyen is a hard worker and is always encouraging his teammates. He is a competitive player who found his passion for field hockey through his interest in sports.

    Nguyen is one of the few boys on the field hockey team and he does not feel any pressure because of the bond the team has. Nguyen definitely plans on playing the sport throughout high school, and hopes to make it to varsity.

    Field Hockey player Freshman Kenny Nguyen. Photo by Angelina Prum.

    Nguyen’s teammate Senior Audrey Goon states that Nguyen has contributed a lot to the team and that he has adapted very well to the sport. Nguyen was described to be a valuable asset to the field hockey team. Nguyen has scored many times and has great potential for next years’ season. He still continues on improving his skills.

    Captain Junior Queenie Dang states that Nguyen is a fast learner and his ability has made him more comfortable on the field. Dang believes that in the brief time she has known Nguyen she feels that they have made a good bond and they are getting along well. Nguyen is proud of his season performance but hopes to improve on his communication skills. Nguyen feels as he is always hardworking and strives to push himself to the limit each game. When asked about the season Nguyen stated “This season has been rough and has been fun and all the other teammates have played hard and worked hard”. Nguyen would recommend field hockey to his friends.

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