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  • 01/15/15--05:13: Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe
  • Ingredients:cupcakes3

    1. 1 package of red velvet cake mix
    2. Water
    3. Oil
    4. Eggs
    5. Vanilla/Chocolate frosting 


    1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
    2. Put in place liners in cupcake pan.
    3. Make the cake mix using water, oil and eggs in a bowl.
    4. Beat with an electric mixer or a handheld whisk for two minutes.cupcakes2
    5. Using a spoon, put in the batter evenly into the pan.
    6. Bake for 18 minutes.
    7. Use a toothpick to see if they’re baked long enough – put the toothpick in the middle and if it comes out clean then the cupcakes are ready.
    8. Spread frosting on cupcakes using a knife or the back of a spoon.
    9. Spread sprinkles and cupcake decorations.

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    Every year, all students at Malden High School participate in Poetry Out Loud in hopes to move on to the semi-finals, or possibly even the final round. Poetry Out Loud is a national competition for high school students, and has been a tradition at MHS since 2006. Out of all of the schools participating, MHS is the only school where each student is required to participate in Poetry Out Loud.

    Junior Kamila Regalado performing her poem.

    Junior Kamila Regalado performing her poem.

    Each student must choose and recite a poem, and is scored on their presentation and ability to memorize the poem. Students are also prompted throughout the preparation period to look more deeply into the poem and to try and get a better understanding of what the poet was trying to convey. But beyond the usual English-esque work, it is an opportunity for students to grow personally.

    Jennifer Clapp, one of the staple English teachers in the department, made a point when speaking about her thoughts on Poetry Out Loud to focus quite heavily on the growth that students can see over their time participating. Like the saying goes, Poetry Out Loud is meant for the journey rather than the destination and for the improvements that students can see within themselves after 4 years of participating.

    This improvement in such areas as public speaking and confidence can mean a big difference for all students, especially those who have difficulty with those beforehand. As Clapp stated, “any amount of steps is an achievement” when walking down what can often times be a difficult and untravelled road. Still, students must focus on the actual assignment in the long run as Poetry Out Loud is normally counted as quite a significant grade in English classes.

    Junior Djamila Dossantos performing her poem.

    Junior Djamila Dossantos performing her poem.

    The culmination of the practice and perfection of student’s poems are the classroom competitions which usually take place the week before winter break in December. During that time, all students present their poems to their classes and are graded based on accuracy, presentation, and performance. After this, a winner is picked from each period, which is the student with the highest score for their presentation.

    These students then meet again in the following weeks for period-wide competitions. During these period-wide competitions, classes of students meet in the auditorium to watch as their friends vie for the top spots from the period in hopes of moving on to the school finals and beyond. Once their poems begin, the orange and purple walls of the Jenkins Auditorium transform into whatever landscape their poem depicts.

    However, some students tend to write off Poetry Out Loud, and instead of trying to take advantage of the opportunity that it provides, they squander it. While students have the right to do however much they want with Poetry Out Loud, Clapp noted that aside from the grades, “[students] will be surprised by its uses in the future,” an important point to consider and just another reason to try one’s hardest when preparing for it.

    Even with the weeks of preparation, many students, even those dedicated to doing their best, admit that when the time comes to stand in front of the class or the period, the nerves can become too great to bear and mistakes can appear where there were none before. In the end, the most important part of the process is what each person participating learns from it themselves, not the grade that they get at the end.

    With the main portion of the competition over for the year for those who didn’t move on to the school finals, Poetry Out Loud may be falling to the wayside for many students, but hopefully each person who participated, no matter their grade or dedication to success in the competition, was able to get something meaningful out of this important process and will realize the benefits that it comes with in the future.


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    This workout is guaranteed to work off the extra pounds you gained. What better way to start the year than a satisfying weight lo? This routine combines a healthy leg, abdominal, and arm muscle building workout that will make you sweat.


    Abs: 15- 20 Minutesworkout1

    20 Sit-Ups

    15 Knee Crunches

    20 Cross Crunches

    15 Leg Raises (each side)

    20 Cycling Cross Crunches

    15 Supermen

    60- Second Elbow Plank



    Legs: 15-20 Minutes

    15 Squats

    30 Lunges

    40 Calf Raises

    50 Toe Touches 

    1 minute Wall Sit

    100 Jumping Jacks

    1 minute Wall Sit

    50 Toe Touches

    40 Calf Raises

    30 Lunges

    15 Squats





    Arms: 10-15 Minutesworkout2

    15 Push-ups

    25 Tricep Dips

    35 Second Side Plank (both sides)

    40 Second Full Arm Plank

    35 Knee Tucks

    25 Burpees

                                                                               15 Push-ups



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  • 01/16/15--06:49: January 2015 Comic
  • Drawn by Nick Bramante.

    Drawn by Nick Bramante.

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  • 01/16/15--11:41: Diving Into a New Season
  • Another year of winter sports is another opportunity for the Malden High School swim team to mark their title in the water. The team is currently 3-0 with their wins against Somerville, Medford, and Malden Catholic. Since Cambridge left the GBL there are only two teams other than Malden that participate in the swimming. The team is currently the reigning Greater Boston League champions from last season. The team is lead by senior captains Kelvin Nyguen, Tristar To, and Samantha Dorazio. In addition to coaches Paul DeVencentis and Jessica Bisson.

    Sophomore Brynn Kankel preparing to dive in the water. Photo by Ana Kerr

    Sophomore Brynn Kankel preparing to dive in the water. Photo by Ana Kerr


    Junior Alex Lombardi swimming the 100 yard butterfly. Photo by Ana Kerr

    Junior Alex Lombardi swimming the 100 yard butterfly. Photo by Ana Kerr

    The 40 plus member team started the season on a great note on Dec. 22, 2014 at their meet against Medford. To says, “Most people from this year are [returning] from last year.” But, “There are also new contributions to this year’s team which are really going to be  help us and the team.” says Captain Samantha Dorazio. MHS swim teams goals are very high this year and expect to accomplish various things by the end of the season. “We are having a really great season so far, and the team is working really hard and we are hoping to have another great year.” says senior captain Dorazio. Swimming is not only a difficult sport to be active in but also to captain and coach. To says, “ It is a lot of pressure especially stepping into the shoes of the previous swimming captains but it is definitely  an honor and also a privilege to be in this position and to be apart of a team with so many great swimmers.

    “Swimming has its difficulties but benefits too. Dorazio says, “It is definitely a different role in sports but also an exciting role especially because I was learning from such great previous captains.” Both captains have many responsibilities being a captain and trying to help everyone as much as possible. Dorazio also says, “A lot of people have never been in a swimming league, so there are a lot of questions like how is my dive and a few concerns about the meets and just general questions like that.” MHS’s swim team are not only a bunch of students gathered together to compete in something they love doing, it is a family who is gathered to compete together in what they love doing. Coach Paul Devencentis says, “A couple of guarantees I can make, and you cannot make many guarantees in life. You are going to learn about commitment and the value of hard work, you are also going to learn what it means to work side by side and to be part of a team. They are always going to have your back and you will always have theirs. It is an incredible learning lesson. We have kids that come down from past years and they are always at the swim meets and supporting us.” MHS swim team is not only a great way to stay fit and healthy but to meet new people and learn lessons that will help athletes  later on in life.  

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    Created by Jonathan DeCicco.

    Created by Jonathan DeCicco.


    Created by Jonathan DeCicco.

    Created by Jonathan DeCicco.

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  • 01/16/15--11:44: Sprinting to the Win
  • Establishing an undefeated season so far, and working very hard towards earning another Greater Boston League title, the Malden High School’s girls track team continues to grow through their hard work with each practice and meet. With an undefeated current record of 3-0, the girls are proudly representing the school with victory and honor.

    Having their head coach, David Londino guide them in the right direction, the girls have been having a fortunate present season.

    As she grew through her life of doing track since her freshman year, junior Gillian Willcox says that “on a personal level,” this year she is one of the oldest people on the team compared to last year when she was one of the youngest. “It’s crazy to me since last year I felt so young. This year I have much more responsibility.”

    As a team, Willcox thinks one big obstacle they have have to overcome is working together as a whole to motivate one another on and off the track at meets and even in practice. However, now she can easily say the team is very close and they all cheer for each other and help one another with everything.

    With their most difficult and strongest defeat being against Medford, the girls push through and have allowed everything they have to take over and win. “They’ve been our strongest competitors so far in the season and in the start it looked like the meet could have gone either way” says Willcox.

    The girls have made a great effort to be just as incredible this season as they were as last season. “Every meet we prepare for is an obstacle closer to the team goal” says junior Deborah Kibazo towards their nonstop, common goal of finishing off the season with another undefeated GBL title.

    Kibazo compares track to other sports and says that “it’s different from most sports because there are so many things you can do to contribute to the team, you don’t have to be a sprinter or built a certain way to join. The best part is the atmosphere of the team where everyone around you supports you and you know that each and everyone around you is working hard towards a common goal and that you’re apart of that goal as well.”

    The first day of freshman year, Willcox started warm up with everyone else and couldn’t even do the first two minutes without falling back. “I couldn’t run for my life basically.” She perseveringly  stuck with it and was able to see herself improve over time. Being really happy she joined and stayed on the team, Willcox says “If you don’t think that you can do it, or you’re not the best runner already, you should join anyways because you will get better and shock yourself with how much you can improve.”


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  • 01/16/15--11:47: Stride With Pride
  • Under the guidance of their head coach, David Londino, the Malden High School boys track team continues to make their school proud. With a current record of 3-0, the team has made strong defeats against Everett, Medford and Chelsea. Assistant coaches Jason Payeur and Chris Kaulbfleisch have worked consistently with the sprinters and throwers of the team to contribute to the successful season thus far.

    Coach Londino prides himself for coaching both the boys and the girls teams, for all three consecutive running seasons (cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track). The “continued effort towards bettering themselves and the team as a whole” is what encourages Coach Londino to continue being their coach. In 2014, Coach Londino was awarded the “Division 1 Coach of the Year” title.

    Once junior Gutémberg Peixoto Dos Santos joined the team, he realized that being apart of the track team is more than simply staying active. Santos confesses that since he has been on the team he has come to the realization that “running helps [him] forget about other problems in [his] life,” which is something many of the runners on the team can relate to. After constantly being pushed by his coach, in order to reach his full potential, Santos has become a great help to the team, seeing how in every race “[he leaves] it all on the track.” For the rest of the season, Santos will continue working to run a qualifying time to compete in the states meet for his main event, the 600 meter race.

    Despite the loss of “a number of state level qualified seniors,” expressed the coach, the team has continued to work hard, remaining undefeated. Seniors Kingdolphe Julien, whose main event is the 300 meter race, and Mark Ortiz, the top shot put thrower, have both stepped up this year, setting a good example for the underclassmen and assuming leadership positions through working hard at practice and giving their all to every performance in every meet.

    The team goal is to “be competitive and win the league championship,” expresses Coach Londino. Along with working to achieve the team goal, Coach Londino makes efforts to achieve individual goals for members of the team, one of them being to “qualify for the state meet.”

    Looking ahead in the season, the team will soon face Greater Lawrence Tech and Somerville. Both of these competing teams have talented members, explaining why Coach Londino expects these two meets to have “a great number of match ups.” The boys continue to train and prepare for the upcoming meets and take advantage of opportunities to qualify for states.

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  • 01/16/15--12:00: Ball Up
  • Girls Basketball

    Sophomore Michaela Ilebode making a shot.


    This winter, the Malden High School girls basketball team is ready to play with the mentality that allows them to perform with hard work and passion. Senior captains Jaime MacDonald and Michaela Ilebode are prepared to lead the girls in the right direction, towards success. There are 10 girls, who range from freshmen to seniors, that make up the varsity team.

    Along with the captains, Coach Lydia Coverdale is guiding the team in her efforts to bring pride and success among the girls. Coach Coverdale was once a basketball player for the MHS girls team. During her time at the school, Coverdale made one of the greatest achievements a high school basketball player can make throughout their time on the team: scoring 1,000+ points. The MHS staff and the team has gladly welcomed Coverdale back to be apart of the girls basketball team once again.


    Sophomore LaDaveya Moise making a shot.

    The girls had their first three home games on December 15, 2014 against Georgetown, on Friday January 2, 2015 against Salem and on Thursday January 8, 2015 against Haverhill. The starting lineup for the first game consisted of Ilebode, MacDonald, senior Samantha Drapinski, sophomore LaDaveya Moise and freshman Mackenzie Furlong. Although they lost the two games, it will give them a chance to look at their mistakes and correct them, for success in the future games.

    Ilebode states that new members of the team “brought height and ball handling skills.” One of the new additions to the team, Furlong describes the team as “hardworking, prideful and strong.” Furlong expresses that  “[she is] excited to see what the rest of the season holds for [them].” Furlong hopes to work on strengthening their bond, which is key to having a successful season. Ilebode also expresses that “[they] have definitely gotten a lot closer as a team,” but they are also working on more team bonding. Sophomore Caitlyn Leonard also believes that the team should also work on communication.

    The team is very excited for the rest of the season and are prepared to improve their skills. Leonard expresses that, “[she enjoys] spending every day with [the] team and love[s] the hard work and passion they bring to each practice and game.” Improving their skills is one of the girls’ priorities, they always give it their all and put in 110%. Ilebode explains that, “[she] can honestly say [they] have a great relationship with each other, that’s what sets us apart from other teams,” having this great relationship will allow the girls to have a great season this year.

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  • 01/16/15--12:02: Quite Literally Invaluable
  • “What goes around comes around.”

    Aside from  being a line to another high-pitched Justin Timberlake song, the phrase has been and still is thrown around quite a lot in today’s society. It is a wonderful concept, no? – putting  faith in the belief that if you go out of your way to make a real positive impact in someone’s life, someone will do just the same for you. Or the idea that those who have wronged you will get what is coming to them eventually. Unspeakable universal laws such as these  are great comforts to those who like to believe in a higher power, religious or otherwise. But what if I told you that they were just that at best: comforts. What if I told you that the world is very much an unforgiving and unfair place, and more importantly, what if all those wonderful “values” you have been striving for mean as much as dust in the wind?

    Look at any paper or coin currency in the world: the bank note itself is worth next to nothing, but yet it holds value. Why? Because everyone who uses it must agree that yes, it is worth that amount. In reality, the object is only worth as much as the paper it is printed on. The same can be said about values such as the ones I listed before. Yes they mean something but really it is only because most people agree that they do. In reality? “Values” that are so promoted by companies and organizations really hold no definite value, and at times hold little value even to those who promote them.

    In terms of looking towards colleges, do admissions counselors really care if you are an honest worker? Endless  masses of schools will throw in your face that they are looking for more “grit” from their applicants in an effort to attract you; but when it comes down to getting accepted, what is worth more? The GPA and extracurriculars achieved through ruthlessly tearing down others (in the usual Hunger Games fashion that high school competition reaches), or an average student with an above average heart?

    The sobering reality in today’s society is that great values are not worth as much as we would all like to believe, and  this is a problem. The world favors efficiency over integrity, intellectuality over humanity. You can have the world’s smartest machine, but in the end does it truly make it human? Is it our ability to create technology and rule the world and beyond that makes us who we are, or the ability to actually show compassion for others and favor morality over efficiency? There is no correct answer, no right or wrong, just as there are no definite laws that keep our lives together. Chance is both our best ally and our worst enemy. You may live a life of great deeds and even greater sacrifice, and in the end you may be the one who loses the most. Otherwise you may live a life of vice and manipulation, and you could be rewarded greatly for it. The same is true for the opposite outcomes; good may lead to great, bad may lead to despair.

    We all like to believe that all things happen for a reason, but it is fact that the mind twists information with its own psychological bias, turning raw random data into patterns that it thinks exist (a psychological phenomenon referred to as “Pareidolia”.) We may very well be seeing and believing lessons that simply are not there. Horrible things happen to wonderful people, and great prosperity can come to true renegades of our lives. How can we explain that? Was there some cosmic reason that a tragedy had to happen, or did it happen simple because it did?

    The former is comforting no doubt, but the latter is a paralyzing insight: that the world is not really within our control. Our whole lives we are taught that we can bend the world to our will, that we can do anything if we work hard enough; such is the “American Dream”. But what if you work the absolute hardest you could have worked, believe more than anything in the world that you can be successful , live a life of charity and good faith in others, but still have the world collapse around you ? What have you done to deserve that? The truth is, many give extraordinary amounts and often receive nothing in return.

    Believing in a definite but unspoken law of universal justice is certainly the ideal situation, but we live in a world that is anything but ideal. We rose from a world of chaos and installed our own systems of morality, justice, and integrity. Why? Because the world needed them. And even within our own systems of justice we find injustice, so we must mend the damage done, correct the mistake, and become greater for it. We obsess around the idea of becoming great people, those who can push back against all the evils and injustices in the world. We do this not because we believe in justice but because we have to be justice.

    In my eyes, those who are truly “good” in the sense of this ambiguous  word are those who strive for these values, those who make a difference, those who look the world in the face and see problems not because of fate but because of mistakes. The people in the world who push for greater things do it because they believe it is right, not because they believe it should be fair. They do this, all the while expecting and sometimes receiving nothing in return. In reality, our values have no real worth. But we can make them have worth.

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  • 01/16/15--12:05: High Bars, Higher Goals
  • Gymnastics

    Kiley Ruelle doing her floor routine.

    Gymnastics season has begun again and the Malden High School team could not be more excited. The team has been working hard to develop their skills, but reminds one another to have fun while doing so. A goal that has been made is that team members walk out of every meet knowing that they put in their greatest effort.

    The only thing that MHS gymnasts enjoy more than working on their skills is competing in competition. Since gymnastics is a very judgmental sport, when a gymnast does good on a routine and get a great score it is that much more of an achievement. On the floor event he or she is giving about 1 minute and 30 seconds to show the routine with dance, tumbling, and acro. Then there is vault where there is a runway that a sprint down and jump on a spring to help them flip over the fault. The uneven bars are 2 bars ( on high and low) that you complete challenging skills on. Finally the beam is a piece of wood that the gymnast is balanced on and are once again given a certain amount of time to show off what you’ve got.

    After losing some amazing athletes last year, this only made the team work harder to live up to their title as GBL champions. With the help of the new additions to the team and all the efforts that they have put in, they are all confident that the team will do just as well as it has in the past.

    Junior Jessica Munroe had some advice to younger members on her team “Never feel intimidated because someone maybe be better than you or the judges give you a bad score… You’ll fall a lot and want to give up but never
    get discouraged just keep working.”

    Also junior Kiley Ruelle looks forward to “just having just a stress- free, fun season and to continue to encourage my teammates as well as myself to work as hard as we can in order to finish every meet satisfied.” Overall the MHS Gymnastics team is looking forward to a great season, and everyone is impressed with the teams hard work and commitment.

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  • 01/16/15--12:11: Pinning Down the Competition
  • Ahern taking down his opponent.

    Ahern taking down his opponent.

    With the new winter season comes a new wrestling season here at Malden High School. Lead by English teacher Jeremiah Smith, who is also the MHS varsity boys soccer coach, the team has a strong backbone. Accompanying Smith are senior captains Johnny Pierre, and Shaun Ahern.

    With both a junior varsity and varsity team, the team has a variety of players. With only six seniors, the team has great talent that is forming in the underclassmen. Smith explained how “the team came into the season without much experience, but we have shown great progress so far.” He stated how “this years team is full of new wrestlers who are just learning the sport this year.” Smith added how “[the boys] have a tremendous amount of potential.”

    The team is currently 2-4. With the wins against Asma HighSchool and Josiah Quincy High School. In addition to these two teams, the team has had rough losses against competitiors like Salem, Greater Lowell, Minute Man Tech, and Bilerica. The team has been “[playing] competitive in three of the four losses,” according to Smith. In addition to the dual matches, the team has participated in two major tournaments. Key performances included those of both “[Ahern], Pierre, DJ Exoilhome, and Deya Chouiki” stated Ahern. Ahern transferred here this year from Timberline Regional High School in southern New Hampshire. Having been wrestling for eight years, Ahern is a great addition to the team.

    Wrestling is one of the few sports where the players compete both “as a team and individuals,” according to Smith. The team hopes to have a great turnout at the sectional meet in February. For wrestling, everyone qualifies for sectionals, and their performance there determines who moves onto the state tournament. Smith explained “how the goal of the team is to qualify 4-5 for the state tournament, and have some [of them] place at that tournament.”

    With still nine more meets in the season, only one meet is a Greater Boston League meet, which is Jan. 14, 2015, where they will face Everett for the league title. The team hopes to continue improving with their practices and meets, in order to perform their best throughout the rest of the season.

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  • 01/16/15--12:12: Good Luck on Midterms!
  • We will resume publishing on Monday, January 26th!

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    Friday the 13th is one of the most feared days of the year…but why? Have you ever stopped to wonder why exactly Friday the 13th is such a big deal in our culture? Where did this intense fear of a simple day originate? Where did the strange superstitions come from?

    There have been many explanations for why Friday the 13th is a terrifying day, and it mostly has to do with the number 13. The number 13, in Western society, is considered an “unlucky” number. Some say it was from way back in the primitive days, where people would count that there were 10 fingers, plus two feet, making 12, and the number 13 throws everything off balance.

    However, most of the fear comes from 13 being considered a terrifying number. In ancient Hindu, they believed that it was unlucky for 13 people to gather in one place, and if it happened, one person in that group would die in that year. Similarly, the Vikings had a similar story that said that if 13 people were to have dinner together, one person would die. The most famous of these stories is the Bible’s telling of The Last Supper, where 13 of Jesus Christ’s disciples had gathered and the next day, one of them, Judas, betrayed Jesus Christ and set forward the Crucifixion.

    Black CatIn 1881, a club founded by Captain William Fowler called The Thirteen Club met and was officially formed on Jan. 13, 1882, a Friday. On this day, the members of the club would do all of the terrifying superstitions, from spilling salt on the ground to walking under ladders, and see how many of the members would die in that year. While the club tried to disprove the unluckiness of Friday the 13th, it instead made it more popular, with hundreds of people joining the club, and also more feared by the public.

    So, what are common superstitions for Friday the 13th? Here are a few:

    • Find a penny on the ground, pick it up and all day you will have good luck.
    • Walk under a ladder, and you will receive bad luck!
    • If a black cat walks past you, you will get bad luck!
    • If you have a rabbit’s foot, keep it with you, it is good luck.
    • Do not break that mirror, or else you will get seven years of bad luck!
    • 666– stay away from that number.
    • Do not open umbrellas indoors, that is just asking for bad luck.

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    No matter how well you know the special guy in your life, sometimes find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can be the most challenging part of the day. If this sounds like you, here are some suggestions!



    Everyone needs and loves food, so why not get some of your boyfriend’s favorite candy as a gift to surprise him with?CCI_Jelly_Beans_Sweet

    Sam suggests: Chocolate (e.g. Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Dove, and Ghirardelli)

    Where to find it: Drugstores or grocery stores



    Guys love the clothes that they wear, so get some clothes that he might like and will fit him. Because it is winter, hats and gloves are always a fine option instead of shirts or jeans.

    Sam suggests: A beanie (e.g. Neff, Volcom, or Obey)

    Where to find it: Hot Topic, Newbury Comics, or Spencer’s



    Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 2.50.14 PMWho doesn’t like to listen to music? Get your special guy some headphones for all of his music listening purposes.

    Sam suggests: Skullcandy, Beats by Dre, or Sony

    Where to find it: Best Buy or Target




    -Video Games

    If your guy is a video game junkie, you cannot go wrong with this gift idea! There is no doubt he will get good use out of it!

    Sam suggests: Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, or Super Mario 3D World

    Where to find it: Gamestop, Best Buy, Target, or Walmart



    Most guys these days take care of their shoes like they are his children. Get him some good shoes and he’ll love you even more.

    Sam suggests: Timberlands, Nikes, Vans, Converse

    Where to find it: Foot Locker, Macy’s, and Nordstrom


    -Hair Products

    Not all guys use a hair product, but the ones that do are sure to be thankful for a gift so useful and prominent in their lives.

    Sam suggests: Axe Gel,


    -Phone Case/Other Phone Accessories

    Anyone with a smartphone will tell you how fragile they can be. To help protect his precious gadget, give your valentine a phone case or any accessory for their phone.

    Sam suggests: A personalized phone case

    Where to find it: Online



    Watches provide the convenience of knowing the time and the style of an accessory, so they’ll be a great option for a present.

    Sam suggests: A Casio



    An album from the musician that your boyfriend listens to will always be greatly appreciated. If you are unsure what kind of music he likes, you can buy an album and listen to it together, and see what the verdict is!

    Sam suggests: In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith, American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall Out Boy, or If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late by Drake

    Where to find it: Best Buy, iTunes, Target,


    -Tickets to Sports Game/Concert/Movie

    There is always a band, artist, sport team, or movie that any boyfriend would love to see. Tickets to this event will always be cherished in everyone’s memories because it was with their partner.

    Sam suggests: Tickets to the upcoming Imagine Dragons concert

    Where to find it: Ticketmaster

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  • 02/25/15--07:37: Juno What Happened?
  • online2

    On Jan 26th 2015, residents of Malden faced a conflict when they were buried in more than two feet of snow thanks to Winter Storm Juno. Seemingly never ending, this storm carried on through all of Tuesday for a total of 14 hours of heavy snowfall. Malden was strongly impacted by Juno due to the severe conditions of the storm and the disorder it brought throughout the city. “One thing [Mayor Christenson has]  learned is never to say [Malden] might make it through a winter without any snow.” Malden Public Schools were canceled from Tuesday until Friday. The city had drivers off the rode and advised people to stay indoors.

    As Malden citizens stayed indoors the city’s staff worked extremely hard plowing the main and side streets of Malden. The snow, being very hard to keep up with, was piled in many empty parking lots, because residents of Malden had no place to put it all. Mayor Christenson states that he was very “relieved there have been no serious injuries along with any reported power outages or trees down.”

    To get students back to their regular schedule, schools had to be plowed out as soon as possible. Mayor Christenson did an amazing job with keeping students updated through social media with what was going on with the storm. He also answered questions about parking and where snow should and shouldn’t go. Students enjoyed their snow days but had conflicts with the snow as well. Having been enclosed indoors for days, the students of Malden began to catch “cabin fever” and missed waking up each morning and having somewhere to go. Previously, having been continuously enrolled in academic learning, it was difficult for students, as well as teachers, to finally get back into their daily schedules.


    Juno has been declared the 6th largest snowstorm in New England history, and this is one impactful snowstorm that just will not surrender. Right after being hit with 24.4 inches of snow the New England region received another 12 inches of snow that next Monday. Again canceling school that Monday and Tuesday. When it was thought there could not possibly be any more snow left, the next Monday another 19.6 inches of snow fell, again canceling school on Monday and Tuesday.

    Mayor Christenson, says that “The costs to address these storms [was] $1M…from funds [there] could think of a million other ways to spend.” The city, broken into countless chaos, is undergoing a large amount of shoveling. With people outside every minute, trying to shovel all the snow away, Malden residents were helping others with the worst situations in trying to shovel. He expressed great gratitude towards the Public Works staff, “who continue daily to help [the Malden] community bounce back from one of the worst winters on record.”



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  • 02/25/15--08:30: Girls in Technology
  • Girls in Technology

    Students from both middle schools and Malden High School, attending a Technovation meeting in the Jenkins Auditorium.

    Recently Malden High School was chosen to be a hub for Technovation which is a completely free twelve week after school program for young women only. The program focuses on Mobile App development from its start to its end. Any girl from ages twelve and up, from middle school to high school can participate in the program, with no experience in programing necessary. Girls that take part in this program will be taught brainstorming, User Experience preferences, analysis, pitching their original ideas, writing business plans, and other useful lessons through the good curriculum of Technovation.

    About ten years ago Technovation began in Mountain View, CA and since then it has become an international program. Previously, the program was accommodated for girls that moved into majoring in math, science, and computer science- something they might not been able to do elsewhere. 

    For twelve weeks the girls in this program will work in teams of three to five girls designing an app and creating a survey for its users. Each group will be matched with their own business mentor that will contact them through a Google hangout once a week. Their business mentors will help by evaluating their surveys and discussing with them the different aspects such as who they are trying to appeal to and more. Not only can their business mentors help them with their projects but they can also teach the girls a little about how they got into the business world themselves. Through Technovation, many of the girls have created their own businesses.

    After these twelve weeks of designing an app, each team will video tape themselves pitching their idea together and then submit it into a competition. Once all of these tapes are evaluated, one team from Massachusetts will be selected to go to California, with an all expenses paid trip to an international competition.

    On Wednesday February 4th, the program came together for the first time. The girls were presented with a slideshow, by technical mentor Kelly Powers, introducing them to the world of Technovation and everything the program is working towards. Powers expressed, “there are a lot of really creative aspects to this project which makes it really interesting.”

    Girls in Technology

    Students presenting posters they made after brainstorming ideas.

    During the first meeting the girls split up into groups to start brainstorming ideas for an app they thought would be beneficial in some way. Each group discussed their ideas and produced mini stories explaining a scenario where someone had a problem that their app would be able to fix. The groups then went on to present each of their ideas to everyone. When talking about the process of thinking and designing an app, junior Allie Fletcher said that “it [was] really fun.”

    The program works to challenge girls to arise an app for the community, that can work towards solving a common issue within the that community. Technical mentor Kelly Powers explained that “the main part of this challenge is to bring all of the strengths of [their] teammates.” The teamwork required for this program is a great way to bring girls together with different abilities that can help each other learn new skills.

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    The Malden High School swim pose for a team photo. Photo by Piero Pocobene.

    The Malden High School swim pose for a team photo. Photo by Piero Pocobene.

    After a season of vigorous training and strenuous efforts, the Malden High School swim team continues to hold the title of Greater Boston League champions from last season. Ending the season with 6-0 score, the team is led by Paul Devincentis and MHS math teacher Jessica Bisson, along with the help of senior captains Tristar To, Kelvin Nguyen, and Sammantha Dorazio.

    “This swim season has been one of the craziest, if not, the craziest season [we have] had,” Kelvin Nguyen said. “We had the shortest winter season in history,” he states regarding the subject of the abundance of snow days. “We had to cram in a lot of meets and cancel multiple meets, lowering the chances of qualifying for states and sectionals.”

    Apart from that, Nguyen is satisfied with the turnout of this season. “I truly believe that this team did the best we could with the little we had to work with resulting in multiple old high school records broken and the biggest states and sectionals team in a while,” he says.

    The newer additions to the team have proven themselves worthy throughout the season, as spotted by several older members. “For the newcomers, [they have] really improved. Being a returning swimmer, it’s fantastic to see the swimmers get faster and bonds growing stronger,” sophomore Vivian Nguyen says, regarding the improvement both the of skill and character of the group, “the diversity of our team and of the school sets us apart from others. You meet people from every background on this swim team.”

    “A lot of people come from club teams and YMCA teams [previously],” freshman Dylan Ha says, adding upon  the diverse makeup of the team. Ha, who swam on the YMCA swim team during his middle school years, was fortunate to join a team just as vivacious as his last. “Everyone gets along with each other and works to improve each other,” he added.

    What separates this team from others is their incomparable bond. “At the beginning of the season, [it is] not that we were bad, but as a team, we [were not] really a well-oiled machine. Throughout the season, everyone got closer and we did better as a team,” junior Stephen LaFauci says on the group’s alliances. “Everyone is just so friendly and nice and even when [we are] not practicing or at a meet, I can rely on them to hang out with me after school or something. [We are] just one big family.”

    “I think we could improve on incorporating newer members into daily activities. I know some freshmen [are not] really outgoing and open to making new friends. I feel like if we could have the whole team do team bonding with some of the new members,” LaFauci added. “Try your best, [do not] give up and keep going. Even though some practices might get hard, if you could push and give a hundred percent, [you will] definitely get better.”

    Their last meet was against Medford was on February 5th at Medford High, where the team claimed their title as GBL Champs. “I feel like we have gotten, well, faster, of course, and a lot more cooperative,” freshman Nathan Wong states regarding the improvement of the team. “Our coaches and captains really helped us become better physically and mentally. They teach and encourage us to be better swimmers and also better people.”

    “What lasts longer? The pain or the regret?” Captain Nguyen says. “What I mean by this is the pain that you endure at practice is only a temporary pain that we all go through but the end result and the pride in potentially winning sticks with you for a longer time. But, if [you are] not willing to put in the pain and you fall short of your goal, the regret that stays with you lasts the longest.”

    “You have to learn how to push yourself beyond your capabilities because half the time, [you are] fighting for your breath,” Vivian Nguyen advises to newer athletes.

    At sectionals, the girls team got seventh place, with juniors Samantha Forestier, Alexandra Lombardi, Vivian Nguyen, and sophomore Felicia Lombardi. The boys team finished in third place with Captain Nguyen, freshman Pete Jinapin, junior Ryan Luu, and To.

    At States, the girls swim team came in at eighth place, with Forestier,  Alexandra Lombardi, Vivian Nguyen, and Felicia Lombardi. At the 200 yard Individual Medley, Alexandra Lombardi placed fourteenth. In the 50 yard freestyle, Vivian Nguyen and Felicia Lombardi came in at fourth and ninth place respectively. In the 100 yard butterfly, Vivian Nguyen got fourth place, while Felicia Lombardi got seventh place at the 100 yard freestyle. In the 200 yard freestyle relay, Malden came in with a triumphant third place, consisting of  Vivian Nguyen, Forestier, Alexandra Lombardi, and Felicia Lombardi. In the 100 yard breaststroke event, Alexandra Lombardi finished in thirteenth place and sophomore Cleverina Cong in thirty-fourth place.

    As for the boys team, the group came in at fourth place, with Captain Nguyen, Jinapin, Ryan Luu, and To. At the 200 yard event, Captain Nguyen got twenty-fifth place. In 50 yard freestyle, Luu placed seventh and To got eighteenth place. In the 100 yard butterfly, Luu got placed fifth, sophomore Kevin Luu got twenty-ninth place and Jinapin got thirty-fourth place. In the 100 yard freestyle, To got nineteenth place. In the 200 yard freestyle relay, the team came in at seventh place, with Captain Nguyen, Kevin Luu, To, and Ryan Luu. In the 100 yard backstroke event, Captain Nguyen got sixteenth place. In the 100 yard breaststroke event, Jinapin placed fourteenth and Dylan Ha got twenty-fifth place.

    As the season comes to a triumphant conclusion, the team hopes to be as successful next season as they were this year.

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    Comic by Nick Bramante.

    Comic by Nick Bramante.

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    This year, Malden High School Play Production has gone out of their comfort zone and presented a comedic and vibrant show, Shrek the Musical, to the community as one of their yearly plays. The play was enjoyed on the nights of Dec. 4th, 5th, and 6th by the Malden community.

    Shrek the Musical tells the story of an ogre, Shrek, (senior Dominic Pappagallo),  who sets out on a quest to save Princess Fiona, (junior Sarah Bendell), in order to reclaim his swamp from the short tempered and just plainly short Lord Farquaad, (senior Sebastian Patino). On his journey, Shrek is accompanied by a humorous talking donkey, (senior Elijah Jean-Baptiste), and encounters all types of fairytale creatures, including the big bad wolf, played by MHS math teacher Evan Mauser, the three blind mice, a fairy god mother, the gingerbread man, and many more.

    The seemingly heartless ogre is transformed after rescuing and spending time with the beautiful Princess Fiona on their way back to Duloc. However, the princess must hide her curse of turning into an ogre after sundown from the world. By true love’s kiss, Fiona will be freed from her curse. She believes Lord Farquaad will relieve her, but the story takes an interesting twist when feelings develop between Fiona and Shrek.

    The award winning troupe opted for a more lighthearted, spirited show but in turn had to overcome challenges with technology, set designing, and costumes. The cast and crew agreed that this show was definitely one of the more tech-heavy, and required many costumes and sets.

    Senior sound technician, Corey McFeeley, has “been doing sound for all three years of Play Production and the thing about sound is that [it is] like learning a second language,” McFeeley explained. “I was self taught at the board. I did not take any [sound designing classes or sound execution classes] prior to Play Production. I sat at the board and [asked myself], ‘what does this button do?’” McFeeley also added that this is “just one aspect,” and that “making friends and meeting new people is just another rewarding experience.”

    The last week of rehearsal, also known as “hell week”, as senior light operator Ashley Yung stated, “[the group stays at the high school] until nine or ten just perfecting the show. Seeing all of the dedication and work come together was really wonderful.” Ultimately, the hard work put in to the show was worth it when they see it all come together.

    On casting roles, junior Bailey Reed, who plays the captain of the guards and a Duloc dancer, stated, “it does not really matter what role [anyone gets]. As long as [the person is] a part of it, [it is] just like the best feeling.” Though people may sometimes not get the roles they expected, they always end up enjoying and fitting into the character that they presume. Senior Patino, who plays Lord Farquaad, stated that he wanted “to be cast as Shrek in the beginning, but after a while, [he] realized that, personality wise, Lord Farquaad [fit him] so well. [He is] Farquaad.”  

    Though the play ran smoothly all three nights, that does not mean that the crew did not face any challenges. As Play Production director and Lead English teacher at MHS Sean Walsh expressed,  “one thing [that is] tricky about this play is that it has a bunch of moving pieces.” He also added that they “have never really done a children’s theatre before so [he] wanted to do something that could appeal to all ages, and [he] always [tries] to mix up doing different kinds of shows.”

    For junior Sarah Bendell, who plays the lead as Fiona, “Shrek has always been one of [her] favorite movies growing up and [she] had always loved the musical as well.” She also confessed that Fiona had always been one of her dream parts, making her excited because  she “saw so much of [herself] in her.” Benell also remarked that “during practice, [she] loved to discover more and more about Fiona and really get to create her world and make it a world [they] could share.

    Participating in Shrek the Musical proved to the Play Production cast and crew that it not only about hard work, but also an enjoyable experience, with bonds and memories that will not soon fade away. It is evident that the cast and crew, both in and out of character, had a chance to find themselves and accept the people that they are.



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