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  • 11/13/15--10:36: Girls Volleyball: GBL Champs
  • The 2014 Malden High School varsity Volleyball team made history last year when they won the Greater Boston League title along with co-champs Medford. Now this year the 2015 team has reached yet another milestone by becoming the sole GBL champions and completely sweeping the league. This has been the first time in MHS history for the volleyball team to win the GBL on their own. “They weren’t satisfied sharing the league title with Medford last season, and they were determined to win it outright this year,” explained first year coach Dan Jurkowski.

    Senior Merjem Rizvancevic hitting the ball. Photo by

    Senior Merjem Rizvancevic hitting the ball. Photo by Meghan Yip.

    The final match up in the GBL that determined whether the girls were the sole champions was an away game against Medford. This was a spot the girls knew a bit too well as they were in the same position as last year. The team ended up losing last year to Medford on their home court. Senior captain Brianna Grant confessed that “[she] was nervous that was going to happen again because Medford is a tough team, and they wanted to be GBL champs as well.”  Though, “it was also a really great feeling because [Grant] and the entire team all knew it was possible and were excited to play in a competitive game with Medford” Grant added.

    After their win in Medford, the girls patiently awaited to hear news about the game between Somerville and Medford. If Medford won the game, then Malden would become solo champions whether they won their next GBL game or not. When Medford won this game, Malden would become the sole GBL champs.

    The volleyball team in a group huddle. Photo by

    The volleyball team in a group huddle. Photo by Meghan Yip.

    This did not deter the team’s efforts from sweeping the entire GBL and beating Everett. After giving it their all against Everett one last time, the girls came out victorious. “Knowing that [the team is] 6-0 in the GBL makes [Grant] feel so proud to be apart of such a great team with such amazing teammates and coaches.”

    “Winning the GBL outright for the first time is a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by [their] seniors over the last few years,” mentioned Coach Jurkowski. Senior Pema Kunsal shared  that it was a big relief for the team to win their final GBL. “All of [them] worked so hard to be where [they’re] at now and [she] felt that [they] deserved this title,” expressed Kunsal.

    Athletic Director Daniel Keefe is also proud of the volleyball team and their season, explaining that “the girls sweep in the GBL was awesome.” The girl’s varsity volleyball program is only some 11 to 12 years old and this season has been successful which promises a bright future for teams to come. Keefe is impressed with the girls this year because their schedule was not a “pushover schedule” yet they still were able to win most of their matches.

    MHS congratulates its new GBL champion team and wishes it all the best in forthcoming seasons.

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  • 11/13/15--10:40: Veterans Day Parade
  • Veterans Day is a federal holiday held on the anniversary of the end of World War I to honor the those who served during that war. Although today, it serves to celebrate all veterans, both active and inactive, alive or deceased.  Malden is home to many veterans, and because of this, the parade is a unique and special event that occurs in the city.

    On Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015, The City of Malden held their Annual Veterans Day Parade sponsored by the Malden American Legion Post #69. The parade featured Legion Officers, veterans, clergy and elected officials of the American Legion, as well as bands from the public schools, dance teams, boy scouts, and more.

    Students from Malden Public Schools with Malden leaders in front of Malden City Hall. Photo by Haley Mallett. Malden city leaders gathered in front of Malden City Hall. Photo by Haley Mallett. Students in the public schools' marching band playing in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. Students in the public schools' marching band playing in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. The Kevin Barry Pipes and Drums organization playing bagpipes and drums in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. Mystic Valley Salvation Army participating in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. Students in the public schools' marching band during the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. The Kevin Barry Pipes and Drums organization playing bagpipes and drums in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. Malden girl scouts walking in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. The Malden High School marching band in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. Malden community members dressed as civil war soldiers in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. Malden community members participating in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. Malden community members participating in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. Malden community members participating in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. Veterans along with current armed forces members in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. The Sheriffs department walking in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. The Sheriffs department walking in the parade. Photo by Haley Mallett. The Malden police department in the Veterans Day Parade on Salem Street. Photo by Haley Mallett.

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  • 11/16/15--11:10: Monday Updates 11/16/15
  • Here are updates for the week of November 16 on current events in Malden. Some information may have been pulled from the morning announcements and/or the Tornado Times. Events and dates are always subject to change.


    • There is a school council meeting on Monday, November 16th.
    • On Wednesday, November 18th, there is an informational meeting about the Google Chromebooks.
    • Play Production’s Blood Brothers is going to be performed on November 19, 20, and 21 at 7:30PM.
    • There will be a balloon release for Josue Quispe after school on Wednesday, November 18.
    • Sign up for your class’s spirit team at any of the four lunches this week.



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  • 11/17/15--11:47: Model UN Club
  • The United Nations is an organization that promotes peace and cooperation between countries. During UN meetings, hundreds of countries sit down to talk about global issues. Model UN is an experiential learning activity where students step into the shoes of world leaders and debate critical issues, replicating the style of the United Nations.

    History teacher Rebecca Corcoran runs the club. The purpose of the Model UN club is “for students who enjoy debating outside of the classroom and [a place] where students can build confidence in public speaking, negotiating and also building team skills”. In 7th grade and in 11th grade students usually participate in Model UN simulations where a select few visit Northeastern University to conduct another Model UN simulation with other schools in the Greater Boston area.

    Corcoran explained that the club is a good fit for “students who enjoy competing…and also talking about global issues in depth.” The club looks to attend Model UN simulations at Northeastern University in the future and potentially visit a  Model UN conference at Boston College High School.

    Corcoran and club members are planning to a host a Model UN conference at MHS. If you are interested in joining this club it’s not too late! Visit room J272 to sign up where the club meets every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 2:30pm.

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    To help Josue Quispe’s family raise money for the funeral, visit the link below. 


    A photo of Josue Quispe at his graduation last year. Photo from the go fund me page.

    A photo of Josue Quispe at his graduation last year. Photo from the go fund me page.

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  • 11/17/15--11:55: Music Club: Harmonizing MHS
  • Malden High School’s Music Club is welcoming new members to play music and learn new musical skills. Music Club is offered to students of all skill levels and interests regarding music, whether one is a piano expert or simply interested in learning a few chords.

    The club has evolved from being organized in a more orchestral fashion to a “come one, come all” group for music enthusiasts. Club founder junior Serena Nguyen describes Music Club as a place where “people could jam, come together and listen to music.” Music Club is located in the band room where an array of instruments are available for students to experiment with and perhaps discover a niche. More experienced members of the club are happy to share their expertise on an instrument and give small lessons on guitar, as Music Club prides itself on being a setting where people looking to work on their musical abilities can do so from any previous standpoint.

    “Musicians often have to compete a lot, and I thought that Music Club could be a judgment free zone where people can play at different levels,” explains Nguyen. Members who are entirely inexperienced should not expect to become a guitar connoisseur but will certainly develop their individual musical skill whether from fellow members or exposure to instruments in general. Every member is appreciated, even students with little to no background.

    As one enters Music Club, they will find a welcoming and relaxed environment filled with students playing various tunes with various instruments. Learning how to play music is a main feature of the club, but it is also a space where students can collect and share tastes. Jonathan Copithorne, Music Club’s advisor, describes the club as his “mellow out period”. The warm atmosphere of the club allows students to bond over their passions with music as just the initial topic of conversation. “I want members to explore a different side of themselves musically and artistically,” says Nguyen. “I want people to see and present things in a new way, not just by playing music but through sharing common interests in it and being open-minded to different styles and types of music because there is so much to appreciate.” From artists to appreciators, music is a pivotal interest, and Music Club serves as a middle ground for anybody with an affinity for music to connect.

    Students at Music Club interact over common musical interests as members often play songs together and practice a variety of pieces. Members can suggest any kind of music to play and fellow students will be willing to experience it. One of Nguyen’s goals is to assemble at least two collective performances within the club, even if it is not a major one. Members find a common ground with music and can always find a piece to play, a song to listen to and an idea to discuss. “It’s very low pressure. You can learn what you want to learn and play the instruments you want to,” Copithorne states on the club’s importance. “We should continue to keep music in the school but it’s also a lot of pressure if you don’t know how to play an instrument and always wanted to. If you don’t have a guitar and can’t afford one, whatever the reason is, it is an opportunity to try something out.”

    Music Club meets every other Tuesday in Erin Mazza’s room, H216.

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    On Sep. 18, 2015, The U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood for a year while investigations are performed into speculations of illegal activities carried out by the organization. These accusations and speculations were brought up by several republican politicians within the last year, as well as ongoing protests, trying to discredit Planned Parenthood, and to go as far as shut it down permanently.

    Why is Planned Parenthood under speculation? 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services include abortion, that’s why. 97% of other services provided by Planned Parenthood do not affect opposers beliefs, even though these services include cancer screenings, STD/STI testing, pregnancy testing, and health educational.

    Abortion is one of those taboo topics that no one likes to hear but people love to argue. The law, however, gives women the right to opt for abortion, whether everyone likes it or not. The abortions performed in Planned Parenthood are legal, and everything that accompanies them are, too. Whether you agree with it or not, it is legal, it is the law.

    Those 3% of abortions carried out by Planned Parenthood, although protested heavily, are still legal, no matter how you look at it. Even so, why eradicate the many other helpful services Planned Parenthood provides?

    Planned Parenthood also provides birth control for free or reduced prices, adding to the list of negatively perceived practices by the organization. Again, birth control is not illegal, and is in fact, quite helpful to many young girls and women. Around 10.6 million women use birth control (the pill), and the women in this 10.6 million who are not able to pay or get birth control, are able to from Planned Parenthood. Not to mention, in some cases, birth control may prevent the need for an abortion later on down the road.

    Preventing pregnancy is not the only reason why people tend to take birth control. For cosmetic reasons, like clearer skin, or relief from endometriosis, are just a couple of the alternative reasons. Whatever the reason, Planned Parenthood has birth control available for little to no cost, an important feature, especially for people without insurance.  

    In an eye-opening project by Buzzfeed, 17 people, men and women, were asked why they went to Planned Parenthood. Although several went for abortion-related issues, many went for issues such as STD screenings, breast exams, pap smears, and birth control.

    Although many are protesting to have Planned Parenthood shut down, others have voiced their support with rallies, public statements, and protests.

    Celebrities have voiced their support for Planned Parenthood in Public Service Announcements and social media outlets. Actress Kristen Bell made a video to show her support, which came off as controversial. She stated, “I stand with Planned Parenthood because I want my girls to have access to birth control behind my back one day!”

    Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal in an article for Glamour.com stated, “I’ve been a Planned Parenthood supporter my whole life—since my mom took me to a rally when I was in sixth grade. It’s chilling to think of this resource being taken away.”

    Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has, on several occasions, tried to discredit Planned Parenthood. During a debate, she showed videos from the Center for Medical Progress, a foundation that produces highly edited and falsified videos regarding abortion and “selling baby parts”.

    The organization’s founder, David Daleiden, was proven to have edited the videos in such a way that the video being shown of a miscarriage, seemed to be an abortion, where the fetus’ heart is beating and legs are moving.

    In a recent interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Daleiden admits that the video in question was not an abortion, however a miscarriage, where the mother granted permission for the moment to be recorded, to “illustrate” an abortion. By attempting to get his point across, Daleiden deliberately sabotaged any potential case to be made in his name, with his evidence. Fiorina now has nothing concrete to base any of her claims on.

    Another Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, has condemned abortion rather than solely targeting Planned Parenthood. An interview with Chuck Todd included Carson comparing women who get abortions to slave owners, stating “Think about this. During slavery—and I know that’s one of those words you’re not supposed to say, but I’m saying it. During slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought that they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave—anything that they chose to do. And, you know, what if the abolitionists had said, “You know, I don’t believe in slavery. I think it’s wrong. But you guys do whatever you want to do”? Where would we be?” As a presidential candidate, he is entitled to his opinions, but to many American citizens, this comment was downright inappropriate and offensive.

    Although Planned Parenthood has been the target for negativity in recent news, there have been many lives benefitted by the organization. For now, it is unclear how or if the organization will emerge from the crossfire of speculation and accusation.  

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    The Malden football team resting before the start of play. Photo by Leila Greige.

    The Malden football team resting before the start of play. Photo by Leila Greige.

    For the first time since 1991, the Malden High School football team made history after defeating their long-time rival, Everett High School. Even with strong wins against Arlington Catholic, Methuen, Somerville, and Chelmsford, Everett did not compare to the overwhelming and shocking success of Malden with a score of 22-19.

    “[They] approached this game just like any other game this season.” “[They] did [their] prep and went in knowing [they] had what it took to win,” explained senior captain James Knox. He continued, stating that “[they] didn’t let the fear that it was Everett into [their] heads, and with that mindset [they] were able to get the job done.”

    Senior captain Danley Exilhomme mentioned that “[his] mindset going into the game was to slow the game down mentally because of all the tension between both teams.” “One of [his] goals before [he] graduate[s] was to beat Everett and the senior class [of 2016] knew [they] were the class that was going to do it,” explained Exilhomme. He expressed that he felt “complete” after the game because his older siblings also attended MHS with the same goal in mind and were not able to reach it. But, Exilhomme was able to attain this goal for himself and them as well. “It felt good to play a big roll in such a historic moment… [and]even better because [Malden’s abilities had been] doubted [but] proved [its capabilities.]”

    Senior Deven Kelley “knew it was the most important game of [their] careers so [he] had to focus and take it one play at a time.” Kelley added, “It was the best feeling in the world but [they] had a playoff game the week after so [he] carried the same mentality for the upcoming game.”

    Everett’s football team has won 10 MIAA Super Bowl titles since 1997. They also won the Greater Boston League over the last two decades but when Malden won against Everett on (date), it was the Tide’s first loss to a league opponent since Thanksgiving of 2001 against former GBL member Cambridge. An article on the game on ESPN reports the game’s play. “After spotting the Tide a 12-0 lead, the Tornadoes roared back with three straight touchdowns to go up by 10 in the final few minutes of the contest. Midway through the third quarter, defensive back T.J. Elie pounced on a pass batted by teammate James Knox and ran it back 60 yards to paydirt for a 15-12 score; then, with four minutes to go, promising sophomore quarterback Jared Martino called his own number on an option keeper to make it 22-12.”

    Malden facing off against Everett. Photo by Leila Greige.

    Malden facing off against Everett. Photo by Leila Greige.

    The team is in agreement that their favorite memory from the game was “the field being swarmed by crazy Malden fans,” as stated by senior Robert Collins. He described that he “was getting hugs and high fives from everyone but was still in shock that the class of 2016 had actually got the job done.” Collins further expressed, “It was such an unbelievable feeling and it definitely changed [his] life.” In addition, sophomore Jared Martino commented on the game as being “a special moment [that] was honestly surreal.” Martino grew up playing Pop Warner football where Everett was always a competitive opponent and so finally beating them was “one of the best moments of [his] life.” The seniors have been waiting for this game since their freshman year and entering the game “felt as if [they] were going to war,” described Collins. “[His] mindset after the game was a huge sense of relief…as if a huge weight had been removed from [his] shoulders and [they] had just made history. [He] couldn’t help but cry.”

    Players expressed their gratitude for their coaches, stating, “It had to have been the highlight of their coaching careers” stated Kelley. “[The coaches were] extremely proud of [the team] … [and] saw that [they] played as a family and knew how much emotion [was] put into the game” expressed Collins. Exilhomme closed, saying, “Most of [their] coaches played for Malden and never beat Everett so … they felt just as good as the players.” Malden’s triumph over Everett marks a historic moment for the football team with the entire Malden community sharing in their victory.

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  • 11/18/15--11:19: Travel with the Tornados
  • The Tornado Travelers Club is the ideal club for you to join if you are an MHS student looking to travel. Marine biology teacher, Shauna Campbell, and math teacher, Sarah Jones, started the club in 2013 based on their passion for traveling.

    The purpose of the club is for students to learn about the world and travel. Campbell wants students to be able to visit other places in the world where they might not have otherwise traveled. She also wants to introduce them to other lifestyles and cultures. Previous trips the club has taken include Costa Rica, China and Ecuador.

    Campbell commented that she “loves traveling the world” and has been to over 25 countries. She added, “Going on all those trips made [her] experience a lot [of new cultures]” and that visiting new places is “better than just reading about them.” Her favorite place she visited was Scotland based on the “recreation and [large amount] of activities to do.”

    The club will be traveling to Greece for nine days during February vacation. The trip will allow them to immerse themselves in Grecian history and culture. Preparation for the trip have been going on since last school year and there is growing excitement as the trip approaches.

    Other trips to be made include Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and another trip to China. If you’re interested in joining the club meet with Campbell in room B442.

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    Senior Guilherme Silva running on the field. Photo by Ana Kerr.

    Senior Guilherme Silva running on the field. Photo by Ana Kerr.

    1. What did you think about your season?
    This season was astronomically better than what I thought it was going to be. Losing so many seniors, especially starters, made me feel like we were going to have a very disappointing season, but I was completely wrong. This year’s seniors really stepped up and so did the underclassmen, whether they were a freshman, JV, etc. We had a fantastic season once again.

    2. Do you think you have improved?

    Through my three years on the team, I feel as if I had a big improvement, in attitude and skill, although I’m still not as good as I would like to be, but some people have it, some don’t.  
    3. What was your favorite memory of the season?

    As far as memories go, everyday was a good memory with the guys, but my favorite of the season was winning 5-1 in Somerville. That win showed the rest of our opponents that we weren’t a lightweight team and it was more special for me because my cousin coaches the Somerville team and it’s always good to beat him.
    4. How long have you played soccer?

    Growing up in Brazil, I basically played soccer since I was born, but it wasn’t until I was 12 that I actually played for a team. After high school, I plan on, hopefully, attending college and I’d probably continue playing soccer more for fun with friends than competitive.
    5. Are you going to continue to soccer?

    I’d probably continue playing soccer more for fun with friends than competitive.
    6. What was your favorite team and/or game to play against?

    Though my three years, my favorite team to play was definitely Everett. I have had a lot of friends on the Everett team, every game was competitive, the atmosphere was great, and we won all 6 games against them in my time on the team.
    7. What advice would you give underclassmen who are also playing or wanting to continue with high school soccer?

    To all of the underclassmen that are playing or aspiring to play, my advice would be to enjoy it; the game and the family, and also to give it your all, because coach recognizes hard work and you’ll always improve.
    8. What will you miss about MHS?

    What I’ll miss about MHS and the team is the bond we all have. All of the players, coaches, teachers, students, all are understanding and supportive to one another and we are a family.
    9. What’s your favorite thing about soccer?

    My favorite thing about  soccer is how it can make you forget about all of your problems and have a good time with your teammates.
    10. What does being a part of the MHS soccer team mean to you?

    It means being part of the greatest team at MHS, having the best time, and meeting the best people in high school. I wish the best to coach Smith and the future teams. Roll GT.

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    Malden running up the field towards the goal. Photo by Ana Kerr.

    Malden running up the field towards the goal. Photo by Ana Kerr.

    The boys had a challenging season led by senior captains Mateo Ruperti and Bruno Da Silva. The team is coached by Malden High School English teacher Jeremiah Smith. With an amazing end of the season record of 14-2-2, Malden High-school’s boys varsity team wrapped up for the season with an intense and nail biting game against their biggest rival, the Medford Mustangs.

    For the boys, the team is their family. Their bond is like no other, as they always have each other’s backs through thick and thin. Junior Felipe Cypriano stated, “They’re the people [he] mostly [hangs out] with, because they are [like his] family. [He] genuinely [loves] everyone on the team.” The rest of the team agrees with Cypriano’s sentiments as the team can always be seen having a good time together. It is due to this brotherhood that the boys are able to play so well together. Rather than playing just for themselves, the members play for each other.

    Although the boys did not win the Greater Boston League title, the team was still happy that they made it to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association state tournament. The boys aimed to make their mark in States. On Nov. 11, 2015, MHS faced off against the Andover Golden Warriors. Malden was able to score a total of 6 goals thanks to the efforts of Da Silva, Cypriano, and sophomore Belisson Cius.

    The Golden Warriors were only able to answer with 3 goals, which meant that Andover was knocked right out of the competition. Winning the first round of playoffs was a huge deal for the boys. Senior Nicolas Santos confessed how “[he] felt very content with the way the team played together, but [he] knew that the playoffs had just begun and [they] had a lot of hard competition ahead of [them].” This was unfortunately very true as Malden lost to the Mustangs 1-0.

    Da Silva was not only captain, but also the leading scorer for this season and the second highest within the past two seasons, amassing a total amount of twenty-five goals and five assists between the two. Da Silva is still stunned at the fact that he has accomplished such a feat in such a short amount of time. Going into the season, his goal was to beat his cousin, former Blue and Gold member and captain of the MHS’ boys soccer team the past two years, Julio Da Silva’s record. Bruno mentioned how “it [was] an amazing feeling. Julio’s record was twelve in our previous season, [so Bruno Da Silva] wanted to get eighteen but to get twenty-five just blew [his] mind.”

    Senior Rick Melgar admitted that “[he] really couldn’t believe it. [His] first thought was that, all [his] the years playing for Malden High’s soccer team had flown by. [He] realized how much [he] loved [his] team and [his] city.” The rest of the seniors feel the same way as with the season over, their high school soccer careers were finally over.

    The underclassmen and the rest of MHS will dearly miss the graduating seniors, but by the same token, the boys and the whole school look forward to the seasons to come.

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  • 11/19/15--10:34: Black Friday: The Real Cost
  • When I think of Thanksgiving, ideas of family, food, and memories come to mind. But this holiday is often overshadowed by the biggest shopping day of the year; Black Friday. People become more concerned with the sales offered by stores on Black Friday rather than the holiday that receives national recognition for time off from school and work to spend time with friends and family. Instead of gathering around a table, people camp out on sidewalks and street corners to be among the first customers to purchase sale items. In this way, people choose to celebrate retailers, not family and friends. Such enthusiasm over materialistic items demonstrates priorities in today’s society, as shopping is valued over spending time with loved ones.

    There is a certain madness that overtakes shoppers on this day. The stores are crowded with fearsome shoppers who ravage through items and argue with other customers and employees all because of mark downs. I myself have participated in the Black Friday phenomenon, waking up in the wee hours of the morning when it’s still pitch black out, half asleep with the intent to buy products at reduced prices. But I have found that the sales do not always meet expectations. Prices are not necessarily reduced to amounts that make the day worth your while. Also, sales may start before Black Friday or continue after the day so that shoppers receive the same deals for more than one day.

    Some people choose to spend their holiday shopping, but they are in turn requiring employees to also spend Thanksgiving break at the stores. Rather than having the biggest shopping day of the year the day after Thanksgiving, I think it should be scheduled for a different time so that people may celebrate the holiday the way it was intended to be where family and friends gather to share a meal. 

    I cannot speak for everyone, but I would much rather spend my Thanksgiving at home, enjoying a day filled with family and food instead of camping out in the cold in front of a store. Next Thursday you can find me seated at my table, stuffing my face with turkey to later be passed out on the couch, and I wouldn’t want my Thanksgiving any other way. 

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    On Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, 22 students from business teacher Debra Buckley’s entrepreneurship class went on their annual trip to of New York City for their buying event. This is the ninth year for the trip to the “garment district” for Buckley’s class. On the trip, students purchase goods from wholesalers in Manhattan to get a glimpse of what it is actually like to be a small business owner.

    Buckley explains that a New York business teacher started the annual New York trips because he saw no enthusiasm in his students when he asked them about starting a business. The teacher believed that traveling to New York would give students a sense of what being a business owner is all about rather than having students restricted in the classroom.

    Buckley explained that the “garment district” is where the wholesale stores are located. Each student in Buckley’s class received a fifty dollar loan from the NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship”) program that sponsors the class. Buckley added that “some students work by themselves, others work with partners” for the project.  

    Students can buy a big ticket item with all of the money combined and raffle it off, or they can purchase less expensive objects on their own.” Some objects bought were iphone chargers, scarves, key chains, jewelry, beanies, headphones and 2016 New Year’s Eve glasses. “[Students] can buy a dozen or a couple of packages of certain items to return to the school and sell them.”

    Students have to “present every phase about what happened in New York and how they marketed their products. They must have done some research on the original prices of their product(s). By the end of the night, their goal is to explain what price they’re selling their product at, what did it cost them, and what did they profit” explained Buckley.

    Buckley encourages her students to market their products on their own, through the morning announcements and through fliers placed across the school. In New York, “students see how wholesalers interact with customers and are encouraged to negotiate when purchasing several products. The selling event will help students learn how to price, sell and market objects right and increase the amount of buyers.”

    Junior Christina Montezuma described her experience on the trip as “interesting because [she] got to learn a lot about the qualifications for what it takes to be an entrepreneur. [She] learned what it’s like to be in the business industry and how tough people can be on the prices.” During the trip, Montezuma and her classmates were able to “shop and buy everything for low prices but in big quantities. [They] got to manage their own money and could buy whatever [they] wanted like [they] were in our own business.”  

    Montezuma discovered “being an entrepreneur also means that you have to be a friendly negotiator because that helps convince people to buy your products, giving you a profit.”An important idea to keep in mind was“key stoning” which Montezuma explained that “ if you spent $3 for an item and sold it for $5, you would be key stoning because you made a $2 profit, which is how business owners make money after buying and selling their items.”

    Along with the selling event, students run the annual “Holiday Bazaar” sale that will be held this Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015 at Malden High School, where they will sell merchandise that was leftover from the previous sale.

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    From left to right: Seniors Samantha Forestier, Kelvin Cheng Bo, Merjem Rizvancevic, Jasper Haag, Kaitlyn Gibson, and Andrew Cogliano together at WGBH’s High School Quiz show.  Photo provided by Kaitlyn Gibson.

    From left to right: Seniors Samantha Forestier, Kelvin Cheng Bo, Merjem Rizvancevic, Jasper Haag, Kaitlyn Gibson, and Andrew Cogliano together at WGBH’s High School Quiz show. Photo provided by Kaitlyn Gibson.

    Malden High School was represented among 140 other schools by seniors Kelvin Cheng Bo, Andrew Cogliano, Kaitlyn Gibson, Jasper Haag, Samantha Forestier, and Merjem Rizvancevic at WGBH’s High School Quiz Show on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015. They competed in the largest preliminary round in the show’s history. The team was led by MHS history teacher Jonathan Copithorne. Copithorne commented that the students “represented the school well and impressed the moderators with their answers.”

    Rizvancevic expressed her enjoyment in participating in the show, stating that “[she wishes she] could come back next year” to do it again. She decided to join the team because “a few of [her] friends were doing it” and “it sounded like a cool idea.” Cheng Bo added that he “oftens works with these people” and how different it was “to work with them academically, but outside of school.” Rizvancevic’s favorite part of the day was when they “took a group picture with a Billy Costa cut out.”

    According to the team members, the questions pertained to English, history, science, and math. Even though they did “far better than [they] thought [they] would … [they] all agreed that [they] wished there were more science questions.” Each one of them are extremely active in the math and science departments, but were still able to triumph in the English and history categories.

    Rizvancevic recalled a moment from the end of the show when the team had to answer “category based questions.” “There were a few times when [they] knew the answer, but were so excited about it that [they] either said the wrong thing, or spoke too soon” explained Cheng Bo. But he considers it to be “memorable” with “funny mistakes.”

    The team will be notified on Monday Nov. 23, 2015 if their round will air on television. Rizvancevic, speaking on behalf of the team, added that “[they] really hope [they’re] on TV next week” after all of the hard work they took to prepare for the day of the show. If selected, WBGH will air their round along with other, though very few, select high schools.

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    1. What made you start running?

    My friends recommended cross country to me freshman year, I decided to try it out and do running. I did it the first season and thought it was okay so I stuck with it and continued doing it for the rest of my four years in high school. It’s been one of my greatest experiences.

    2. Were your expectations for this season fulfilled?

    I wouldn’t say this season was difficult, but as a team we’ve put in a lot of hard work, like I know I’ve gotten better as an individual, and that’s what makes us better as a team. I would say my expectations were met because a lot of our runners ran at their best times this year, we’ve been hitting our goals and having a better team on average than years past.

    3. Looking back at yourself freshman year, would you say you’ve come a long way?

    I would say I’ve come a long way since I first started running, because in the beginning obviously I wasn’t as fast or as strong as I now am. I’m hitting the goals expected as a senior for running.

    4. This is your last year running cross country; how does that make you feel?

    I would say it’s bittersweet, because at times I wish I had one more year to do cross country to improve. Unfortunately, I might not be able to continue running in college because of studies and all that, but I’ll really miss the aspect of cross country, the whole team and the coach as well because I won’t have those people in my life anymore. I’ll definitely visit them, but obviously it won’t be the same.

    5. How do you think cross country has affected you?

    Besides becoming more physically fit, I feel it has taught me a lot of discipline, and camaraderie. It taught me how to be a teammate and work with others. I feel like my horizons have been expanded thanks to the sport. It’s really enriched my life in a way that I can’t describe.

    Senior James Ao running in the GBL meet.

    Senior James Ao running in the GBL meet.

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    Photo by

    Malden boys running during a meet. All photos by Abhishek Rana.

    The Malden High School boys cross country team’s season has come to an end. The team was able to have a truly remarkable season, as they exceeded expectations and reached goals they had made at the beginning of the season.

    Going into the season, head coach and MHS English teacher David Londino hoped for the boys to do their best. The goal every year for the team is to be able to compete at the highest level that they can and win the GBL championship title. With a record of 4-0, the boys easily fulfilled that goal as they swept the GBL.

    This season was one of growth and improvement for all the runners. “Although this season was not particularly difficult, our competitors did seem to have gotten a lot better, which [they] didn’t expect,” admitted senior Jonathan Solomon. Solomon went on to say that the meets “taught [them] that [they] always need to be on top of the game, and push [themselves] to work harder and reach [their] full potential.”

    The team finished off their season with a strong showing at States. Sophomore Temesgen Tsige commented that the team has become “much better [and] continue to improve every season.” He was at first disappointed with the States meet as the team fell short of a win, but looking at the talent and potential of the runners makes him believe that the team “will definitely win States at some point in the near future.”

    Left to right: ___, ___, and sophomore Robert Russo. Photo by

    The boys cross country team running during a meet.

    Tsige went onto say, “[They] were all hoping to improve as individuals this season and win the majority of [their] meets and that was exactly what [they] did.” There were “some hard times during the season

    [such as] when all of the best runners were injured and couldn’t run, [but they] kept working hard and even won [their competitive] meet against Medford,” expressed Tsige.

    Though many varsity runners will be graduating this year, Malden’s boys cross country team will continue to thrive in the future as there are many talented runners on the team. Each season, the boys team only seems to improve as a whole. So while this season was stopped short at States, the successes that the team attained predict a promising future for boys cross country.

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  • 11/23/15--10:40: Monday Updates: 11/23/15
  • Here are updates for the week of November 23 on current events in Malden. Some information may have been pulled from the morning announcements and/or the Tornado Times. Events and dates are always subject to change.


    Malden High School will once again host its annual Juniors Vs. Seniors Powderpuff game. The match will be held at MacDonald Stadium on November 25, Thanksgiving Eve. Come on down to watch the girls of MHS play a friendly yet competitive match!

    The Golden Tornadoes will face the Mustangs for their 128th meeting since 1989 to win back the Thanksgiving trophy! Come on down to MacDonald Stadium for the annual Malden Vs. Medford Thanksgiving game. The game is on November 26, Thanksgiving day. Kickoff will be at 10AM.



    • It’s finally Spirit Week!
      • Monday, November 23 is Pajama Day.
      • Tuesday, November 24 is Wacky Tacky Day.
      • Wednesday, November 25 is Blue & Gold Day. There will be a pep rally in the gym and an early release at 11AM.
    • There is a Malden High School Council meeting on Thursday, December 3.


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    Senior Sabrina Harrath anticipating the next play. Photo by Alexis Brown.

    Senior Sabrina Harrath anticipating the next play. Photo by Alexis Brown.

    How long have you been playing volleyball?

    I’ve been playing volleyball since middle school, 7th grade.

    How long have you been on varsity?

    I’ve been on varsity since my junior year.

    What made you decide to play for the high school?

    I’ve always generally loved the sport and I’ve played beach volleyball when I was younger with my dad so he encouraged me into playing it in middle school. Ever since I’ve joined in middle school I’ve been in love with the sport.

    What is your favorite position to play?

    Definitely outside hitter. I love being able to transition from the front row to the back row in one set.

    Which team is the most competitive to face off against?

    Haverhill. Although we lost one game against them this year they were probably the most challenging ones in the beginning of the season. I remember entering their court and being ready to play like we’ve never played before and that’s exactly what we did because we ended up beating them in 5 sets, 3-2.

    What sets the volleyball team apart from every other team at Malden High?

    We’re close in and out of the court. We stick together as a team and play as a team. We motivate each other and our bus rides are probably the only bus rides that have strobe lights after getting that win.

    What is the most challenging thing about volleyball?

    Working as a team ALL THE TIME. A lot of sports are about individual accomplishments, but volleyball is definitely not one of these sports. On the court you need to be able to trust every single teammate and communicate with them on the court.

    What is your favorite thing about volleyball?

    My favorite thing about volleyball would definitely have to be the joy you get after getting a perfect pass to the setter and a setter setting up the hitter to end the play with a kill.

    What were your goals for the team this season? What were your personal goals?

    This season my goals for our team were to become GBL champs and eventually make it to states and make it to the semi-finals. We sweeped the GBL’s 6-0 and made it to states with the best record known to malden high (16-4), but we were eliminated the first round of states.

    My personal goals include increasing my skill level on hitting and become a better passer. I personally think I achieved both these goals for the most part, being a starter for each game.

    Do you have any motivations or inspirations?

    One of my biggest motivations was definitely my dad. He wasn’t the coach, but everyone on my team can tell you he certainly acted like one. I’m proud to say he motivated me to do better each set.

    What advice can you give to the newer volleyball team members or newer athletes in general?

    Believe in yourself. If you don’t have that self-motivation then how would you expect others to believe in you. You will make mistakes. Mistakes are common and not everyone is perfect. You can’t hold on to that one mistake because there are 25 points in each set. “Move onto the next point”, says Coach Dan.

    What was your opinion on this years season?

    Going into this year I was nervous because I wanted it to be the best season yet and we had a new coach. However, surprisingly he caught the hang of our team really quick and him and Ms. Diaz were able to coach us till the very end of our season.  Of course there were plays that I wish we could’ve redone and teams that I think we deserved to win and we didn’t have our head in the game. Despite our record with the 4 losses, I believe if we were to play again our record could be/should’ve been 18-2. In all the season was great and I love all the girls.

    Do you plan on continuing to play volleyball after high school?

    Yes, I do continue playing volleyball not sure if I would want to play for the college team itself or a club, but I definitely will continue playing.


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