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Malden High School's Official Newspaper

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    With the wrestling season over, Woosbed Pierre-Rene, better known as Johnny, begins his road to valediction from his home of 4 years, Malden High School. As his time at MHS comes to an end, Pierre-Rene admits he will miss the establishment dearly.

    Pierre-Rene confesses that school “was a struggle” because he found it difficult, but be that as it may, he proudly says that he “never stopped trying his best.” Though, he could not do it alone, as he greatly praised his teacher Ashley Freeman, due she being “there for [him] throughout the year,” serving as [his] motivation to get his diploma and work so hard in the classroom.

    While Pierre-Rene was the captain of the wrestling team, being fundamental to the team, Pierre-Rene was also a core member of the MHS football team, playing right guard, and more notably, nose guard. As Pierre-Rene graduates this year, he expresses his love for the football team, saying how he will “miss the team dinners and looking forward to the Thanksgiving game every year.” The memories of “lifting with the boys” and going to practice everyday, whether it was for football or wrestling, will stay dear to Pierre-Rene.

    As for future aspirations, Pierre-Rene is “currently unsure of what [he] wants to do” but looks at law enforcement as a possibility. Playing under head football coach Joseph Pappagallo, truly shaped Pierre-Rene since, although uncertain as what college he will attend, Pierre-Rene genuinely hopes to be able to continue football wherever he ends up, since for him, “[football is not] just a sport; [it is] a lifestyle.”

    Pierre-Rene expresses his love of being a MHS student-athlete. While wrestling is not in his plans for the future, Pierre-Rene conveys his gratitude toward the sport as it is the reason he worked out so much that he “got so big.” It also helped his leadership skills, as he has had to lead his team, along with co-captain Ahern, to become better wrestlers.

    Pierre-Rene is truly appreciative of the his time at MHS. For Pierre-Rene, this “experience has been a very rewarding one that has honestly shaped [him] to become the man he is now.” Wherever Pierre-Rene goes from here on out, MHS is truly proud of him and his accomplishments.


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  • 02/26/15--08:35: Locking Down the Competition
  • As the season has come to a close, the wrestlers of Malden High School bid farewell to their singlets and the mats. The team is coached by Jeremiah Smith, who is also the MHS Varsity boys soccer team. When asked which sport he prefers, Smith responded, saying that “they [do not] really compare because soccer is such a team sport [while] wrestling is completely the opposite [as it is] all about the individual.”

    Senior Shaun Ahern pinning down his opponent.

    Senior Shaun Ahern pinning down his opponent.

    Seniors Johnny Pierre-Rene & Shaun Ahern are the captains of the team who, according to Smith, “provide good strong leadership” and without them “[they would not be]…where [they] are.” Smith admits the team has always “struggled with numbers,” but Pierre-Rene “feel[s] this season has had more guys participate” than in years past. Pierre-Rene has felt good about the season as everyone “listened to the coach” and “respected the captains,” as “they are the biggest,” Pierre-Rene jokingly added.

    While the team struggled in the team competitions, Smith felt MHS has wrestlers “that are really successful in their own weight classes” in the individual part of the season. The team is full of “hard working guys that [are] dedicated to the sport and to themselves,” says Smith as he explains that “wrestling is of those unique sports where [it is] really about the individual rather than the team aspect.

    With this being captain Pierre-Rene’s final year as a MHS wrestler, which he has been for all 4 years of high school, he feels grateful for the all the experience and technique he has gained. As captain, his goal was to “have the whole team improve individually,” and for himself, he wished to win Sectionals, which he proudly did, achieving first place.

    As the season is over, the captains and the rest of the seniors have experienced their final year of high school wrestling. Pierre-Rene is proud to have led the team this year and glad his co-captain, Ahern, was leading it right with him, saying how 

    Ahern was “very good [as] he had a lot of techniques that [he did not] even know,”

    Leaving the team and school is tough on captain Pierre-Rene, as he is going to miss the memories he has made with his team. From “beating up the coach” to ”messing around with the lightweights, Pierre-Rene made his mark on the team.

    Smith is a very able coach, but is not without his own sentiments as he has enjoyed mentoring the athletes this season. For coach Smith, the “come-from-behind victory” against Saugus came to mind instantly when reminiscing his favorite moments this year for the team.  On that night, in order to win, the team “needed to win the last three matches” in order to defeat the Saugus Sachems. To Smith, that win was the most impressive of the season. Smith is very proud to have coached the MHS wrestling team. That pride is well-placed as senior captains Pierre-Rene and Ahern, and junior DJorggenson Exilhomme made it to the 2015 Wrestling Divisional States.

    With the captains and seniors leaving this year, the underclassman have to step up to fill in the shoes left behind by the graduating class. As captains, for the future of the program, Pierre-Rene and Ahern hope for “someone good to take [their] spot [and for] everyone to take wrestling more seriously.”


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    Senior Victor Hannafin leading the pact. Photo by Piero Pocobene.

    Senior Victor Hannafin leading the pact. All photos by Piero Pocobene.

    Teamwork and perseverance have allowed the Malden High School girls track team to continue their undefeated streak. Both this year and last year, the team has been named Greater Boston League champions and have not suffered one loss.

    Under the guidance of their head coaches David Londino and Jayson Payeur, teamwork has been drilled into the mindsets of the high school track members, which can easily be identified as one of the main ingredients to their success.

    With so many students on the team, it is essential to remember that “every member of the team is extremely important to achieve the goal,” expressed junior Deborah Kibazo. The goal being to continue having undefeated seasons and to clinch onto the GBL championship title.

    A recent and very useful addition to the team has been coach Chris Kaulbfleisch, who works mainly with the throwers on both the guys and the girls side. Coach “K” “helped form a second family [no one] saw coming,” expressed junior candidate and shot put thrower Carly Amos.

    Coach “K” has helped make throwing a much more essential and enjoyable part of the track team. Amos stated that “[Coach ‘K’] is always honest with [the throwers] and someone [they] can trust.”

    In order to acquire the GBL title, the girls had to beat Everett, Medford, and Somerville, although the season as a whole consisted of many more team and individual meets.

    Senior Chrislande Joseph identifies Somerville as the toughest team in the league to beat due to the fact that they are “a really strong team with lots of talent,” but she had trust that the whole team would perform to their best ability, which is exactly what happened.

    On Feb. 11, 2015, several girls from the team represented MHS at the states competition which was held at the Reggie Lewis Center. Senior Amalika Lucien qualified to compete in the 55 meter dash, along with junior Carine Exume. Exume also qualified to run in the 300 meter race. Freshman Rachel Eaglin qualified to compete in the high jump competition. A 4 by 200 meter relay, made up of sophomore Taymise Sanders, Lucien, junior Marie Sylvain, and Exume, ran at the states meet. Along with this relay, a 4 by 400 meter relay qualified to race, which consisted of Joseph, Eaglin, junior Gillian Willcox, and freshman Alexandria Russo.

    Senior Helen Chin sprints off the start line alongside team members juniors Deborah Kibazo and Marly Loreus, racing against Somerville and Medford runners.

    Senior Helen Chin sprints off the start line alongside team members juniors Deborah Kibazo and Marly Loreus, racing against Somerville and Medford runners.

    Among those girls, Exume moved on to the All States competition which was held on Feb. 22, 2015.

    Senior Victoria Hannafin’s running abilities and passion for the sport have allowed her to become a leader on the team. With this being Hannafin’s last indoor season with MHS, she describes it as “surreal…but [she would not] have wanted it to end any other way.”

    As the girls felt the pressure to perform even better than they did last season, the “strong sense of teamwork,” said Kibazo, is what allowed them to come out on top once again.“Replenishment of talent and continuous hard work” are the two reasons Coach Londino feels for the back-to-back undefeated seasons.

    Now that the indoor season has come to a close, a majority of the team will be preparing for the outdoor season. With momentum and motivation to receive the GBL title for the outdoor season as well, the track team will surely deliver impressive outcomes in the season to come.

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    With all the snow accumulation over the past few weeks, there will be many days stuck inside and not knowing what to do with yourself. Watching Netflix or renting some movies will be something that many people will be doing. For those who do not know what to watch over a snowy weekend, here are suggestions for any type of movie watcher.

    Craving something that is more on the horror side? A great movie to watch would be Dracula Untold (2014). As a different take on the original story of the famous vampire, Shkelgim (played by Zach McGowan) takes up a deal with the creature who everyone calls “the son of the devil”: Dracula. In an effort to save his son, he declares war on the army of the kingdom. It has a great mix of action, horror, and just a touch of romance between the main characters.

    Those who like action better, however, would like the movie 3 Days To Kill (2014). It is the perfect dose of action with plenty of humor so that it is not too heavy. A dying man named Ethan Runner (played by Kevin Costner) said he was done with the job, and wanted to focus on getting everything taken care of before he died, especially with his family. However, when a young, high level agent named Vivi Delay (played by Amber Heard) comes to him with an opportunity for a drug that could save his life, he takes it. With a great plot from the start, this movie can definitely fulfill that need for a good action movie.

    However, you do need to get those laughs in, so a highly suggested comedy movie would be Anger Management (2003). It is a comedy movie that might be over the line at some points, still gets the giggles. When Dave Buznik (played by Adam Sandler) is signed up for a session of anger management classes, he thought for sure that he would get through it easily, and possibly end the time early. However, when things do not work in his favor, he ends up deeper in the class than he thought. When his therapist is sent to live with him, he realizes that the man who is supposed to help him has some anger issues of his own. This movie has a good sense of humor with just a dash of romance.

    Finally, if you actually are into the romantic movies around the time when they should be, If I Stay (2014) is a great movie to watch to satisfy the craving for some romance and drama. This movie shows the story of a romance between Mia Hall (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) and Adam Wilde (played by Jamie Blackley) after a catastrophic car accident. Plagued by the loss of her family in the accident, Mia debates between finding a life beyond the living, or stay for Adam and her love of music. This movie is very romantic and can draw tears to anyone’s eyes, possibly even more than The Notebook.

    Hopefully these suggestions keep you busy over the weekends filled with mounds of snow outside.


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    Senior Kingdolph Julien.

    Senior Kingdolph Julien.

    As the indoor track season ends so does senior Kingdolph Julien’s indoor career. A well rounded student-athlete, Julien is very involved in the atmosphere at Malden High School.

    Julien has lived in Malden for five years. Coming from a family of four other siblings, Julien is fully capable of being a part of a team.  Along with his four years of track, Julien has taken a part of the MHS boys soccer team since sophomore year. Fellow teammate on both the track and soccer team Gutémberg Peixoto Dos Santos describes Julien as “an extremely talented individual.”

    While reminiscing his track career Julien explains how “[the] experience was pretty enjoyable.” Throughout his career he was able “to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends.” Julien claimed that “[during track he] worked hard to achieve [his] goals.” When asked what his most memorable moment was, Julien explained how this past season he was a part of the boys 4×400 meter relay that faced off against Somerville at one of the teams last duel meets. The relay was the last event and MHS win depended on the victory of the relay. Julien was a key runner on the team, and described by teammate Mark Ortiz by “it just comes naturally [to Julien], but he still works hard because he constantly wants to improve.”

    While finishing off his high school career, Julien hopes to attend college this upcoming fall. As he is waiting to hear back from Roxbury college, Boston College, and University of Massachusetts in Lowell, Julien hopes to study psychology. He stated that “[his] only hope in the future is to be somebody and enjoy [his] life to the fullest.” Julien advises to other high schoolers to “work hard and challenge [himself]” as well as “the harder [one] works the better the outcome.” As Julien ends his high school career he will be deeply missed here a MHS.

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    Sophomore Hamza Rizancevic sprints ahead Medford competitor in the 300 meter race.

    Sophomore Hamza Rizancevic sprints ahead Medford competitor in the 300 meter race. All photos by Piero Pocobene.

    Despite all of the weather complications over the past month and a half , the Malden High School boys indoor track team were able to come out on top with their second consecutive Greater Boston League title this season. The team is lead by coach David Londino and  assistant coaches Jason Payeur and Chris Kalbfleisch. The boys have had an undefeated season with a record of 5-0, with strong defeats against Somerville, Everett, and Medford.

    Side by side

    Juniors Jonathan Solomon and Angus Mo race alongside one another.

    Other than the various snow days that resulted in cancellations of multiple meets and practices, the team faced another piece of adversity. Many of the runners became sick in the duration of the season. Senior shot put thrower Mark Ortiz claimed that “many of [the] best athletes were out for a while, but [the team] managed to hold off and step up to fill [their] positions.”

    The majority of the boys agreed that the highlight of the season was their meet against Somerville. The Highlanders gave the Tornadoes tough competition resulting in an extremely close meet that came down to the last event. The 4×400 meter relay was the winning event for MHS. The relay consisted of senior Kingdolph Julien, junior Gutémberg Peixoto Dos Santos, and sophomores Hamza and Haroun Ahmed. Santos stated that “[he] was confident” going into the race, “[he] knew what [he] had to do to win.”

    After the initial season was over, the season was not over for six of the boys. The state meet was held Feb.12, 2015 at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. Ortiz placed 5th in the boys shot put and junior Allen Liang placed 17th. The 4×200 meter relay consisting of Ahmed, Julien, senior Jodens Didie, and junior Mirkens Paul placed 19th. Ortiz moved onto All-States, which “came as a major surprise [to him].”

    Saturday, Feb. 22, 2015 Ortiz performed at the All-State meet, where he broke his personal record by over three feet and qualified for New Englands. When asked on his coach’s advice Ortiz explained how “Coach K has helped me throughout the whole season adjusting my throw, making me stronger, and just being there for me.” The guidance of K has helped Ortiz “tap into [his] full potential.” As Ortiz moves onto New Englands that take place this Friday, Feb. 27, 2015, the entire team

     Malden runner sprints off the starting block of the 55m dash against competitors.

    Malden runner sprints off the starting block of the 55m dash against competitors.

    is behind him supporting and cheering him on.

    As for the team, the season was one that they will never forget, as they continue to be as successful as ever. With high hopes to continue their reign of GBL champs into the outdoor season, the majority of the runners and throwers continue to practice for the upcoming spring season.

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    Senior Son Nguyen initially joined the gymnastics team due to being “intrigued by flips and tricks” and “stoked” to find a sport that involved that and would “improve his breakdancing.” As he has become more involved in the team he has found that he loves many aspects of gymnastics. In fact, Nguyen’s favorite part about gymnastics is that he is always “learning something new” whether it is “on the vault, bars,” or just learning to be “a better teammate [and] gymnast.”

    Senior Son Nguyen posing for his senior profile for gymnastics.

    Senior Son Nguyen posing for his senior profile for gymnastics.

    Although gymnastics may not be a prominent part of his future it has given Nguyen a “great learning experience,” that has positively affected his life and his dancing. However, he is sad to be leaving and will miss “seeing the teams progress.” He also will miss his team, which he says is “filled with extraordinary girls.” According to Nguyen the team is “supportive of whatever anyone is working on” and they are always “glad to help one another improve on their skills.” He admits that he “adore[s] each and everyone of them” and is “truly glad to be able to call them [his] teammates.”

    Nguyen says Coach James and Coach Whitney are “really fantastic people.” He says Coach James is someone who “believes anyone can do anything as long as hard work is put into it.” He says that she pushes you “to your limit,” always wanting you to “do your best” and to “try new things,” helping you succeed. Coach Whitney as well is “extremely devoted,” to “helping the entire team improve” and always helps makes sure everything is ready for competitions. Nguyen wants to sincerely thank the coaches for all their hard work and dedication to helping him and the team improve.

    For anyone who might be interested in doing gymnastics in the future, Nguyen says that they should be, “confident,” and “have fun with it!” Although the events may “look intimidating,” you just have to “push yourself,” to try new things. If not, then you will “miss out” on some “great experiences.”

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  • 03/03/15--08:20: Reaching Bars of Success
  • Kiley Ruelle nailing a flip on her floor routine. All photos by Piero Pocobene.

    Kiley Ruelle nailing a flip on her floor routine. All photos by Piero Pocobene.

    As the gymnastics season comes to a close, the athletes continue to work hard and bring their skill and determination to all of their meets. This year, the Malden High School gymastics team is being led by junior co-captains Jessica Munroe and Kiley Ruelle.

    Munroe says that the team and the coach have been “working really hard this season to prepare and improve the team.” Munroe states that this season, everyone has “put in so much work” and have “improved themselves no matter their skill level.”

    This year the team has performed very well, all due to the hard work and goal setting done by the team and the coach at practices. “At  practice,” Munroe says, “[they] have a set list of workouts that they plan for every event to help [them] to improve [their] skills.” Ruelle agrees that setting goals is a “great way to perfect all of [their] skills and make sure [their] routines are constantly improving.”

    The team also continues to support and be there for each other during practices and meets. One example of that, according to Munroe, is “whenever a team member accomplishes a goal at practice, the whole team stands to watch and clap and congratulate them.”

    Ruelle affirms that the team “supports each other constantly” and that they have “tons of bonding moments at practices and meets,” making the sport itself even more enjoyable.

    Gymnastics coach Vanessa James is also an immense supporting figure to the students on the team. Ruelle expresses that James is “working really hard to make sure everyone is ready for each

    Junior Sabrina Harrath doing a handstand.

    Junior Sabrina Harrath doing a handstand.

    competition,” and that she is proud of “how far [they’ve] come since the first meet.”

    Munroe also agrees that Coach James has been “very supportive of all of [them]” and is “proud of [their] achievements so far.” According to Ruelle it is also nice to have a coach who is “fun and that [they] can talk to and feel comfortable around.”

    Even against some of their greatest competitors, the MHS gymnastics team has been very “successful this season in improving [their] all around team score every meet.” As always the team continues to excel in competitions.

    According to Munroe she and the team feel that “competitions are fun and exciting,” since the team gets to “show off all of the things [they have] worked hard for all season.” Ruelle also feels it is also important to “watch what other gymnasts do so [they] can improve [their] routines.”

    Junior captain Jessica Munroe doing a cartwheel.

    Junior captain Jessica Munroe doing a cartwheel.

    Although last year there were more gymnasts who had a good amount of gymnastics experience and training, this year the new members have stepped up to fill those positions. Munroe admits that “[she is] impressed and proud of how well the team has improved” and how they have “come together despite their lack of experience.” Ruelle wholeheartedly agrees that the “new gymnasts on the team improve [with] each competition,”and that it is “impressive to watch” those who have “never done gymnastics before, work so hard and get better and better throughout the season.”

    The team continues to do better through hard work and determination during practice and competitions.” Ruelle has seen that, “Every meet, [the] team score gets higher and higher,” and she continues to be, “really proud of everyone.” She, Munroe, Coach James, and the rest of the team couldn’t be more excited to see what next year brings.

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  • 03/04/15--07:09: Paper Towns Book Review
  • The cover of Paper Towns written by John Green. Photo from Wikimedia.

    The cover of Paper Towns written by John Green. Photo from Wikimedia.

    Paper Towns, published in September of 2009 and written by bestselling author John Green, follows the story of Quentin Jacobsen, or “Q”, a very thoughtful, somewhat nerdy boy who is trying to reach out and grab life however he can. He is infatuated by Margo Roth Spiegelman, an unattainable girl. Margo is unpredictable and full of beaming charm. She feels too much and is never really seen for who she is, but rather, for who everyone wants her to be.

    In the book, Quentin has spent most of his life enamored with Margo from a distance. One night, Margo climbs through his window and asks for help on a revenge drive. She plans to get revenge on everyone who has hurt her over the past year. The two stay out until dawn, pranking everyone who presumably deserves it, from Margo’s ex-boyfriend to the high school bully. After they have avenged everyone, they break into Sea World and Quentin believes their friendship has been revived, however the next morning he discovers that Margo has disappeared, with no sign of where she may have gone.

    As the story progresses, Quentin is presented with several clues to where Margo has gone that she left behind for him, such as a poem, a map, and others. Quentin and his friends, Ben, Radar, and Lacey, all skip their high school graduation to take a nineteen hour road trip in attempt to find Margo. As they begin to run out of clues, Quentin’s friends slowly give up, however he would stop at nothing to find Margo again.

    Paper Towns tells a story about blind love and the chase after what one wants in life. If you enjoyed Green’s Looking For Alaska, you will love this book. The story is mysterious and keeps you on your toes as more is revealed about Margo’s disappearance. The story also has romance between Quentin and Margo. It is witty and comical, the way Green’s writing typically is. Although the plot is extraordinary, all of the characters are relatable and represent real, normal teenagers. Paper Towns is recommended for any reader, because it has a little bit of many genres mixed in.

    The Paper Towns movie is being directed by Jake Schreier through the production company Temple Hill Productions and will be released in the USA on June 5th, 2015.

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    First of all,

    Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and spread the word! We truly appreciate it.

    Since we launched our project, the staff got in contact with several alumni of The Blue and Gold newspaper. Our intention is to get a better idea of what the school, and Malden in general, were like through first person perspectives. We’ve remained in close alliance with the Alumni Association, who have been a crucial part of our campaign because of  their vast resources.

    We have less than a month to reach our fundraising goal. Please continue to spread the word for us and help inspire people to donate to our project.

    With Gratitude,

    Sumya Mohiuddin

    James Mazarakis

    Casey Lyons

    Amanda DeMoraes


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    Senior captain Samantha Drapinski passing the ball to another teammate. Photo by Piero Pocobene.

    Samantha Drapinski is one of the few seniors on the Malden High School girls basketball team. As she bids her farewell to her last high school basketball season, Drapinski has made her mark here at MHS.

    Being on the basketball team for all her four years of high school, Drapinski thoroughly enjoys the sports and the environment. She commented that “even though this [past] season didn’t end in a good outcome, [the team] still stayed positive and worked hard throughout the season.”

    In addition to playing basketball, Drapinski is apart of the girls soccer team as well. Being on the team for all four years of her high school career, Drapinski claimed that “[her] teammates were really supportive.” Although at the beginning of her freshman year Drapinski contemplating playing field hockey instead, she realized that she wanted to play soccer after attending captains practices.

    Adding on to her athletics, Drapinski is a part of the play production here at MHS. Although not an actress on stage, Drapinski claims “[she] doesn’t like being the center of attention [so she] helps behind the scenes with decorating the sets and props.” Drapinski enjoys art as well. This year Drapinski was awarded with her first silver key at the scholastic art awards which is a reward to talented artists that only a selected few win.

    In the upcoming fall Drapinski hopes to study occupational therapy. She plans to “help people maintain their normal lifestyle after illness or injury.” Drapinski has applied to Bay Path University, Salve Regina College, St. Michaels College, and Nazareth College. With her acceptance and decision to attend Bay Path University in the fall of 2015, Drapinski looks forward to helping people. 

    As Drapinski bids her farewells to her final basketball season, she looks forward to finishing her high school career here at MHS on a great note.

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  • 03/04/15--08:34: Clearing the Court
  • The Malden High School girls basketball team is pushing through the last game of this winter season proving their impressive work ethic and determination. Led by senior captains Jaime MacDonald and Michaela Ilebode, the players are continuing to give it their all, focusing not only on the numbers on the final scoreboard, but on bettering themselves as teammates.

    Having been victorious over Somerville and East Boston, the team is looking forward to ending the season on a positive note. To sum up the girls basketball team in two words, sophomore Caitlyn Leonard feels that her term deserves to be called “hard working.”

    Senior captain Michaela Ilebode passes the ball to senior Samantha Drapinski. All photos by Piero Pocobene.

    Senior captain Michaela Ilebode passes the ball to senior Samantha Drapinski. 

    Leonard states that he teammates always “pick each other up and push each other to get better”. The girls do not only share a love for the sport, but also have created a powerful bond. Rather than being friends, they are more like a family. Ilebode explains how being part of this team is not about how many times you win or you lose, “[it is] about the bonds you make that will last a lifetime”.

    The team consists of one freshman, two sophomores, two juniors and five seniors. “Being underclassmen to the team,” states sophomore Medjina Occean “means that there are those who are willing to step up”. A lot of pressure comes with being a new face not only to the high school, but to the team. But talent is not defined by age, rather than by determination and the amount of effort you are willing to put to reach as high as you can.

    Teamwork is a large factor in basketball, and without communication and a good relationship between teammates, the team would not be able to succeed.The players “have to work together,” says Leonard,”and it has to be complete team effort”. Chemistry between teammates allows for a great season. Occean expresses that “when you give up on yourself, it not only affects you but your teammates also”.

    Senior Captain Jaime MacDonald lays the ball up against East Boston.

    Senior Captain Jaime MacDonald lays the ball up against East Boston.

    Off the court, the team shares a great bond. On the court, the team wishes to, “talk more on defense and offense, because communication is key in basketball,” as stated by Leonard. It is a team sport, rather than individual effort. Occean says that, “it takes each and every single individual,” to succeed, considering the fact that it takes “effort and trust to make a team”.

    Practicing hard will allow for a successful season, and the team has given their best to achieve all their goals, and learn new skills that can be applied not only to the sport, but to life. The team brings their best to every game and practice, and it always reflects on how everything turns out.

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    Senior profile on Fabian Prince-Hernandez.

    Senior profile on Fabian Prince-Hernandez.

    What was it like playing basketball at MHS?

    It was difficult at times because I had to make my way up to varsity and then make my way up to the starting line up, then that’s when all the fun started. I honestly wish we were more disciplined,  we could have made it to the playoffs.

    How long have you played basketball? What made you play?

    I started playing sophomore year on junior varsity then was moved up to the varsity team. To be real [Former MHS student] Anthony Gilardi, he told me to try out, I never balled like that so I thought I’d never make it.

    What was your favorite thing about being on the team?

    Finally dropping 25 points against Everett High School my senior year, we lost but I did my best. Also kids I would have never known became my brothers.

    What are your plans for after high school?

    I’m trying to make music. 110% anything music related, after my last game I was in the studio from 10 pm to 5 pm the next day game ended at 9.

    What advice would you give to the underclassmen on and off the court?

    On the court GET BUCKETS! But always play defense or you’ll never win and keep your cool. Off the court, keep your GPA high. Never fail off, always respect every teacher and student in that school because you represent the school.

    Who(at MHS) has had a big impact on your life? Why?

    I’m going to have to say Mr. Valente. He showed me that you don’t have to be the same boring teacher everyday just to teach, he showed me creativity in the classroom.

    What will you miss the most about MHS? And about the basketball season?

    Just the people in the halls, all my friends are too funny. For the season, I’ll miss that crowd and my brothers that wear the jersey with me.

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    It was hard to enjoy the numerous snow days since our plans to provide an earlier February issue were obliterated. Our newer plans were pointless after about ten seconds of making them as more storms came around. Through compromise and schedule conflicts, a February Sports Edition was born. The snow may have ruined our plans, but we were allowed to dwell in our creative process. If the snow days harmed our plans as a single class, it is scary to think about the ripple throughout the city.

    The students were starting to think that they would continue the school year without a snow day, until right after midterm week. The possibility of a snow day was introduced, and soon pupils of all ages came together to hope for more time to procrastinate on the thing that could wait another day. A snow day has the power to extinguish a student’s motivation, and with the lack of full weeks and the chance of more snow, who can blame them?

    The snow started piling- it was relentless, blinding. Soon, Mayor Gary Christenson tweeted “No school for the rest of the week! #JanuaryVacation,” which spanned from Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 to the following Monday. This was only the beginning.

    The snow days gave students a chance to breathe after the intense week of exams and the end of quarter two. Were the students going to be productive during the week long break? Probably not. But there was not much that could be done. Teachers had to alter their teaching schedules, and accommodate for the three, (later five), consecutive snow days. However, the problem became more than just rescheduling when the school reached a total of seven snow days.


    Driving to school is hard with the bumpy roads and worsened traffic. However, walking is abominable. Sidewalks were left unshoveled, but not due to lack of maintenance, but rather the abundance of such unorthodox snow. Cities in Massachusetts rarely experience such high levels of precipitation, but the efforts to clean were made a priority. Very few accommodations were made, but the students (and teachers) of Malden trudged on. Currently, the ice froze over  after it melted, making the walk to school in a slippery and dangerous mess.

    Because life involves more than homeroom and core classes, getting to school was not the only problem regarding transportation. The MBTA is still recovering from the mess that the snow made, and it will take a few more weeks for it to be fully functional, only if there are no more snowstorms. At this point, MBTA goers stopped questioning the state of the entire system, and instead started questioning their insanity.

    Budget cuts.

    Cleaning the snow after at least two severe snowstorms is costly, and there is uncertainty whether or not the high school will directly suffer. The answer, as of right now, is no – the high school’s finances are not affected by the snow. Cleaning snow off the road and areas around the city, such as city hall, the library, the senior city, is the responsibility of the city, and the high school, as well as every other school in Malden, have no part in the snow removal process.

    The beginning of January felt like a sweet promise to “every Mayor in Massachusetts” because the idea of snow was nonexistent, and finally, the money for snow removal could have been used for other days, which Superintendent David DeRuosi commented on. However, because this dream ended with feet-high snow banks, the budget for each city changed. Malden, specifically, will not know its official budget until Charlie Baker, the new governor of Massachusetts, releases the contents of Chapter 70, a program that distributes money to K-12 public education equally to attempt quality education for all.

    Mayor Gary Christenson was able to give me more of an idea of what the city is going through. He mentions Bob Knox, the Public Works Director, who, in his 21 years, “has never seen back-to-back 20 inch storms before.” The city estimates that the cost of the snow will be approximately one-million dollars, “which includes staff, contractors, salt, snow removal services, etc,” but the city will be “reimbursed roughly 75 percent for the first storm.” The costs will not affect the high school.

    Malden’s superintendent believes “[everyone involved in the upheaval of snow needs] to move forward as a district.”   

    Future weather conditions.

    Predicting the weather is never an exact science, but it is clear that the amount of snow that fell during the previous weeks is an abnormal sight. It may be too soon to tell if this is an extreme and harmful weather condition, but according to Environmental teacher Kathleen Maglio, “climate change models have predicted more extreme weather events.” We may not have seen the end of snow.

    If the citizens and council leaders lacked the patience they so successfully showed, Malden would still be in ruins. The snow surprised us all, and hopefully it will leave us to recover.

    0 0

    Junior Jorge Salgado drives into the paint against Everett

    Junior Jorge Salgado drives into the paint against Everett

    As the last buzzer went off, three seniors hang up their Malden High School jerseys for the last time. Senior captains Rakeem Langston and Isaac Bethea alongside senior Fabian Price-Hernandez left the court against Somerville on Feb. 20 for the last time wearing blue and gold.

    The team started the season off like every team wants, winning their first three straight games, turning that to winning four of their first five games. Then the team hit a few bumps along the way and had a rocky season, losing their last seven games of the season. Bringing them to 1-5 in the Greater Boston League, tied with Medford High School for last place.

    Although the teams record did not show it, the team had the heart of underdogs shown through their lead scorers Langston and GBL All-Star junior Mark Rogers. Both put on a show every game they played and were great role models on and off the court to their teammates.

    MHS fell short by three games to make the state tournament for the third year in a row. This is only the fourth time in the twelve seasons the team did not make the tournament under head coach Don Nally.

    Although the season did not go as planned, Bethea learned that “no matter how much potential you have as a team you have to play every

     Junior Mark Rogers dribbles the ball up the court.

    Junior Mark Rogers dribbles the ball up the court.

    game with your all and not to play to your opponents potential”

    However, this team now has tons of potential for the next few seasons, since the team consists of almost all underclassmen. Including Rogers and rising star sophomore Nate Ilebode who both returned to the varsity team this season.

    Ilebode stated that “next season [they] have to come out with a bang. Stronger mentally and physically, and have to play every game like its the last.” His favorite memory from this season was playing at Salem State against Lynn Classical high school, MHS left with the win. “It was a great atmosphere and it was fun” says Ilebode. The biggest obstacle the team needs to overcome is to work harder when facing adversity whether it is in a game or in preparation for a game.

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  • 03/06/15--10:21: Harper Lee’s New Book
  • Image taken from USA Today.

    Image taken from USA Today.

    After 50 years of dormancy, critically acclaimed author Harper Lee is apparently going back to the printing press with a new book. The 88 year old author rocked the foundation of American society with her Pulitzer Prize winning novel To Kill A Mockingbird, in which she explores the complicated system of race relations and the role they play in the legal system. The novel, titled Go Set A Watchman, is a “sort-of sequel” to To Kill A Mockingbird, in which Scout, the young protagonist of the first novel, embarks on a journey from New York City back to Maycomb County, Alabama, to visit her father, Atticus.

    Go Set A Watchman was originally written in the 1950s, with the plot taking place 20 years after To Kill A Mockingbird, which is set in the 30’s. Ever since the publishing of Mockingbird, Lee refused to publish anything else, after witnessing its amazing success, as well as its controversy. Joyce Carol Oates, a fellow author and friend of Lee’s wrote on Twitter that Lee decided to withhold the Watchman manuscript because “[She believed] once you’re at the top, you can only go down.” Since the announcement went public, the novel has already become one of the top five most pre-ordered books on Amazon.com.

    The cover of the book was also released early in February 2015; the cover randomly appeared on the British publisher’s site, as well as on Amazon. HarperCollins Publishers, the North American publisher of Lee’s previous works, has yet to feature it at all, but the image has been abuzz on social media.

    Almost as talked about as the novel itself, Lee’s declining health, both mental and physical, has been a topic of discussion for both readers and critics alike. Although the manuscript was finished at around the same time as it’s predecessor, when Lee was 33, her health is a state of serious decline. Lee currently resides in an assisted living facility, and was traumatized by the recent death of her sister Alice in 2014. According to onlookers, she “talked loudly to herself at times during the service… and mumbled in a manner that some in attendance found shocking,” reports USA Today. It is also “common knowledge” that Lee suffered a stroke in 2014 and is now deaf and mostly blind, according to the residents of her hometown, Monroeville, Alabama. Speculations about the novel are surprisingly positive, with experts estimating it to be “a huge seller”, mainly due to the first novel’s amazing reviews and the weight that the name “Harper Lee” carries.

    In contrast to the reports of her declining health, Lee says she’s “alive and kicking and happy as hell” about responses to Watchman. Sources close to her have confirmed this, adding that she’s exhibiting more healthy behavior within the facility. Go Set A Watchman is expected to be released in July 2015.

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  • 03/10/15--11:17: Killed Over A Parking Space?
  • The victims and a friend.

    The victims and a friend.

    On Feb. 10, 2015, a Tuesday afternoon, Craig Hicks (46) of Chapel Hill was indicted for the murder of three Muslim students and for using a firearm in an occupied dwelling near the University of North Carolina. The victims, Deah Shaddy Barakat (23), his new wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha (21), and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha (19), were shot that afternoon in their home in Finley Forest Condominiums on Summerwalk Circle in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

    The Justice Department and FBI are investigating whether the crime was either a religious bias, or if it was solely a long-running parking dispute. The victims’ families are certain it was a hate crime. “To have him come in here and shoot three different people in their head- I don’t know what kind of person that is,” said Namee Barakat, the father of the male victim. 

    The murders instantly set off a worldwide debate over whether the students had been targeted because of their religion, with Muslims picking up some of the language of those who protested against police shootings in the United States, using the term “#muslimlivesmatter” on different social medias. 

    Neighbors said Hicks constantly complained about people parking in his spot at the complex. The towing business said they eventually stopped answering to his calls. He also openly expressed his dislike of all religions on his Facebook page. His posts showed support for atheism and criticism of Christian conservatives. However, Hicks’ wife stated that she “can say with absolute belief that this incident had nothing to do with religion or the victims’ faith, but it was related to a longstanding parking dispute that [her] husband had with the neighbors.”

    Barakat was a dental student at the UNC-Chapel hill, and Yusor Abu-Salha would begin her studies there in the fall as well. They were married in December, after she graduated from North Carolina State University. Her younger sister was a sophomore at N.C. State studying architecture.  All of the victims are of Syrian descent; however, they were born in the U. S. and grew up in the triangle area of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill.

    A vigil held for the victims on February 11, 2015. Photo taken from Wikimedia.

    A vigil held for the victims on February 11, 2015. All photos taken from Wikimedia.

    As authorities say, all three were shot in the head in a condominium complex near by the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus. One of the Abu-Salha sisters was found in the kitchen, the other in the kitchen doorway, and Barakat was found in the front doorway. 

    Along with thousands of friends, students and supporters showing up on the two campuses for vigils, over five thousand people attended their funerals on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015. 

    Hicks had a license to carry a concealed weapon and advocated for gun rights. He is being held without bail. 

    For more information on the shooting visit the following websites: 




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  • 03/10/15--11:45: Pakistan Goes Dark
  • On Jan. 25th, 2015, an estimated 80% of Pakistan was plunged into darkness when a rebel attack on the state power grid in the sparsely populated Baluchistan province resulted in the destruction of a key transmission line. The attack comes as the third in a two week period and represents just one of the struggles that Pakistan is facing with the revitalized rebel effort in the region.

    While the rebels did indeed cause this latest incident, they cannot be given all the blame for the dilapidated and unreliable power grid in the country. For years, Pakistan has had recurring problems with their aging system, resulting in regular blackouts around the country and highlighting the failure of the Pakistani government to preserve the state run energy companies. Most recently, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promised solutions to the all too familiar problems that have plagued the country during his electoral campaign, but he has yet to resolve them.

    Pakistan Black OutExperts attribute the state of the electric grid in Pakistan to actions by the government such as artificially lowering electricity costs for residents, as well as widespread electricity theft by the public and military, which leaves the state-run (but underfunded) power companies unable to keep up the already aging and failing infrastructure of the country. The state of the system often leaves areas without power for up to 20 hours at a time, with conditions worsening in the summer months as power consumption increases.

    In the 1960’s much of Pakistan’s budding energy industry relied on hydroelectric, thermal, and later nuclear power stations to provide the bulk of the countries electricity. Over time, this dominance of renewable energy has fallen to the wayside, and a shift in policy has left Pakistan reliant on foreign fossil fuels for the majority of the power produced in the country. Policy in 2001 brought about by the standing military government only worsened the current state of the country’s electric grid by, unlike previous courses of policy, failing to increase the energy production of the country (which had diminished over the years) but increasing the power consumption of the country.

    Since 2005, numerous plans have been put into action by the Pakistani government, the first of which focused on privatizing the energy sector, with the intent to increase energy production in the country by 50% by 2013. But that action was not enough, and by 2012, the country had nationalized the energy sector once again, the result of the private companies failure to meet the total demand of the growing energy consuming segment of the population and the promises of the government in 2005.

    This history of poor maintenance and policy has left the energy sector in shambles, unable to meet the production demands, and using outdated and unreliable systems for the transmission of that power. Unlike more developed countries such as the US or many Western European nations, Pakistan is extremely susceptible to such widespread blackouts, especially when coupled with these added faults.

    These failures characterize a familiar struggle for many developing nations today, reliant on energy production and consumption for daily function and production, but unable to meet the requirements created by citizens and industry alike. For these countries, the experience and successes of more developed nations can only do so much good, and when offset by corruption, theft, poor policy, poor maintenance and expansion of the grid, and political or social unrest, (as is often the case in these countries) it is only a matter of time before such a failure can be expected.

     For more information visit the following websites:




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    Spring is the time for renewal and redecorating, so start your spring with this easy cork board decoration for your wall! On these boards you can pin up pictures, tickets, and other memorable items. 

    For this project you will need these supplies:


    • Cork board squares
    • Alcohol
    • clothespins (mini or regular sized)
    • hemp cord
    • scotch double sided tape
    • command clear hooks
    • push pins


    1. Clean the area you want to decorate and the cork board squares with alcohol.
    2. Cut out strips of the double sided tape and place them on the boards.
    3. Place the boards on the wall and make sure they are aligned the way you want them to be.
    4. Place the clear hooks on the wall
    5. Cut the hemp cord and tie it to the hook and then tie the other end to a push pin on one of the cork board squares
    6. Decorate the squares and use the clothespins to hang pictures or any decorations.

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  • 03/11/15--11:37: How To Stay Busy This Winter
  • This winter has been very challenging so far in many ways. The snow overtaking the area has been quite frustrating. At first, the snow seemed to have limited most activities but we have since overcome the record-breaking snow. With all that has been happening a lot of people are just not sure what to do with their winter. For those who are dazed and confused about your activities lately, look no further than here!


    Invite your friends to come with you to a place that will make you jump for joy. Skyzone is not far away, its close by in Everett. It’s a great place for parties, group events, and other activities and programs. Pricing varies based on the period of time you would like to be able to explore their exciting world of trampolines.

    -Practice your hobbies

    Everyone has some kind of hidden talent that they like a lot. On those terribly cold and blizzard conditioned days, stay inside and practice this hobby. Whether it is an artistic ability, or creative writing, or anything else imaginable, it is surely something that should be cared for and explored, especially if it is something you enjoy tremendously.  

    -Plan a sleepover with your friends

    We all need our friend time and what better time to stay in and chat about the newest gossip than in now. So grab your pillow and overnight bag and get the group together.

    -Play board gamesBoard Games

    Everyone owns a million board games and then some. They tend to just sit in either or closet or on a shelf never being used. Pull out your old board games and have a good time with family and friends.

    -Go on a baking spree

    Baked goods such as cookies, muffins, and brownies are a big hit with everyone. There are an amazing amount of unique recipes to try out. This activity is fun with friends and family.

    -Movie MarathonMovies

    Fill up that empty day with a movie marathon. Grab a bowl of popcorn and a fluffy blanket, then plop down in front of the screen and watch whatever movies make you happy.


    You are never too old to go sledding. Gather a bunch of friends and your families, make sure you let the littler kids come along too and find the nearest hills that are safe to go sledding down.


    Skiing is an interesting and fun activity to try. The Blue Hills Ski Area in Canton, about 20 miles from downtown Boston, is a popular place to experience the well know joy of skiing.

    -Ice skate

    Never been ice skating? Now is the perfect time to try. Don’t worry about falling, it is not as bad as it seems. Those who have gone ice skating know how fun it can be.

    -Learn to Dance

    You need to burn off those extra winter calories somehow. Learning to dance will be a fun way to shake off that extra weight.

    -Visit A Museum

    Museums can be quite fun. They have interesting sights to see and you can learn a lot from attending them.

    -Read a Novel subject-clipart-books-clip-art-3

    Spend some extra time indulging in a fantastic novel. We all have that one book we’ve been wanting to read for a long time now. Take the time to really enjoy the magic of words on paper.



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